May 2004

Third time's a charm?

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Well folks, we missed out on the house we put the offer in on, due to a technicality. It's kind of a long, annoying story, and I'm not much in the mood to go into detail right now. Alls I know is that we kinda got punk'd and that's that. Seriously, I thought for sure that Ashton and a camera crew would jump out when we heard the news. Hopefully the next house we put an offer in on will work out, because this is a little more excitement than I like in my life.

Tomorrow is "D day" at Kojak. Pat will find out if this summer will be spent doing fancy research scientist stuff or porch drinking. We'll be sure to keep you all abreast of the situation.

Pat and I took a trip to Binghamton yesterday to see some friends and family. First, we went to Eric and Nurse Tiffany's brand new house. They've been working very, very hard on this house for quite a few months and their hard work has definitely paid off. Their house is fantastic. Tiffany made a lovely dinner and we caught up on each others lives. It had been so long since we'd had some quality time with those two. Later on in the evening, we headed over to the Scott household, where we hung out with Emily, Pete, Wayne, Phat Tom, Sarah, Jeff, and some other peeps. We played a few games, inducted a few more people into our gang (No Limit, Inc.), and tried on some of Bob and Dee Scott's clothes.

Pat and Sarah in Bingo

This morning, we hung out with most of the aforementioned friends and then headed home.

We're really looking forward to next weekend. Mike and Holly are finally tying the knot!! Okay, so that means Mike and Holly will be off the market, so stop trying to ask them out on dates.

Mike and Holly are tying the knot


Can't Stop Rockin' Steady

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We are still on the house hunt. We actually saw one yesterday that we loved and put in an offer on it. We will let you know how that goes when we find out.

Pat and Fran Rockin Steady

Last night, we went to another one of Cheryl and April's top-notch theme parties. This time, the theme was ROCK F'n STAR. I actually had a hard time coming up with a costume. I know this may be hard to believe, seeing that I have a closet full of pink suits, leather pants, spandex, and cowboy hats, but it took me some time. Needless to say, the party was a great time and everyone looked pretty damn rockin'. We even have the pictures to prove it.


Hot Damn Kilogram!

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I woke up this morning, dismayed by the amount of little crap that has accumulated on my to-do list. House hunting takes so much time out of your day. When we're not looking at actual houses, we're driving around looking for houses for sale, and when we're not doing that, we're looking online for houses. Don't get me wrong - it's fun, but very time consuming. I realized that, for the first time in quite a while, I'm pretty well caught up at work and could definitely take the day off. And take the day off, I did! I'm always astounded by the amount you can get done on days like these. I watched the Today Show and Live with Regis and Kelly, did laundry, ate lunch, spent some time online, got fitted for the dress I'm wearing to Mike and Holly's wedding, went grocery shopping, did dishes, made some phone calls, and now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and blathering on to you folks. After this, I'm going to clean the inside of my car, cook dinner, go to my chiropractor appointment, and then go to Acme with Kirsten and her entourage. It's been a great day so far.

I'm lazy

Pat and I had a very nice weekend. Friday night, we had no actual plans. We ended up driving around looking at houses, and then went to Hogan's for dinner. We had a lot of fun and laughed SO MUCH. Later on in the evening, we stopped by Old Toad briefly to see's very own Dr. Al, Cima, and Amy met up with us, and we went to Mex. It was kind of a quiet night overall, until Pat and I went up to the bar and got some...more serious drinks. We hung out with our friend Joel and talked about lots 'o crazy things. The night ended up with some street meat, so you know that's a good night.

Saturday, we went over to the Drs. Thing's new pad. Pat and I voted it "nicest apartment." It's so damn nice. Pat and I, along with Mike, Holly, Rebecca, and the Things, headed over to JD Filipone's. JD always puts on a great spread and this party was no exception. I even got to try my first mint julep. At first I was concerned (because bourbon is scary, right?), but by the end I was quite pleased, as you can see by my expression. Just look at us smiling - proudly showing the mint in our teeth with gay abandon.

Melissa, Pat, Fran, and Mike

Other than that, Pat and I have just been looking at more lack-luster houses. Well, we did see one great one on Sunday, but some lucky jerks already scooped it up. It was so nice and so cheap! It gave me hope though. I know we'll find a good one soon.


2004-05-22 09:31:44

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You may have heard mention of our friend Alex "Dr. Al" Tong (also know as "Soup" to many), mentioned from time to time on this site. He is one of Fran's friends from work and a Rochester gadabout. He can often be found at The Old Toad, Mex, and Blue Room, to name a few, and he always has the hottest news on Alexander St. We here at recently asked Dr. Al to write a review of the Rochester bar of his choice. We proudly present...

Dr. Al, Booze Correspondent

Welcome to the Jungle

About a month ago, I made an attempt to go to this one bar Jungle where it supposes to be the hottest place in town.

At about 11:00 in the evening on a Thursday night, my friends and I dressed in our camouflage gear and ready for an adventure in the Jungle. Two gentlemen who look like they have been using steroid since they were age of 12 first greeted us. One guy demand my ID to prove I’m over 21, while the other guy talks to me in his Michael Clarke Duncan wannabe voice demanding I have to pay 5 dollars cover charge.

I’m sorry; it was a Thursday night in the City of Rochester, what makes Jungle think they are so special that people have to pay to get in. So I kindly told the doorman “ Do you mind if we just take a quick peek inside, I will promise we will be out in less then 5 minutes, if we decided to stay we will pay the cover fee.” The 2 doormen were very kind to let us into the Safari.

I was just shock when I saw the bar. A room full of intoxicated young hot (in terms of temperature) looking ladies dancing on the dance floor. I’m sure all of you know NYS banned smoking inside public places to improve the overall environment of all public area and also provide a healthier place for employees to work in. I was thinking to myself I’m not sure what’s worst inhaling second hand smoke or inhaling body odor and constantly bumming into people who are full in sweat. I do have to give the owner a round of applause for coming up with such a great name. Because the Jungle is always 100 degrees and it will guarantee you loss at least 10 lbs of water weight during your visit.

Sad to say my friend and me left the bar within 3 minutes. But at least we know we don’t have to go to Africa to visit Jungle.

I do found one thing very cool about the place. I have always been a big fan of the TV show COPS. If you ever want to see a live performance on how police take down all the troublemakers. Jungle is the place to go, I recommend around 1:00 am get yourself a red hot with everything on it, and find a empty table outside the Old Toad. That is the perfect spot to experience how efficient RPD are breaking up fights.

-Dr. Al

2004-05-18 17:00:11

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Okay, so we either just made a horrible mistake or one of the smartest decisions of our lives. I know you've all heard at least bits and pieces about this house stuff - probably more than you've wanted to hear. But let's do a short refresh. For the last 45 days, we've been pining over this house in Brighton, and hoping that the sellers (the Shaffers) would find a house, since our offer was contingent on them finding suitable housing. Our offer (our second, extended offer) just expired on Saturday, and we were told a couple weeks prior, straight out by their realtor, that she didn't think they were interested in selling anymore. Pat and I were pretty bummed for a while, but when Saturday came, I was actually relieved, and even excited as we looked at houses online in Rochester and East Irondequoit that cost a lot less money. Pat and I even drove around last night for almost two hours scoping out our potential new neighborhood.

As we were about to fall asleep last night, I said to Pat, "What if those people find a house tomorrow and extend an offer to us? I know I would want to tell them to go eff themselves." I think you all know where this story is going. So, as I was finishing up at work today, I get a phone call from our realtor. She said, "Fran, I've got some very interesting news for you..." In a nutshell, those b@st@rds found a house today and, since we have first right of refusal, they wanted us to sign a new offer for them. I chuckled and said I'd talk it over with Pat.

Pat and I are looking at three more houses tomorrow, so we decided that we would like to have a day or two to think about it and get a better idea of what we can get in the new areas we're looking. Also, we really just wanted them to have to sweat for a couple days since they let us sweat for a month and a half. It's the least we could do. Well, as it turns out, they said we needed to make a decision tonight, because they are putting in an offer on another house and needed to know whether to make the offer contingent on the sale of their house. We passed. Now, their offer will be less appealing (because of the continigency) to the sellers and they may not get their house. I am sure they're squirting out pink twinkies right now - excuse the expression. I have no doubt that they will sell their house in a week, but still, I like the idea that they're a little nervous right now.

So, you may be saying to yourself, "What the hell are you two thinking?? That house was great!!" but you're just going to have to trust me on this one. What do you all think?


2004-05-16 14:03:49

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As you can see from the last blog, things have not exactly been going our way lately. Our contract with the owners of the house we were trying to buy was up yesterday, so we're officially house-less. We spent a lot of last week looking at other houses in Brighton, and we didn't find anything we would even consider buying. Thursday night, Pat and I had a heart-to-heart about things.
Pat Reed as Ferris BuellerWith his job up in the air, I'm just not interested in possibly finding the home of our dreams (#2) if it's not going to work out again. We decided we're going on at least a two week house-hunting hiatus. In my mind, the chances of Pat losing his job are slim (not many of you know this, but I call him Ferris Bueller, because everything always works out for him), but we need to be prepared for the possibility.

We've also decided that we will probably change our house search to the Rochester area, rather than Brighton or another suburb. I had this dream of us buying the house we'd spend 30 years in, but that's just not practical. We can get a much nicer, much cheaper house in Rochester, so that's the new plan. When Pat and Fran Jr. come along, we'll just move before they have a chance to get corrupted by the Rochester city school districts.

This weekend was very nice and low-key. Friday night, we hung out on the doctor's Thing porch for the last time on Oxford St. It was a happy event, even though it seems like that whole group is all either moving or changing.

Saturday, Pat helped the Thing's move, while I stayed home and baked. In case you thought I was super strong and good at moving large objects, I'm not. Erik said I could help out by standing around in a bikini, but unfortunately, my bikini was at the dry cleaners. That afternoon, we headed over to Sara and Corey's. From there, we walked over to the Lilac Festival, ate disgusting festival food, and checked out the lilacs. It was rainy and cool, so the crowds weren't as ridiculous as usual. That night, we barbequed and played Trivial Pursuit. I only got one answer right, and it had to do with the rapper, Jay-Z. My parents must be so proud.

I just got an IM from Cima. He, his lady, and Scott are going to be doing some barbequing and as it turns out, Pat and I have a freezer full of meats, so we'll be heading over there in a bit.


Real Estate Shoppin’, Employment Stoppin’, and Porch Hoppin’

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We think those bitches that we were going to buy the house from are going to back out of the deal and take it off the market. Our offer expires on May 15th, so we have started looking again. We saw a couple of houses yesterday, which were crap. One of them was shady, and the other wreaked of old lady. We are going to see several more in the next few days, so keep your fingers crossed. Fran and I are not giving up our dream of home ownership. We have even opened our search up to houses in Pittsford. We were under the impression that scumbags like us could not afford a house there, but much to our surprise (and the town of Pittsford’s dismay) that was not the case. This album cover pretty much says it all.

Kojak did me wrongOn the work front, I am up against another round of layoffs at the Kojak. One-third of my department will get their walking papers in two weeks (that does not speak well for the longevity of my career here at the Kojak). Those are some real tough odds. I would like to think that I kick so much ass that I won’t be affected, but it all really comes down to how well-liked you are. The way I see it, either way, I am a winner. If I get layed off, I’ll spend my summer on my front porch writing surf guitar songs and drinking High Lifes. If I stay, I’ll have a steady flow of the benjamins coming in so I can take my old lady to the Sizzler on a regular basis. I don’t want any of you to shed any more tears for me. You have to be strong.

Tonight, I think we are going over to the Thing’s apartment for a few drinks on the porch. They are moving into a new apartment this weekend and this will be their last porch night on Oxford St. It’s the end of an era.


Before and After

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As many of you know, our baby girl, Maynard, has been struggling with her weight for most of her life. We have tried several diet and exercise programs, but none of them worked until we put her on the Hill's Science Diet prescription food four months ago. We took her to get weighed yesterday, and we are happy to say that she is still on a losing streak. She weighs 15.2 lbs., down from 17.1 lbs. You may say, “Two pounds is not much,” but it is significant for a cat. If she were a 300 lb. woman, that would be 33.3 lbs. of weight loss. Her target weight is 12 lbs. and she is well on her way. That’s like a 300 lb. lady becoming a 210.5 lb. lady. Below is a computer-generated picture of what Maynard will look like when she hits her target weight. If Petco sells kitty bikinis, we’re getting one.


2004-05-02 13:46:28

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So, this weekend was the long-awaited weekend of respective pre-wedding festivities for Mike and Holly. Pat left for Mike's bachelor party Thursday, before I got home from work, and he's actually not even home yet. It's one of those new-fangled four-day bachelor parties you hear about in Esquire and Playboy. Pat has checked in a couple times and I've just gotten a few details. Things started off with some wild boar hunting, and then they headed off to Montreal, see the sites.

Friday night, we un-officially kicked off Holly's bachelorette party weekend by sitting on her porch, drinking wine with Melissa, Rebecca, Courtney, and of course, Holly and me. We went to Esan for dinner, drank more wine, and then most of us headed over to the ever-funny Park Bench. We followed up the evening with street meat and called it a night.

Saturday, Rebecca picked us up and we went to Mike's mom's house for Holly's bridal shower. Everything was very lovely. Holly, by the way, made out like a bandit! We chatted, ate food, drank tasty wine, and played a couple fun shower games. It was great.

Holly's shower

After the shower, we got some coffee with extra shots of espresso, cleaned ourselves up, and headed over to Rebecca's. We had a toast to Holly, and Melissa gave her the funny bachelorette stuff she had to wear. At 8:30, the limo arrived and Holly, Debbie, Rebecca, Melissa, Courtney, and I all hopped in and headed to Tapas for dinner. Of course, dinner was tremendous. I love Tapas; I really need to go there more often.

Holly with her new gear on
Rebecca, Courtney, and Fran
Holly and Melissa (and Debbie's champagne)

After dinner, we headed to Tiki Bob's. That place is ridiculous to begin with, but last night, there were a bunch of kids who just got out of the prom and that brought things to an interesting level. Tiki Bob's really just seemed like one big bathroom break, and it was kind of busted anyway, so we took off fairly early and headed to Star Bar (formerly Marcella's). We all LOVED it there. It usually costs $10 to get in, but as a part of the limo service, all of our entrance fees were covered. I would still totally go back there and pay the cover though; It was so much fun. After Star Bar, we went to our final destination, Whiskey. When the mullet-headed limo driver dropped us off there, she said "Good luck." She wasn't kidding. It was jam-packed and just plain gross. It was fun though, and a good way to end a semi-debaucherous evening.

Around 2:30, the limo driver took us back to Rebecca's, where we ate two pizza and beef jerky, and posed for ridiculous pictures. I regret to say that I wasn't really taking pictures at the bars, and Melissa took hundreds of pictures, but her camera malfunctioned, and she lost all of them. We were so bummed. So, I have some stuff, but not nearly as much as I wish I had taken.

Courtney, Holly, Melissa, Rebecca, and Debbie
Courtney, Holly, and Melissa

We all slept over at Rebecca's and that about brings us up to speed. Today, I've just been pining over my man and picking up the apartment. I'm sure, once back gets home and recovers, he will catch you all up on his bender.