April 2004

2004-04-29 19:05:50

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Okay, so I'm not so good at the sports photography, but then again, my co-workers aren't so good at sports! Ha! Here are some pics I got from the aforementioned kickball game.

After kickball some of us headed to Jeremiah's, where the real fun took place. Err, at least my preference is sitting around outside drinking beer and eating food, opposed to kicking a ball around on a dusty field near traffic. That's just me though.

Cima kicking a foul ball
The old kickball switcheroo
Marcel about to wiff
kickball group photo


Animal Cracker Love

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Nancy, the lady that I share an office with, found this in her bag of animal crackers (that's one cracker by the way). They've gotten a lot more liberal at the animal cracker plant.


Animal Crackers In Love

2004-04-26 20:09:41

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Saturday evening, Fran and I had our First Annual Trailer Trash Ripper and it was a top-notch time. There was trashy beer, trashy food, and most importantly, some of the trashiest people this side of the Mason-Dixon. This party was based on a trailer trash theme party that Franklin B and I hosted in the RIT days.

Pat and Fran's Trailer Trash Ripper

Saturday afternoon, Fran and I threw all the finishing touches on the party preparation. We made some metal up-your-ass mix albums, some trashy t-shirts, and did some last-minute shopping. We spent our entire government aid check on 30 packs of Genny and Miller High Life; we moved all our food into the crisper and filled the rest of the fridge with beverages. I put my stock boy skills to use and faced everything off really nicely. Notice the bow in the shelves. That’s one unclassy fridge.

Pat and Fran's Trailer Trash Ripper - Unclassy Beer Fridge

Every one of our guests dressed up, which is lucky for them because Fran and I had a couple of extra-skanky t-shirts for anyone who was out of uniform. People got very creative with their costumes. There were Billy Bob teeth, wife beaters, moo-moos, short shorts, tattoos, and even a couple of black eyes. Fran and I gave out the following prizes:

All and all, it was a killer ripper. I think it is safe to say that everyone had a great time. If you missed this one, fret not. We will have another theme party in the not-so-distant future.

We took a ton of pictures. My old lady and I were snapping off pics with two cameras, a whole lot of fury, and some rage. Cima also took a lot of pictures too, so you can check them out on his site.


Trailer Trash Ripper Camera 1

Trailer Trash Ripper Camera 2

Cima's Pictures

2004-04-25 19:23:37

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This weekend was spectacular. Update coming soon. Here is one picture from the weekend to tide you over for now.

Pat, Fran, and Maynardo

2004-04-21 13:20:53

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Our slow sonUmmm, so Cima just sent me an IM with this link and said, "This guy makes me think of what would happen if you and pat reed had a baby and you continued to drink throughout the entire pregnancy."

I'm quite offended, yet amused.


2004-04-21 11:37:32

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Oh dear, we’re really lacking in the update department. Even friends of ours who are notoriously bad at updating their sites have made multiple updates since our last. I blame Pat. Pat, and the rising gas prices. Err, well…something like that.

Let’s see, last Thursday I went to the infamous Tiki Bob’s with Melodie, Ray, Marcel, and Marcel’s friends Maura and Riley. Overall, it was quite humorous, but I was completely sober, which was kind of a bust. I’m not saying I need to drink to have fun, but it sure would have helped. God bless anyone who can have a great time at Tiki Bob’s sober. The highlight of the evening was watching the array of weirdos that hit on Ray.

Friday, I had another work function to go to. This time, it was a happy hour at the Old Toad. A ton of people from work were there. There were quite a few people there that I can only assume pretty much never get out. The tell-tale sign is the double-fisting drunkenness at 7 in the evening. See people, if you go out on a regular basis, you make an ass of yourself on the rare occasion in front of your friends, rather than 30 of your closest co-workers. I’m just sayin’.

Double Fisting

Saturday, we had a visit from Justin M. It was the first time we’ve seen him since he left for Iraq over a year ago. He’s been home for a few weeks, so he decided to stop by for the night. It was great to see him and catch up. That night we packed in all sorts of things. We visited with Rebecca for a while, went to Lux to celebrate Sara L’s birthday for a little while, went to Martini Grill for a really little while, and then went to Sport’s Page. Um, so maybe you’ve already read about the Sport’s Page fiasco on Cima or Amy’s sites, but just in case you haven’t, I will summarize the events. Okay, so we got a few pitchers there and, thankfully, were finishing up when some guy stumbled past us. He was noticeably drunk and looked like he was in the need of a bathroom, yet he walked right past the bathrooms…into the KITCHEN. All of our spidey senses were going off. We knew something was amiss. There is a window in the kitchen door and a couple people in our group peeked through it to see what was going on. The guy was relieving himself in the sink!! We all kind of scattered and Pat Reed told a bartender what happened. She just looked kind of nervous about the whole thing and tells a bouncer. The bouncer laughs and says, “Oh, that guy works here.” WTF!

Oh, after the urination fiasco of 2004, we were kind of milling around trying to figure out what was going on and I ran into my old friend Chad from college. He reminded me what AWESOME photographer I am and said he wants me to shoot some stuff for him. I am now trying to think of what I want to shoot. It’s time to get artsy, I think.

Not much else going on this week, except some people from work are getting together for a kickball game, which I’m looking forward to. I think I’ll be sitting this first game out. Here is the kick-ass trailer that Michael made for the event. It helps if you actually know the people in the trailer, but it should be funny nonetheless.


2004-04-12 13:14:40

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Well, it’s that time of the week again. Time for the old weekend update.

Friday, our friend Jen Weiss came into town from Wisconsin. We hadn’t seen her in about a year, so it was great to catch up with her. We met up at Mex with, more of less, the usual Friday night crew. After Mex, we somehow found ourselves at the Barrel once again. For those of you from Rochester who have experienced the Barrel with us, you know that it’s really like an enigma, wrapped in riddle, wrapped in a rhyme, wrapped in a barrel. On one hand, you know exactly what to expect, but on the other hand, it’s a complete question mark. This night was no exception. It was fun though. We like to show up there, if for no other reason, simply to class that place up a bit. We do it for the community, really.

Saturday, admittedly, is a bit of a blur. Pat and I went to Jines for lunch and then we called up the ‘Micatas to see if they would be interested in a Bloody Mary at Acme. This was around 3 in the afternoon, which is totally legit, due to the nature of the Bloody Mary. Anyhoo, they have two-for-one specials all day long and then somehow I ended up with Amy’s second Long Island Iced Tea. Yes, I said Long Island Iced Tea! After that lapse in judgment, we parted ways for a couple hours. Pat and I went home and rallied, and then the ‘Micatas came over to our place with their friend Alexis. We just kind of hung out for a while, and the good news is that it turned into an early night. But I guess that’s what happens with you start drinking AT THREE IN THE AFTERNOON.

Sunday, we went to the McCarthy household for Easter dinner. As per usual, we had delicious food and wine, as well as my Aunt Marianne’s terrific trifle. The drive home flew by as Pat and I listened to Appetite for Destruction (courtesy of our friend Scott) and chatted about what we plan to do with our (hopefully) new house. We even took a drive by the soon-to-be new homestead on our way home.

So, what did all of you do for this Easter weekend? Don’t be shy! Tell us in our Comments section.


PS - I just found out that our friends Lisa and Jay just got engaged! Read all about it on their site.

2004-04-04 16:27:06

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I know what you're all thinking. You're thinking, well, I bet Pat and Fran had some really dull weekend. Perhaps they went to the library, or played a board game, or sorted through their sock drawers. On the contrary, we had a great, fun-filled weekend! Are you really that surprised??

Friday night, we went to our first toga party. I had shown up to a party in a toga before, but this was my first legit toga party. Cima and Amy came over, we got all dressed up in our togas, and then we headed (eight doors down our street) to Cheryl and April's for the party. Let me tell you, these young women know how to throw a great party!

Saturday, Pat and I went out for breakfast, did a little shopping, and then went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. As our other friends have mentioned on their sites, it was a great movie. I had been really looking forward to seeing it since we saw the trailer before Big Fish and I'm really glad it wasn't a let down. Any movie that has Mr. Blue Sky in the trailer must be great. Oh, and of course, Charlie Kaufman rules.

The Doctors Thing came home from St Lucia on Saturday, so we got together with those two, Mike and Holly, and Micah and Rebecca. We ate at Esan and then went to Park Bench. It seems like forever since the eight of us hung out, so it was great to catch up.

In closing, we'd like to wish Kirsten good luck in her travel to India this week. Check out her site. over the next seven weeks to read about her zany (mis)adventures.


OK class, let's get started. We have a lot to cover today.

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On the social end of the spectrum, Cima, Amy, Fran, and I went to Bennigan’s for Monte Cristo sandwiches last night. We all have been anticipating the delicious goodness of that sandwich ever since we read the article - A Monte Cristo to Remember by our friend Lara. John Raymond Veno introduced me to my first Monte Cristo years ago at the Old Forge Diner in the Adirondacks. The two sandwiches I experienced were very different. John Raymond’s version was a ham and cheese on French toast. The Bennigan’s version was a ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich that was then beer battered, deep-fried, and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar. If that is not enough artery-clogging good/bad-ness for you, don’t worry because it also comes with fries. They should rename it the Monte Crisco. We all ordered one and I think that one for the table to split would have been plenty. It was raining last night, so we couldn't even find a bum to give our leftovers to.

On the business end of the spectrum, we are continually trying to make improvements on the site. I have added direct emailing to the comments section of the site. This way, everyone’s email addresses are hidden and protected from spammers, robots, spiders, and stalkers. Previously, we were handling email through Outlook Express and it was fairly easy to get a person’s email address. Now, you can sleep better at night knowing that your email address is resting safely in our database instead of dangling it’s ding-dong out in cyberspace. That’s just one more way to show that we care at pnf.com.

Let's go over an example:

1. Say you see Matt's comment and you are not sure what he means. Simply click on the email link next to his name and a webmail page will come up already addressed to Matt.

2. Fill out your name, email address, and message.

3. Click the Submit button and voila! In a matter of seconds, Matt should have your message.

Fran and I have been tracking our stats since June 2003 with some great free tools developed by reinvigorate.net. We track hits and referring websites, as well as resolution, browser, and platform stats. We thought you might enjoy taking a look at some of the data.

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