February 2004

2004-02-28 07:17:27

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I wanted to sleep in a little more this morning, but for some reason, I couldn't. Must be a side-effect of growing up or getting older. As I was trying to fall back asleep, I was kind of writing a blog in my head, which I do often. I'm kind of like Parker Lewis of Parker Lewis Can't Lose, but without all of the cool sound effects.

First, we would like to congratulate Andy and his lovely wife Jamie on giving birth to their baby boy, Nathan. I'm still pretty amazed that Andy (Pat's best friend) is a dad. That's just like, whoa. We're so happy for them.

I thought it was time for an update on Ruby, our new kitten. Things are going well. She had another checkup this week and she's healthy. Due to that accident she had her second day with us, she has some hair missing from her leg that the doctor said would probably never grow back. Oh well, it just adds character. She and Maynard are getting along as well as I expected them to. There are some tussles every now and then, but Ruby always has it coming.

We met Scott, Ian, Amy, and Chris out last night at Martini Grille, home of the expensive drinks. We never stay there long, but it's a fun place to start out. When we left there, Ian went home, because he's sick. We decided to go to Sports Page for some good, old-fashioned people watching. There were a lot of old fat guys out last night. But what else should one expect at a place called Sports Page? There was even one couple wearing matching jean shorts and jerseys. Now, if I had to say what Pat's and my tragic flaw was, as a couple, I'd have to say it's that we don't have more matching clothes. Other than that, we're perfect.

After Sports Page, Scott went home and we went to the Bug Jar - or the Bizzle Jizzle, as I'm thinking of starting to call it. Pat went VERY reluctantly. Pat wasn't really interested in doing any booty shaking, but the rest of us all wanted to go. We just hung out and danced for about an hour, and then went home. I think Pat even enjoyed himself there. That's it and that's all.

Tonight we'll be celebrating our friend Wayne's birthday. I know very little about the details, but I have heard that there is going to be a Cookie Pus involved. We shall see.


2004-02-23 14:38:44

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Today is Pat’s and my six year anniversary! Yes, six years ago today, we went on a double date to see the Wedding Singer with Pat’s old roommate Frank and my friend Amanda. Frank and Amanda decided to part ways after that night, but Pat and I somehow made it. A lot of times we wonder how we made it through the beginning of our relationship. We were both busy at our respective schools and Pat was even looking at jobs out of the area (one he even considered in Texas!). He had just gotten out of what he and his college friends describe as his bizarre “ass-slapping faze,” and I was a mild-mannered, shorthaired, angry-music-listening-to-feminist, of sorts. Not to mention, I didn’t drink alcohol or eat meat, and Pat, well...Let’s just say that it’s pretty amazing that we even got a chance to have a second date, but I’m just so glad we did.

How are we going to celebrate our six year anniversary, you ask? Well, we were going to go see 50 First Dates (it’s neat that it has the same co-stars as the first movie we ever saw together), but instead we are going to a home-buying seminar instead. Yuck. I really, really want a house though, so hopefully it won’t be a total waste.

We had a very nice weekend. Friday we did the “usual” with Mike, Holly, and Rebecca. Saturday, Pat and I did laundry, went CD shopping at the very crowded and picked-over Fantastic Records, and went out to dinner with some of Pat’s high school friends. Later on in the evening, we went over to Cima’s and hung out with Amy and Scott. Sunday, we hung out with Pat’s high school friend, Jason. We tried to go to Pudgie’s Pizza (Binghamtonians have some strange affinity for Pudgie’s), but they are closed on Sunday. As a large consolation to me (I’m not a huge fan of the Pudgie’s) we went to Acme instead. After that, we went to Record Archive and then hung out at our apartment, watching Cops. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Bad boys, bad boys, what 'cha gonna do?

Oh, and Sunday night we watched the finale of Sex and the City at Rebecca’s. It was sad to see the show end, but I thought they did a nice job of wrapping up all of the loose ends in 45 minutes and ending on a nice, happy note.


2004-02-20 15:17:54

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Editor's note: This blog was actually written on Friday. We're in the process of moving to a different server and this blog got lost in the shuffle. You may also note that when you type in www.patandfran.com, you'll be redirected to a different URL. You can just continue accessing our page as you always have.

Oh dear. Don’t ever eat clam chowder and an orange in the same meal. It’s not a good combination. Oh, the humanity. Something tells me that Orange Julius’ new clam chowder citrus smoothie* is not going to have a large fan base. Ew, sorry.

This has been a pretty run-of-the-mill, average week. I did have President’s Day off, strangely enough. I went out to meet my man and some of his co-workers for lunch, and then did a little shopping and got my hair cut. I’m really not sure why my company decided to give us that day off, but I didn’t want to rock the boat.

Last night, I went to Comix Café with Sara A. We met up with one of her co-workers and some of his friends. When Sara and I arrived, I got the distinct impression that her co-worker thought it was a date (with Sara, not me, silly). I just got that vibe and I could just tell by the way he looked at her. When we got in the car, I asked about it, and she said she told him she had a boyfriend. Sorry Sara, but I think you might want to tell him that one more time. When I got home and told Pat about it, he laughed and asked what my “date” was like. Luckily, I have my bling to ward off unsuspecting, would-be gentleman callers.

After Comix Café, Mike and Holly popped in. I love pop ins! We just hung out for a couple hours. We got a little less sleep last night than was anticipated, but sometimes you’ve got to pick fun over sleep. Especially during these dreary New York winters.

you heard me

This weekend, we don’t have any specific plans really. We’ll just be out and about – the usual.



2004-02-17 12:47:55

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Fran and I carried on our tradition of dining in on Valentine's Day. In years past, one of us has cooked for the other, but this year we decided to make dinner together. We subscribe to BON APPÉTIT and we also get Wegmans Menu Magazine (which is free with your Shopper Club card if you purchase over $50). We sat down and flipped through a few issues of each until we decided on Pan-Seared Beef Tenderloin & Scallops w/ Roasted Vegetables in Curry Sauce. The only problem was, my old lady and I got a little lazy on Valentine's Day, and by the time we got to Wegmans at 5:00pm, they were sold out of scallops. We checked the Pittsford and East Ave stores and they both were out, so we decided to use shrimp instead. Now, I’m a man of the sea, so I like any and all seafood, and Fran actually prefers shrimp to scallops, so this substitution made perfect sense. To make a long story short, the meal was absolutely wonderful.

Fran and I have been watching My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé over the last few weeks. I just have to say that this show makes me extremely nervous. There are about 16 hours left before the wedding and someone is about to snap. We try to avoid reality TV, because it’s too easy to get sucked into, but FOX just keeps making the shows so damn entertaining. I have noticed that the actor that plays the fiancé in that show is in a Swanson's Hungry Man Dinner commercial.

In other household news, Maynard and Ruby are getting along fairly well. It gets a little better every day. Last night Maynard even started to give Ruby a bath. Next thing you know, Ruby will be cleaning the dingle berries off of Maynard on a daily basis.


Editor's note: Pat was too nice to mention the Valentine's Day dessert - a new dessert I like to call a vanilla soufflé pancake. Yeah, my soufflé sank and I'm not sure why. Instead of the beautiful soufflé I envisioned, we had beer for dessert. Neat, huh?

2004-02-10 16:31:09

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I’m not going to lie to you; I feel bad that it’s been so long since we’ve put up a new post. I will try my best to be informative, yet concise. Well, at least you can usually count on me being informative...

For the most part, things are going well with the new kitty, who we’ve decided to name Ruby. (Sorry fans of the name Venom. It just wasn’t practical). We’re happy to report that we took her to the vet last Monday and got her vaccines and tests done, and she is free of Feline Leukemia, so we got to introduce Ruby to Maynard. It went surprisingly well. There was a little growling, but that’s about it. I’m very proud of how mature Maynard is being about the new addition to our family. All was going well until Tuesday night. Pat came home from work to find Ruby suspended in air, hanging by her back paw!! She had somehow managed to get her foot stuck in a small space between our computer chair’s arm and back. We have no idea how long she was stuck like that, but it could have been up to nine hours! I was still at work when Pat called me, asking me what I thought he should do. After some deliberation, he decided to take Ruby into the vet to get her checked out. He didn’t think she had broken anything, but she was screaming and her foot was twice its normal size. They did a couple X-rays, and gave her a little something to sedate her and help with the pain. As it turned out, she had pulled a muscle and badly bruised her paw. She is already pretty much back to her old self. Between the two days of vet visits, Ruby cost us almost $350! Now we have to keep her.

As far as the Franny update goes, I am sick again. I don’t know what’s going on with me this year, but I’ve been sick four times just this season. I haven’t been doing anything different than usual – I’m not like, working at a day care center or anything. P.Reed, on the other hand, hasn’t been sick at all.

Despite my sickness, we had a great weekend. Friday night, we had a lovely dinner with Mike and Holly. Mike cooked an amazing meal, as always. We had some nice wine and sat in front of the fire, where I immediately fell asleep. Saturday, we celebrated Erik T’s birthday. We went to Dicky’s, where we played darts and harassed a hippy or two. As Pat will attest to, I hate dirty, rotten, filthy, stinky hippies. It’s one of the things that made him fall in love with me.

This week has just been more of the same, but there are a couple updates. One is that we got new cell phones. Check deez out. It’s fun to have the best phones out of all of our friends for once. Especially since we got ridiculed for years about our previous phones. The other is that I cashed in $75 worth of savings bonds and got a little over $360! Oh wait, let me just sign that right over to the vet.

Pat's Cell - (585) 770-0381
Fran's Cell - (585) 770-0416


2004-02-01 18:22:08

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This weekend was certainly worthy of a double post, so here goes. I recommend you scroll down and read Pat's submission first, and then continue with this submission.

Okay, so Friday night, Rebecca, Pat and I met Mike and Holly out at Blue Room to celebrate his match at Johns Hopkins. I have never seen Mike so happy before. Usually he's so even-keeled. He was actually giddy. His giddiness was infectious and we were all just so happy for him. You know the loud group whenever you go out? Well, we were "those people," but with good reason. Guest star appearances were made by Dr. Al, J.D., and Matt F. Three of my favorite guest stars.

Fran Reed and Mike F

Pat Reed, Reebs, and Hollywood

Saturday, as Pat mentioned, we drove a mere six hours for our new kitty. Over the last day and a half, I've been getting to know her and she is a complete sweetheart. As I type, she is sleeping in my lap. I'm reminding myself that there is a chance we won't be able to keep her (depending on how Maynard handles the situation), so I'm making sure not to use the "L" word. She and Maynard will probably get to meet on Tuesday, once we get all her shots and the results from her feline leukemia test. I just hope Mayard doesn't eat her.

Saturday night, we went to Mex to celebrate Ellen's remission. It was a very happy celebration indeed. She looked lovely in her new tiara. I regret to say that we were lazy about the picture taking that night and didn't even get a picture of the woman of honor. Nuts! But we did get a picture of these two tramps.

Fran and Kirsten

After everybody went home, Pat and I faced a cold, treacherous walk home. I made it less than half a block and decided we should get a drink at Old Toad so we could warm up. Dr. Al was working and he bought us each a drink. Old Toad has two big picture windows on one side, right by a RIDICULOUSLY icy side street. We spent at least 20 minutes just watching people continuously trip and fall as all the bars let out. I hate to admit it, but it was the hardest I've laughed in a really long time. Now I feel like I have some serious karma points against us.

Today, I had big plans of picking up the apartment, cooking food, and going to Frank and Joyce's Super Bowl party, but I'm feeling a bit run down from all of the excitement of the weekend. Plus, I wanted some QT with my new kitty, the venomous Ruby.



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We picked up a new kitty yesterday. Maynard now has a little sister. My friend, Andy, gave his mother the cat for Christmas and she decided that she wasn't really into kittens, so we said we'd take her in on a trial basis (we need to make sure that our little baby Maynard can live with her).

Fran and I are trying to decide what to name her. We have come up with two good names: Ruby and Venom. Ruby seems like the more practical of the two names, and in sobriety, it is the obvious choice, but once we mix alcohol into the equation, we start leaning toward Venom. I can picture the look of horror on our vet's face when we tell her the cat's name is Venom.

Here are some pics of Ruby / Venom.