December 2003

2003-12-30 19:36:10

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Yeah, I don't feel so good. I can't decide if I should go to the doctor or not. (I was supposed to go on Monday, but chickened out.) I hate the thought of going in there and finding out that I just have some cruddy cold and wasting the doctor's time. On the other hand, I have all the symptoms of bronchitis, and I just am not getting better. I was just reading Wil Weaton's blog, and he has bronchitis. Maybe I should take a tip from Wil and see a doctor.

I'm definitely bored. I actually went to work today, even though I totally shouldn't have. I just couldn't stand the thought of sitting on the couch watching TV another day (even though, when you watch daytime TV, you learn interesting things like Hanson and the Bangles both have new albums coming out). Right now, I'm not even watching Cops. I never thought I'd be sick of TV. When I got to work, I had such a nasty fever, all I could do for the first hour was just shiver and sweat. After that, I felt a little better.

Oh, two exciting things happened at work today. One is that I got a new computer! My new computer is laser fast. It's like...zoooom. The other thing that happened, was my coworker Ray bet me a free lunch that Ohio is NOT the Buckeye State. Well, it is, so I have a free lunch coming my way. One thing I can say about my illness is that I still have a healthy appetite.

Um, yeah, I really don't have much to say. I would like to post a few prize-winning photographs that we took this Christmas.

Pat and Fran make a baby

Pete, Pat, Wayne, Tom, Tom, and Tim

Pat and Fran (with Dee Scott's glasses)

Emily and Jen Scott

Happy New Year, everybody!


2003-12-29 15:54:50

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Fran and I had a lovely Christmas in the Bing-Hamptons. It was great to see my family and friends. We went to church on Christmas Eve with my parents, Uncle Frank, Eric, and Nurse Tiffany. This has been a tradition in our family for as long as I can remember. I think that makes about four or five trips to church this year. I would like to believe that that is enough to secure me a special little place in heaven. Well, that and the $1.00 bill that I put in the offering basket.

After church, we went back to my house for some shrimp cocktail and cocktails. Then, Fran and I went to the Scott family’s annual Christmas Gala. I went to school with the Scott girls (Emily and Sara) from elementary school through high school. I like to think that we have an open invitation to their party every year. If they ever want us to stop coming over on Christmas Eve, they will need to send us an unvite. Things got more crazy than usual this year at the Scott residence. We all started doing shots called "Dee's nuts," named after Emily and Sara's mom, Dee.

On Christmas morning, we opened our presents at my house. Fran gave me some sweet-ass Emergency Heroes Pez dispensers and a silk robe (Silky Jenkins Style). I also got a circular saw from my parents, so if anyone needs me to rip the crap out of some boards, I’d be more than happy to. We had dinner at my parent’s house and then we went over to Nurse Tiffany’s parents house for a few drinks. Fran and I finished the night over at our friends Kelly and Tim’s house. It’s always great to see my old high school friends.

On the 26th we got up and drove to Skaneateles for Christmas at the McCarthy house. Fran and I got a digital camera. We got the Canon A70 (don’t tell the folks at Kojak.) and some gift certificates and stuff. We also had the McCarthy’s world-famous eggs benedict. Later on that night, we headed home to spend the rest of the long weekend with Maynardo "the wonder cat." When we got home, my bride started feeling crummy. She has been home sick ever since. We think she may have bronchitis. At least, that’s what WebMD (AKA her doctor) told her. I am going to nurse her back to health with a heavy dose of my love, just in the nick of time for New Years.

All and all, it was a great extendo-weekend filled with family and friends.


Holy Crap! Did anyone else know that Jesus was so into sports and rock guitar?

2003-12-23 18:51:49

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Hello friends and family! Pat and I had a great weekend this past weekend. I realize that it is now Tuesday night, but I was a little under the weather the past couple days with a cold, so I didn't feel much like coming up with any witty commentary.

Friday night, we went over to Mike and Holly's for a holiday party extravaganza. It was great to officially congratulate Mike on receiving his PhD in monkeybrainology and celebrate the yule-tideness of Jesus' birthday. It was a really nice time. They had a lovely Christmas tree and a roaring fire, as well as cheeses and sausages. Pat and I had so much fun, we didn't leave until 5ish. We stepped outside to a deep, fluffy snowfall. It was truly beautiful.

Our friend George is moving to NYC this week, so Saturday night a bunch of us met up at Mex, where I renewed my love afair with vodka. I got to hang out with some of co-workers that I don't get to spend nearly enough time with otherwise (you'd think 40 hours a week would be enough). Mex was nice and quiet, and the night ended with street meat - just the way I like it.

Other than that, I have been baking, and making Chex Mix, and wrapping presents, and working. Oh, and trying to stay out of trouble. I just want to thank everyone for all of the great holiday cards. We have them all displayed, and just looking at them makes me smile. If we don't get a chance to see you before Wednesday, have a wonderful Christmas day. Please be safe and happy, and don't eat too much!


2003-12-23 09:36:03

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2003-12-19 17:43:03

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I'm so happy. I finally, just today, got in the Christmas (or Christmakkah - right Kresk?) spirit. I'm so happy it finally got here. I think a big reason I finally got in the spirit was due to all of the delicious cookies at work today, and also because my friend George gave me a homemade Christmas mix. Now, I am not a big fan of most Christmas music. In fact, I'd like the inventors of that stupid BBF station that plays all Christmas music 24 hours a day to get the Clap. But, George picked some really fantastic music that just happens to have a Christmas theme. It's great. It even has liner notes!

Well, the Fs had an exciting week this week. For one, Holly's birthday was on Wednesday. We met Holly, Rebecca, and Melissa out at Mex for a cocktail. Where was Mike, you ask? Well, he had to stay home, because he was getting ready to defend this thesis the next day! I've only heard the preliminary reports, but from what I know, it went very, very well. His advisors even bought him a cake and a bottle of champagne, if that's any indication of how awesome Mike is at talking about brains and other doctor stuff.

So, congratulations Dr. Mikey "Steamboat" F! We love ya! We're heading over to Mike and Holly's for a holiday celebration tonight, and I'm thinking there will be some exciting photo opportunities.

I hope you're all in the Festivus spirit!


2003-12-14 17:54:32

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This has been a very eventful weekend, indeed. Most importantly, of course, Saddam Hussein was captured. I couldn't believe it at first when I heard it. I've been feeling such a mix of emotions lately with this conflict. I'm so happy that he was finally nabbed though.

Coincidentally, we all found out recently that Pat's best friend, Andy, is being sent to Iraq very soon. He and his wife Jamie went home to Binghamton to celebrate an early Christmas. We went out there to hang out with them for a bit and say goodbye to Andy. It was great to see them, but very hard to say goodbye and think about what the future holds. We hope we get to see Andy again soon and we're so proud of him. We'll be thinking about Jamie, Andy's mom, and his unborn son a lot in the coming months.

We were supposed to stay in Binghamton all weekend, but with the bad weather that was predicted, we ended up coming home Saturday evening. We made a surprise appearance and Scott and Patty's holiday party! Pat was very stylish in his brown blazer and new Tom Selleck-inspired mustache. The party was a great time - those two always throw a great party. Last night, I was just feeling particularly maudlin, but I was reminiscing about how it was Patty and Scott's holiday party two years ago where we met some of our current friends. I can't say Pat and I have matured much since then, but we certainly have had quite a few changes.

We hope everyone is well and safe this holiday season.


2003-12-12 13:20:38

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Since the last post, a lot of people have been asking me “Hey Pat Reed, how long did it take you to grow such a full and luxurious mustache?”. To that I reply, “Why my friend, I did not grow that mustache; I made it”. This statement usually leaves people very confused. The truth is, I can’t grow my very own ultra-classy, super-thick mustache, like a Chris C or a Selma Hyack. I have neither the ability, nor the time, to grow one of those. I have to resort to using an artificial one. I am a true master of disguise, so you would never catch me in one of those fake-ass black Wright Brother Handlebars that they sell at costume shops around Halloween. Nothing but my own hair will do when I need added warmth and style on my upper lip. I developed this moustache-making technique when I could not find a suitable one on the world wide web.


Raw materials:

  • A sheet of paper
  • Wax paper (Saran Wrap also works fine)
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Human Hair
  • Double sided tape


  • A dark marker or pen
  • Scissors

Step 1:

Draw the desired moustache pattern on the sheet of paper. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Feel free to cut the pattern out and try it on your face. Don’t be discouraged if the moustache does not look ultra classy. Keep trying different styles and patterns until you find the perfect complement for your face.

Step 2:

Cut a sheet of wax paper that is slightly bigger than your template. Lay the template down on a flat surface and lay the wax paper on top of that. You should be able to see the moustache pattern through the wax paper.

Step 3:

Pour a thin layer of glue, in the shape of the moustache, on your wax paper. Use your finger to gently smooth the glue into a thin, uniform, moustache-shaped coating.

Step 4:

Wash your hands.

Step 5:

Reach into your hair supply and grab a small handful of hair. Do your best to roll the hair so the majority of the follicles are laying in the same direction. Start at the top-center of the stash pattern and start laying the hairs down on the glue. Do one entire side of the stash before going to the other. When there is sufficient coverage on bother sides of the stash, push the hairs down gently with a clean, dry finger (just to make sure that they are properly seated). Then, let the glue dry for about six hours.

Step 6:

Once the glue is dry, gently peel the moustache off the wax paper. Give it a little shake over a garbage can to dislodge any loose hair. Trim off any wild hairs and extra glue.

Step 7:

Put double-sided tape on the entire backside of the moustache. Pull the backing off the tape and stick the moustache to your face. Use a mirror to make sure that you put the moustache in the optimal position.

Step 8:

Once it’s on your face, trim any wild hairs. Always remember, the ladies enjoy a well-kept, sleek moustache.

Step 9:

Accessorize with a pair of large sunglasses or a gold chain and get ready for a party everywhere your face is. Always remember, moustache rides ain't free and you have got to get your 25¢ up front.

Pat Reed models his new Tom Selleck inspired stash

2003-12-07 12:29:17

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The last few days have been action packed and fun filled as usual.

Thursday night was the annual Park Ave Holiday Festival. Cima came over, we grabbed some road sodas, and then we headed out to the festival. There, we met up with Scott, Ian, Food Mike and Jane. It was great seeing those guys. It seems like we haven't seen them in forever. We did some wine tasting, ate roasted chestnuts, and just enjoyed the ridiculously cold weather.

Friday night, right after work, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's for our friend Kimmie's 27th birthday party! We ate pizza and played a lot of skee ball. We also got this great picture taken with the man himself.

Right after Charles Cheese's we went to a cocktail party at Rebecca's. It was a great time. We all dressed up and did a lot of dancing. The signature drink was the Cosmo, which practically guarantees a good time. Take a look at the pictures. Rebecca's Cocktail Party

Saturday, Mr. J.Raymond Veno came over with his friend Chris. We ate Pat's famous eggplant parm and then headed to Milestone's to see their favorite band, Eddie From Ohio. I had never heard their music before, and wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The opening band, Stephen Kellogg was really good too. They did an a cappella version of Fat Bottomed Girls that was excellent! There, I ran into my friend Steve from my old photo lab days. We all headed over to Mex for a cocktail and then headed home.


All I Gotta Say

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is that I Love you all. I have so many wonderful people in my life. You all are great and deserve a huge hug. Especially Fran, my Mom and Dad, Grams and Gramps, Andy and Jamie M, John Veno and especially Franklin Phats and J.Hustla. You all are so great. Here goes!!!!

-P. Reed

Editor's note: Right now, you might be wondering, has Pat Reed gone insane? To head of any rumors at the start, Jonathan Raymond V was over last night and they had one of their all-night benders, causing this maudlin blog entry.
- Fran

2003-12-01 21:09:27

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Wow, where to begin? Pat and I had a fantastic holiday break.

Wednesday night, we drove out to my brother's, where we hung out for a bit. Pat, Phil, Becky, and I headed over to Clark's Ale House for some brew dogs and beef on weck. We met up with some of my very favorite high school pals: Taryn, Todd (who has an honorary degree from Marcellus HS), Jeremy, Marisa, and Allegra. There were a few fallen homies who couldn't make it that night, so I spilled a $1.50 Genny Cream Ale on the curb for each and every one of them (Kristen, Jenny, Jordan, Chris, and Laura).

Thursday was a very long day. We got up bright and oily and headed to the annual McCarthy Turkey Bowl XXXVII. I, of course, did not play, but Pat did. He had some great plays and even scored a touchdown. After the game, we hung around the fire and drank some booze.

After the Turkey Bowl, we went home to freshen up and then headed over to my Aunt Marianne and Uncle John's for some tasty vittles. All of the food was amazing. My aunt is such a wonderful cook. It's my favorite meal of the year. After we chomped our way out of there, we went to the Bostwick's (my brother's girlfriend's family) for some after-dinner drinks. We've gone to the Bostwick's for the last three years and we've gotten to know their friends and family, and they're a super fun bunch. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about 'em.

Friday, we headed back to Roch-cha-cha and went over to Pat's grandparent's, where we had some more good food and hung out with my in-laws. After the big meal, Pat and I were feeling pretty tired, so we decided to just rent a video. We called up Cima and his old lady and they came over....bearing 40s and deuce-deuces, and even Paul O! We watched Super Troopers, which is a GREAT movie. Pat brought out these gnarly, fake teeth he bought in Ithaca and that's when things got nutty. Believe it or not. We had some fun photo shoots, and that's all I have to say about that for right now.

Saturday, we were pretty beat, but we rallied for Melissa Thing's birthday. We went to Dicky's and Coyote Joe's (the old Metro). It was a good time, but I was so tired, I was actually having trouble holding my drink up, which is possibly a sign...

That essentially brings us up to speed. As this blog is getting ridiculously long, I think I'll wrap things up. We hope you all had a great turkey day! Pat and I have some fun up our sleeves, so be sure to stay tuned!