November 2003

2003-11-26 14:52:39

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Hey y'all. I just thought I'd give you all a "brief" update as to what has been going on in the recent past.

This past Saturday night was Mike and Holly's engagement party. It was super swank. There was caviar, Godiva chocolate, a martini bar, and shrimp the size of really, really big shrimp. The F's really know how to put on a killer party. It was great to finally toast the engagement of those two crazy kids and meet some more of Holly's family. Most importantly, we finally got to see Holly's dad's "PAUL" tattoo on his knuckles.

Holly, Rebecca, Melissa, and Fran

This week, we've been doing all sorts of cleaning. It's really weird. Pat and I are usually big time slobs. We only really clean when people are over, and by "clean," I mean, we stuff as much crap into our closets that will fit. We've even been organizing all of the closets! We must be nesting.

Oh! I also have a new friend named Beth. Hi Beth! She's from one of my favorite bands, US Rail. We emailed back and forth twice now, which I think officially makes us friends, or it officially makes me nuts. Either way, it equals fun.

Finally, I'm very, very excited about Thanksgiving this year. It's my favorite holiday, and this is the first T'giving in six years that I am not a vegetarian. I'm going to chomp that bird.

Anyway, we here at pizzle-n-frizzle dot com hope you all have a wonderful, gluttonous, safe holiday! And remember, if God didn't want us to eat animals, then he wouldn't have made them outta meat.


We Have a Wiener!

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We had so many great entries in the Name the Beer Contest. Fran and I had a hard time picking just one winner, but we finally did. Drum roll please! The winner of the Name the Beer contest is Tim M of Rochester, New York! Tim's entry was LaPatt Red. Congratulations Tim. You are the winner of one six pack of LaPatt's Red Ale. Here are some of the other names that we really liked too:

  • Montezuma's Lager - Sara A
  • Kolbensaftale (german for butt juice ale)- Sara A
  • Drop Dead Red - Skip S
  • "Better off Red", than dead, or a capitalist - Corey J
  • Sucker Punch Red Ale - Todd J
  • Lesbian Lager - Frank B
  • Camel Toe Red Ale
    "Part the lip and start to sip"
    - Macdogballs
  • Fish Spit Brew - Dad Reed
  • Huckle Buck Ale "Gauranteed to put you on your back" - Andy M
  • Jesse Wilson Red - Tim M
  • "This shit tastes like Zima" Ale - Veno
  • Twin Label Technology is Gay Ale - Veno
  • Sheem Ale - George F
  • The Red-Headed Step Child - Heather C
  • Yes, the Carpet Matches the Curtains Ale - Fran
  • Big Gay Ale - Cima
  • Sleepie Time Ale "World's first roofie inclusive beer" - Sara A
  • Pat's Pimping Poonany - Kirsten (aka K Money)
  • East-Side Malt Liquor - Wayne S


2003-11-18 16:21:51

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Friday, Fran and I got together with Cima and Dave W. We hung out over at Cima’s house and had some beers. Then, the plan was to go to Enright’s Thirst Parlor and kick it low class, but it was way to smoky in there. Apparently, they didn’t get the memo on the smoking ban, so we went to Acme and the Sports Page. We don’t go to the Sports Page very often, but we did a lot of fun people watching. Here’s a tip for all the single guys out there - the girls there seem looser than old elastic. I mean, they’ve stroked more wood than a Furniture Polisher. That was my impression anyway. Fran disagrees.

Pat and Fran on a roadtrip

Saturday, Fran and I took an overnight trip to Ithaca. We spent a few hours walking around The Commons. The clerks at one of the shops we went to asked Fran if she was interested in modeling for their weekly newspaper ad. Fran turned the gig down, ruining my dream of shacking up with a model at the Holiday Inn. We had dinner at a nice little Mexican restaurant and did a few hours of bar hopping. It was so much fun.

Sunday, my baby’s mother and I checked out of the hotel, got breakfast, and hit the road. We stopped at the Museum of the Earth, just outside of Ithaca. That’s a pretty serious name for a museum. It just opened in late September. It was like 9th grade earth science class revisited. A lot of people may not know this, but Fran is big time into fossils and dinosaurs. I’m surprised she isn’t a Star Trek fan. We both thought the Museum of the Earth was pretty cool, but too small.

Museum of the Earth

Sunday evening, I bottled my second batch of beer. This one’s a porter. I will taste one this weekend; you better believe it. Fran and I have also picked a winner for the name beer contest. We are just making a label before we announce it. It’ll be any day now. Until then, stay out of trouble and try your best to keep it as real as it goes.


2003-11-14 20:56:47

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I just had a pretty funny experience tonight, and I wanted to share. Okay, so most of you probably know that Pat and I have been known, on occasion, to go to local strip clubs with friends. Well, there is this one called Barrel of Dolls. This particular establishment holds a special place in my heart. It's nearby, there's no cover, the drinks are dirt cheap, and it's a great ego boost. Seriously, there are only hellatious ta-tas there.

Well, I found myself there after work today, because a while back, I promised Pat I'd get a t-shirt for him from there. I was leery to go there alone, but I figured, what the heck, I've got my glasses on, a winter coat, I mean, come on.

So, I pull in the parking lot and get out of my car, and there are four guys standing outside. As I walk past them, one guy says, "Oh! Are you here to strip??" and my voice cracks, but I say "No!" I get inside and ask the bartender if they still sell t-shirts. He smirks and goes and gets me one. Then, he points to my ring and says, "Are you getting this for your old man?" and I smile and say, "Yes." He says, "You're alright."

When I go back outside, those four guys are still there. I kind of loop around so I don't have to walk through them, and the one guy from before says to his friends, "She should totally be a stripper." Then he says to me, "Hey! You should totally be a stripper." I politely thank him and walk away. As I do, he says, "Oh my god, look at that ass!" (I remind you, I had my winter coat on, which complete hides my "ass.")

This anecdote really illustrates two things. 1.) As far as the Barrel goes, I'm about the hottest thing going. 2.) This further proves the concept of nerve fatigue. This poor guy saw nothing but heinous girls for who knows how long. As far as he was concerned, I was the hottest girl in the world.

Alright, I don't really know where I was going with this story, but I thought you all might enjoy it nonetheless.


2003-11-11 17:49:54

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Oh, I was so proud of myself...I just made my first pot roast, and I was so excited when I came home from work and I had pot roast waiting for me in our crock pot. I decided to try to make gravy from the liquid left over from the roast, and the end product looked like something the mom in Better Off Dead would have made. Needless to say, the gravy went in the garbage. I'll try to not let it take away from my excitement about the pot roast.

One other fun thing that happened to me as I was making the "gravy," is that we got a phone call from some annoying person looking for Pat. I would often answer these types of phone calls before we were married, and when they'd ask, "Are you his wife?" I would always just say "NO!" and burst into tears, since we were living in sin, but today, I proudly answered "Yes I am!" and it was fun.

We had another excellent couple nights this past weekend. Friday night we did our usual at Mex. Even though it's our usual, it never gets old for me. Saturday was Rebecca's birthday. Pat and I met Rebecca, Mike, and Holly out at the Blue Room. It was really fun hanging out there. It had been quite a while since we'd gone there, and it wasn't quite as busy as usual, so it was nice. After Blue Room, we danced up a storm at the Jungle. The music, I dare say, was even a little crappier than usual. Does there really need to be techno versions of John Denver's Country Road, and Simon and Garfunkle's The Boxer? Some things should never be. All in all though, it was a great night.

Last night, Pat and I took Rebecca out to Hicks & McCarthy for her birthday dinner. Anyone who hasn't been there in the last couple years should really go. They have the best lobster ravioli this side of the Mason-Dixon.

Tonight I'm going to watch Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill with my kid, so don't call me and interrupt my mojo. Please and thanks.


2003-11-07 08:17:50

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It's Friday. Woo-hoo!

I'm getting a ride to work today (it's a long story) and I've got some time to kill, so I thought I'd write a blog. Now, you might have noticed a lack of the normal robustness to this week. If you did, you're right. I couldn't help but notice how much I was multi-tasking and synergizing this week, and I was way too busy to update the site. No, actually, on the contrary, this was an extremely unproductive week for me. I really can't think of anything too interesting that happened. Anyhoo, I did catch up on a lot of episodes of Cops, and I did register for a Tops Bonus Card.

I'm actually very dismayed about the Tops Bonus Card thing. I thought I would never be a Tops shopper, and I would like to stress that I am NOT a Tops shopper. It's just that, a pretty decent Tops is right on my way home, and I have to go out of my way to get to Wegman's. So, I have the Bonus Card in my wallet, but I'll be damned if I put one of those mini cards on my key chain!

Um yeah, so that's about it for me. One point of interest, is that Pat brewed his second batch of brewdogs last night. We fully intend to pick a winner of the Name the Beer Contest very soon.

Until next time, a la the Daily Show, a moment of Zen:


Congratulations, Chris and Jordan!

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I am very excited to announce that my friends Chris and Jordan had their baby, Joseph Robert Bruna, on October 30th. “Little” Joey came into the world at a whopping 10 lbs., 8 oz. Yikes. Poor Jordan went through 22 hours of labor!