October 2003

2003-10-27 16:33:37

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Happy birthday Fran!

Fran is 27 today, contrary to the largely-disputed (and publicized by her) belief that she is 26. If you see that lady, wish her a happy Bday.

We had a small celebration at Mex on Friday night. It was mostly her work friends. Fran got some great presents, like an accordion, and a copy of the latest Weekly World News. (You just gotta keep up on current events, like the fact that Saddam and Bin Laden adopted a shaved ape boy together, or that hair from God’s beard was found in a trailer park in Florida.) It was great to hang out with everyone. We had a blast, and if you don’t believe me, check out the pictures of Fran’s 27th Birthday.

Saturday, Fran and I went apple picking. It's a tradition that we do every year around her birthday. We like to drive out there, pull the car right up to the orchard, and fill a plastic bag full of apples, just like our for fathers used to do out on the frontier. We eat the donuts and drink the hot crapple cider. To spice things up a little this year, we took some kung fu pictures out in the apple patch.

Later on that night, my hot-ass wife made an apple pie for us. She’s got the market cornered with her apple pie recipe. It’s a hybrid of both of our mother’s recipes. Fran will gladly take the Pepsi Challenge with anyone who thinks they’ve got the goods. I said "APPLE BIATCH!"

Sunday, we stopped out to Fran’s parents house to have a family-oriented birthday bash. We are both firm believers in the multi-day birthday celebration.


2003-10-23 13:54:24

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I’ve got a song stuck in my head, and I can’t seem to get it out. It’s called Happy Birthday. That’s probably because it’s almost my birthday!!!

My actual birthday is on Monday, but the celebration started last night, when Rebecca took me to Outback for dinner and gave me presents. Tomorrow night is my annual birthday celebration at Mex. If you didn’t get an invite, it could mean one of three things. Either it was an oversight, I don’t like ya (Ray), or you live out of town. As I did the last two years, I’m throwing my own birthday party. That way, it’s exactly the way I want it to be.

Last year, it was great until this creepy guy decided that he could creep around my party, pretending he knew me. When I heard him tell someone he knew me, I turned around and gave him a verbal tirade, until my brother came over and said, “Shannon, you’re making a scene!” That guy was cramping my style though. If you see a guy such as this at my birthday party, kick him out before I get a chance to, please.

One interesting tidbit is that I’m turning 27, although, the title of my Evite said “Franny’s 26th Birthday Party.” Kirsten was kind enough to point out that we already celebrated my 26th birthday. I confirmed that with Pat, so Kirsten gets a prize. I woulda figured it out once I got the check for $27 from my gram though. Anyway, I offered Kirsten either a firm handshake or a beer, and she decided she’d take a beer shake. Yummy.


2003-10-20 11:24:52

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Here’s a little blast from the past. Two months ago, Mike B threw a going away party for Steve J to celebrate Steve leaving Mike’s “home for wayward boys” to go to SU to attend law school. Yes, if you are a dude, and you ever need a place to stay, Mike B is more than willing to take you in. Back to the topic at hand though, it was called the Beat it Steve party. To the right, is the picture that was on the invite. If you weren’t lucky enough to get invited, that’s too bad, but at least you can live vicariously through Pat and me.

This party took place one week before Pat and I got married. I remember it like it was yesterday, because I annoyingly kept yelling, “Pat and I are getting married in one week!”

I’ll let Pat update you all to our super phat and fly weekend…but for now, here’s a little something for our homies.


The good, the bad, and the identity theft

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All right, so there is nothing “bad” yet, but there’s still time.

For the most part, this week was great. Wednesday and Thursday nights were by far the best. Wednesday, I rented Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Pat and I went over to Cima’s to watch it on his laptop-sized flat screen TV. The overwhelming majority of you probably don’t know this, but I love Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, and so does Cima. Pat, on the other hand, does not feel the love, but I did hear a few chortles out of him during the movie.

Thursday night, we went over to Mitch and Hollywood’s for some fried chicken! I’m breathing a little harder today, so you know it must have been good. We had biscuits, cole slaw, five bean salad, fried chicken, and apple pie. Oh good lord.

This morning, on the other hand, was questionable. I got a phone call from my bank’s security department. Two not-so-lovely ladies stole and cashed some of my blank checks. It all started about two weeks ago. I had gone to my bank to get a debit card and checks with my new name on them. Earlier this week, I got my debit card, but I never got my checks. I didn’t think too much of it, because I didn’t really know how long it would take to print and mail checks, yadda, yadda, yadda. It took some super sleuthing on my part, but I realized that they must have stolen the checks off of our porch. So, I guess the girls cashed two separate checks for pretty large amounts from one of my accounts. When they tried to cash a third, the teller was smart enough to deny them. Since they cashed them at the bank, there are some pretty sweet pictures of the girls, and the woman I talked to seemed to think they have all sorts of info on them. On Monday, I get to talk to the police, give them a report, and sign some stuff so I won’t lose any money. Neat. Since this won’t really affect me in any way, I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. I’m also looking forward to moving to the suburbs ASAP with my baby daddy.

This weekend looks very promising. Tonight, there are two parties. My friend Jim and his roommate are having patriotic panty party part II and there is a “cowboy kegger” of some sort…I like any excuse for Pat Reed to bust out the “Dangerous” belt buckle I bought him.


2003-10-14 17:55:58

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We like to keep things on the go here at PizzleAndFrizzle.com. This past weekend may possibly have been the last temperate weekend of the season, so we tried to pack in as much activity as possible.

Friday, we went to the Old Toad for Dr. Al’s birthday. For those of you who don’t know Dr. Al, he is one of Fran’s ElementGay co-workers. Dr. Al enjoys the martial arts, picnics, and Guinness. He also recently got into home brewing, so we're like home brew brothers. For those of you who don’t know what the Old Toad is, it’s a British Pub. Most of the employees are British and slow as hell, but they were ok on this particular night.

Saturday, Fran and I got up bright and early to go camping at Stony Brook State Park with some peeps, (or as some like to call it, the Grand Canyon of the East). Micah, the Doctors Thing, little Mikey F, and Hollywood were in attendance. The weather was absolutely perfect. We did some hiking, horseshoe playing, grilling, and beer drinking. Speaking of beer drinking, check out this Schmidt’s Beer we bought at a little country store in Dansville, NY. Holy crap, it has a mountain lion on it. That’s a seriously serious can.

Sunday, Fran and I went to the Little Theatre to see Lost In Translation. The verdict on that film is "two thumbs up." I also bottled my first batch of beer, so keep the Name The Beer entries coming in. I tested a few sips, and I am pleased to say that I am pleased. It tasted pretty good for a room temperature, flat beer. I will try my first one in a week or two, just to see how the carbonation is coming along. They should be good to go in a month. Now, I am trying to decide what to make for my next batch o’ beer. I was considering a porter or pale ale. If anyone has any ideas let me know.


2003-10-09 14:29:31

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dang, it's nice out!Man alive! It is absolutely gorgeous out and I’m stuck at work. I had to go to the chiropractor during my lunch hour, which made it even worse. Normally, I would have had my cold meatloaf sandwich inside and I wouldn’t have even known what I was missing out there. Blasted! My chiropractor even jokingly said, “Now, take the afternoon off.” Yeah, thanks a lot, jackass. We don’t all have four-day work weeks like you!

For those of you not from the area, we were having winter-like conditions just last week and now it’s pretty much summer again. The leaves on the trees don’t even know what to do. They're all still there; they're all still green. I am wondering what is going to happen with that.

I was planning on picking up the apartment and then watching Must-See TV tonight, but some of you local people may just come home and find Pat and me on your porch.


2003-10-07 13:36:15

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This was a really fantastic weekend. This weekend proved that there is such a thing as a fun and productive weekend. It also showed that if you don’t leave town, productivity can skyrocket.

I won’t talk too much about the productive aspect. I’ll just tell you that we managed to put together our new coffee table, we put a couple new things up on the walls, we cooked some decent meals, including a cake, and I continued the arduous thank you letter-writing process. (I’m sure you’re all eagerly awaiting your thank yous from the wedding. Don’t worry; it won’t be too much longer!)

Friday night, Pat and I met Rebecca, Melissa, Mike, Holly, Ryan, Makiko, and Sara A out at Mex. Thankfully, it was not nearly as busy as it has been recently. There were a lot of pointy shoes in attendance and I looked around the bar to notice that only myself and one other girl were wearing rounded-toe shoes. Holly even had on some new, superfly red pointy "pumps."Just to be clear, these are not Holly's shoes. (Not the same red pumps as shown in picture.)Anyhoo, around 12:45ish, someone must have given a big tip, because one of the bartenders rang a bell, and some yahoo yelled, “Last call!” I actually thought it was last call, so Pat and I went home, and when I saw the clock and it said it was only a little after one, I felt as if I had been button-hooked. It was good to get home at a reasonable hour though.

Saturday, Pat and I were really not expecting to go out. We didn’t have any plans, and we were kind of looking forward to just staying home and watching a movie. We had dinner at KFC and then took at trip to Target, which was actually rather fun. When we got home, we got a call from Cima, and he was talking about martinis and a college party. Goodness knows Pat and I couldn’t say no to that, so we met him, his lady Amy, and our insurance man, Ryan, out at Martini Grille. After the ‘tinis, we went to some RIT 5-keg semi-rager. It was much like the RIT parties of yesteryear. I’m happy to say that I feel like I got my $4 worth between the keg beer and Jell-O shots. (Not the same kegger as shown in picture.)

Sunday, Pat and I did some more productive stuff, and that night, Pat started brewing his first batch of unnamed beer. I just did some assisting. Our neighbors must have been thrilled by the hot beer smell pouring out of our apartment. Mmmm.


2003-10-03 20:35:10

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Crazy Frito PatI was just sitting here in my office, eating Fritos, and trying to get my pen to stick in the ceiling tiles, when I had the novel idea of writing a blog. Now, I don’t know if you have noticed, but Fran seems to write a little more often than I do. Sometimes, it’s like pulling teeth for me to get the motivation and/or inspiration to sit down and write. Sometimes I just think that I don't have anything new and exciting going on and then I remember...

Fran gave me home brewing equipment for my birthday. I think that I am going to start my first batch tomorrow. I have been doing a lot of reading on the subject and getting some tips from home brewers that I know. I am going to try to make a red ale first. It has been a while since our last contest, so I thought it would be a good idea to hold a “Name the Beer Contest.” We will take submissions until the beer is brewed, bottled, and ready to go (about a month and a half). The winner will receive a six-pack of the beer that they named (keep in mind, it may suck pretty bad). I think this may be the best prize we have had yet on PatAndFran.com.

In other news, I survived the latest round of layoffs at Kojak. It has pretty much become an annual event here. I’d say the odds of me making it through 30 more of these and retiring from this company are slim to none. I feel sorry for the poor bastards that only had a couple of years left and got whacked. If you see a lot more 50-year-old guys turning tricks on the streets of Rochester, you know why.

I always go into “Super Caution Stealth Mode” when there are layoffs or “Workforce Adjustments,” as they have so cleverly been renamed. This means I just take my time and look both ways for disgruntled gun-wielding co-workers who are out for justice, every time I walk around work. You hear about it happening all the time. They just walked some fat bastard out the other day. He was jumping into people’s offices, fake shooting them, and then saying, “I’m just practicing for when I get layed off next week.” The point is, you never know how some nut job, who just lost his wife, house, and job, will react. That’s why I always recommend that you seek out the craziest, most unstable co-workers that you can find, and befriend them. If and when they snap, and they have you in their crosshairs, they might just turn the barrel the other way.