September 2003

2003-09-29 20:16:47

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Oh my goodness. This weekend was so good. There was beer from a keg, beer from pitchers, and beer from bottles. It's all about diversity, people.

Friday night, we went to my co-worker Jim's party. That was the one that we were supposed to wear patriotic underwear to. As it turned out, the underwear rule was not heavily enforced. In addition, no one took their pants off while we were there, although we left kind of early. It was a lot of fun though. We met some fun, new people. Around midnight, we met some peeps at the Park Bench. This bar is quickly becoming one of our new favorites. It's cheap and not as busy as most of the places we go. Our friend Josh and his brother were in town, and we saw Micah for the first time in a while. It was an all-around great night.

Saturday, we headed out to my brother's in Syracuse to attend a party at my friend Marisa's place. At Phil's, we caught up on a lot of cable television (including Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, which is great). After we got our fill of TV, we went to Marisa's swank pad. Things were already pretty hoppin' when we got there, and Marisa was handing out these drinks called Tooters. I had never seen these outside of a bar before, but they were these shots in these little viles, and as a matter of fact, they tasted rather vile as well. They are super cute though! My old high school friend Jesse showed up with his ultra cool girlfriend, and we talked about things that I hadn't thought about in years! It was great to reconnect with him.

Another highlight of the night, was that someone recognized me and gave me the praise I deserve, but so rarely receive. For those of you who don't know, in high school, I used to write for the Syracuse Herald Journal. Believe it or not, someone from the party recognized me, and was only borderline creepy about it. He remembered my name, my column's name, what high school I went to, and even what year I graduated. He even said he used to have a huge crush on me. Yes, sometimes stardom comes at a high price. Therefore, Pat had to smash his face in. (He did it all for the glory of love.)

Sunday, we had some more quality time with my brother and his doggies. My new niece, Leila, is the most well-behaved dog I've ever seen. She's great. Later that night, Pat and I went over to dinner at our friend's Sara and Craig's house, where we had a lovely chicken dinner. Sara gave me some of her new lip balm that she made and it's really great. Be sure to visit her

Overall, this weekend was entirely too much fun. And now it's back to the old grindstone...

Speaking of giving credit where credit is due, our good friend Rebecca, who works at a local college, was in charge of arranging a visit from Janet Reno! Here is a priceless picture of Rebecca and her new BFF, Jan.


2003-09-25 14:44:23

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Where do the days go? Time has been flying by ever since the wedding. I thought I would have all of this free time once the planning was out of the way to get stuff done, but I still can never seem to accomplish anything. I propose a shorter work week. How are you really supposed to get the daily things out of the way, when you're at work 40 hours a week?

That's it, I'm on a strike. Oh yeah, they'd can my ass so quick.

Monday night, Pat and I built some of our furniture that we got for wedding gifts. It's so fun to have tables that match, and aren't from 1972.

Tuesday night, we went to Ladies' Night at Acme. It had been months since we did that, and it was a lot of fun. You might ask yourself, "Due to the smoking ban, has Acme lost its charm?" On the contrary. It's much more enjoyable now. If only they could make their restrooms halfway decent...

Last night, we went our separate ways. I went shopping with Holly and Pat caught up on some of his freelance work. Pat and I are going to a party on Saturday that some of my old high school people will be at, and I want to look my best, so I enlisted Holly for her shopping skills. I was going to go on that Extreme Makeover show, but I applied too late. Although, they said I'm a perfect candidate. Shucks.

Oh, today is my work friend Tim's birthday. He wanted to go to this crappy diner next to our old office building in the lovely Chili, New York. Crappiest. Town. Ever. Anyhoo, he's a glutton for punishment, so that's where he wanted to go for lunch. We did some trolling around the old office building and even ventured into the basement. (That's what we used to do when we wanted to be bad-asses.) It was just about as creepy as ever. But this time, there were less empty 40 bottles and dead hobos.

I think that about brings us up to speed, more than anyone probably needs to be. I blame the coffee.

Now I'm just writing to hear myself talk - I just got an Evite from a co-worker. He's having a party, and to get in, you have to wear red, white, and blue underwear. That piques my interest...


2003-09-22 14:19:54

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This past weekend was a fun-filled weekend with friends and family. Friday night, I drove my baby's daddy (Pat) to our friend Matty Deuce's house. Deuce was having a going away get together for our friend Pete. It was fantastic to see Pete again, and we were glad we could be there to send him off again. Hopefully we'll see him in less than three years, which is about how long it was since the last time we saw him.

Saturday, we went to Pat's parent's camp in Cape Vincent, New York. We heard that there was a place out there that has half pound cheeseburgers, so we didn't think twice about making the 3 hour trip. Pat and I had been concerned about the weather, but it was beautiful. On the drive up, we stopped at McDonald's, where Pat got a Quarter Pounder and I got two cheeseburgers so we could practice our burger eating techniques.

That night, we did indeed enjoy the half pound cheeseburgers and some tasty beer that was brewed locally. We took a drive around to enjoy the scenery and then we headed back to enjoy some twin label technology and a fun game that Pat's dad made. I found out that I need to go back to grade school to learn to count and add again.

It was a great way to spend the last real weekend of Summer. I am still full from all of the good food we ate.


2003-09-18 21:24:24

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Art Night

I was just sitting around watching TV with my lady friend last night and I got the sudden urge to let the art flow from me. I grabbed my pen and paper and I started to sketch my bride, but she did not sit still to well for me, so I came up with the mean Fran that you see on the left below. Then I took her license and made my rendition of the picture on it. It kind of looks like a heavier set version of her (or Preg-ers Fran). I also took the liberty of adding a Fran necklace. It made it a little more glamorous.

Fran made a couple of versions of me today.

I also made a sketch of Grace, of the Will & Grace variety.


Additional note from Fran: Now you see why our medium of choice is photography. I especially like the one I did of Pat on the left. One of his ears looks like a Pringle and it's making me hungry.

2003-09-14 22:21:03

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As we close out the weekend, I can't help but reflect on the last three action-packed days with fond remembrance and a smile. There were martinis, a limo, dancers, and even a cookout. The weather was perfect, and so was the companionship.

Saturday was a limo night. This time, we opted to get even more classy than usual with the stretched Expedition. We had a great group of peeps on board, and Millard (our favorite driver) was in the house. Things got a little Klassy at the end of the night, as they often do on limo night.

Today, Fran and I stopped over to Frank and Joyce B's new house over on Avenue D. It's a little bit of a crack shack, but we dealt with it. We cooked some burgerz and dogz and enjoyed the perfect weather. (You can't expect too many more days like this before the dreaded winter sets in.) We are so happy that those two are living in Rochester. And we're also happy that they are married and not living in sin anymore.


2003-09-12 08:50:31

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This has been a sad couple days. Yesterday, I spent quite a bit of the day remembering the tragedy that occurred two years ago, as we all did. This morning, I heard the news that Johnny Cash passed away. It was only the second time I ever cried after I heard a famous person died, the first being when Kurt Cobain died. I feel like they both still had so much to contribute. There's not much I can really say that can truly speak to how much Johnny Cash's music meant to me, so I'll leave it at that.


Happy Birthday, Kensey B!

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Today is my best lady friend, Kensey's birthday, in which she turns the ripe age of 26. Here is a picture of us from our youth.

Happy birthday, Kenserbator!

On another note...

I just went to check my Friendster account during my lunch hour, and I was pleased to see that I got a friend request from Melissa Thing. When it asked me if I wanted to accept Melissa's friend request, I clicked Yes. It was taking its sweet time though, so I clicked Yes again to hopefully quicken the process. This is the error that it gave me, and I was like, yeah, I know.

-Fran (again)

2003-09-07 20:57:59

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Oh dang. It has been a long time since we've put up a new blog entry. So sorry.

This weekend was our first weekend in Rochester for quite some time. It was really nice just staying home.

Friday night, we met Mike, Holly, and Rebecca out at Mex. It was absolutely ridiculous there. For about three years now, Mex has been our home away from home. It's been a cool place where we could listen to cool music and just hang out. This summer, though, it's turned into the trendy place to be, and it's not as fun anymore. We ended up walking down to the Old Toad and enjoyed ourselves there.

Saturday, we decided to have a few people over for hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. Mike, Holly, and Cima were in attendance. We stuffed ourselves with tasty vittles and drank lots of wine. We even put the DJ equipment to use (which our neighbor had something to say about today).

We just got our professional photographs from the wedding on Friday, and we're currently working on getting them scanned and ready to post. We are very pleased with how they came out, and we're sure you'll enjoy them as well.

-Fran Reed

Congratulations, Mike and Holly!!

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This is very long overdue, but Pat and I are happy to announce that Mike and Holly got engaged two weekends ago. Yes, just six days after Holly caught the bouquet at our wedding, they got engaged!!

We are so thrilled for them.


2003-09-01 01:41:08

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We're back from the honeymoon. Everything was great, but we're happy to be home and we'll have an update real soon.