August 2003

2003-08-22 19:09:13

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For those of you who don't know, Pat's birthday is on Sunday. Yes, he's turning the big 2-7! A lot of our regular fan base is going to be out of town this weekend, so we'll be doing some celebrating this weekend, but the real birthday festivities are going to take place at a later date. If you see a big pimped-out limo heading down your street, it might be us!

So, Pat and I have been married six days, and people are already taking bets...



2003-08-20 09:52:50

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Finally, after 5 1/2 years of courting, Pat and I finally tied the knot. I am finally Mrs. Patrick Reed.

I woke up Saturday morning to thunder. Immediately, I got the AC/DC song Thunderstruck in my head, and started to laugh to stop from crying. I checked the weather report, and the detailed report predicted thunder and rain for every hour of the day. I thought, there goes my beautiful outdoor ceremony.

My girls and I got together at a lovely brunch at my bridesmaid Taryn's house. We had all of my favorite things: quiche, fresh fruit, cinnamon buns, coffee, and framboise. It was wonderful. People kept bringing up the weather though, and I kept shushing them.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, we got our hair done and did all the girl stuff you do before a wedding. We were running late of course, but luckily, nothing really happens without the bride.

The weather had totally cleared up, and I walked downstairs to meet up with my dad. I thought that I would be a huge wreck at this time, but I saw Pat standing there and a great sense of calm came over me. I realized how happy I was, and how relieved I was that this was all almost over, and I just smiled.

I did get to have my beautiful outdoor wedding like I always planned I would. The weather was perfect. Not too hot; not to cool.

It's really hard to try to sum this part up, because the details are a little fuzzy to me as well. I am told that everything was perfect and beautiful, and from what I could tell, it was.

After Pat and I were pronounced man and wife, we walked back down the aisle, and people tossed rose petals at us, and I was overwhelmed with emotion. As soon as I walked out of sight of the wedding guests, I burst into tears. I felt like the happiest woman alive.

Once it all sank in, I walked out and joined our guests at the cocktail hour. It finally hit me for the first time that all those people had come to see Pat and me. I thought it was a big deal to fill a room at Mex, but this was really something else. Actually, even though we had a medium-sized wedding, it was too big. I think between the two of us, we talked to everyone, but there were a lot of people that I didn't get to hang out with enough. It seemed weird that some people traveled from so far for us, and I barely got to say two words to them.

It was great though. Everything, with very few exceptions, was very lovely. We had quite a few guests that were very visibly enjoying themselves. One thing that I didn't expect was the amount of hook-ups. I guess Pat and I are so in love, that it puts other people in the mood for love?? I don't know. The stories are still coming out of the woodwork, and those of you know who you are! Oh well, it could have been worse. At least I didn't make an ass of myself!

At the end of the evening, Pat and I went to our very nice room. Our sister-in-law, Tiffany, had left a beautiful basket of fruits, wine, cheese, crackers, summer sausage, and a six-pack of Genny in our room. We also had a bottle of champagne, and we enjoyed the hell out of that sausage and those beverages. Pat and I hadn't really even talked or barely seen each other in three days, so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Around 1 or 2 am, Pat's best friend called, wondering where we were. He informed us that there was a toga party going on. As it turned out, he was the only one in a toga, but it still sounded pretty fun. We just stuck around our swank room and enjoyed ourselves.

The next day, we went to my parent's house for a brunch with our wedding party and out-of-town guests. We also opened all of our phat gifts and made fun of the on es that were obviously re-gifts of some sort. One point-of-interest, is that the wealthiest couple we invited didn't give us anything. Not even a card! I guess you don't stay rich very long giving gifts out left and right.

We're so thrilled that so many of our friends could make it. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. We'll have pictures soon.


2003-08-11 14:42:09

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Holy Cow! We're getting married soon. I don't have much time to chat, but I did want to say that Pat and I did have a great weekend. We went to the "Beat It Steve" going away party for our friend Steve, and we celebrated Mike F's birthday (for two days). We also tied up a lot of loose ends as far as the wedding is concerned. One thing that surprised me recently, is that I spent $17 on doilies, to make cones to hold rose petals on the big day. I never thought I would ever, ever, EVER spend $17 on doilies. Oh, the things we do for love. And I never guessed I would ever spend 5 hours turning doilies into cones. At least, if it's really hot that day, we can scrap the rose petal idea and just have snow cones. If you're lucky enough to be invited to the wedding, make sure you say, "Hey, nice cones."


2003-08-06 22:10:33

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Hot damn! Park Ave Fest was a great time. We spent the weekend hanging out with friends (both old and new). We posted the Park Ave Fest 2003 gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Things have been getting pretty hectic with the wedding just 10 days away. The big stuff is all out of the way, but there are lots of little odds and ends to do. If there is anyone out there that would like to prepare our meals for us and do our laundry, that would help out a great deal. Every bit counts.

If we don't get any takers, you might not see as many blog entries as you're used to seeing, in the next few weeks. Until next time, take care and godspeed.

-Pat and Fran

2003-08-01 14:19:31

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We’re getting ready to kick off Park Ave Fest in style with a small get together tonight. Fran and I will be supporting the local economy by picking up a half barrel of Genny (our official beer of summer 2003). Some say it’s nasty, we say it’s classy. By the way, Genny has released some absolutely stunning commemorative cans celebrating their 125th Anniversary. They are decorated with Genny can art of yesteryear. What a nostalgic way to celebrate the 125th birthday of a great American company while paying a little respect to our forefathers.

I really hope the weather can cooperate with us and our festival plans this weekend. The original forecast called for rain all weekend, but it looks like they are now projecting scattered thunderstorms today, and partial cloud coverage tomorrow. That’s better than a sharp stick in the eye.

I am sitting here at work counting the minutes till I get out of here. I started crunching some data for a talk that I have to give in September. The presentation is on the durability and physical characterization of prints from various digital output systems. I know that this sounds terribly exciting, but I have been making Excel my bitch all morning (making lots of graphs), and I am getting a little bored of it. In other work-related news, I was officially issued my first patent on Wednesday (US 6599037 B1 – Ultrasonic Cleaning In Batch Photoprocessing Equipment). Next time you see me, show a little respect. I’m an inventor for christ’s sake.