July 2003

2003-07-27 22:04:11

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We have been enjoying the new smoke-free Rochester bar scene. There has been a lot of bitching and moaning from the bar owners, but it does not seem to have affected business much. Febreze sales will probably plummet, so if you have stock in Proctor and Gamble, dump it. Anyway, it was great to come home and not have the overwhelming desire to burn our clothes and take a bath.

In unrelated news, Pat has started the Atkins diet, in a desire to lose 13 pounds before the wedding. We have been enjoying eating steaks every night for dinner. Fran is working on a diet of her own, which is high protien plus carbs. Pat is on Atkins; Fran is on Fatkins.

We are already starting to get excited for this year's annual Park Ave Fest, which is the best weekend of the year in Rochester. There is lots of good food, crafts, and booze during the day, and lots more booze and partying at night.

-Pat and Fran

2003-07-22 22:27:02

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I am happy to say that I survived my bachelor party this past weekend (at some point it was coined Pattypalooza). I had such a great time hanging out with my boys. The weather could not have been more perfect, and we had a beautiful piece of land that Erik Thing's uncle found for us. Take a look at the Pattypalooza Gallery.

We got to the site around 5:00pm on Friday. We set up camp and tapped the first keg of the weekend. It didn't take us very long to polish off a bottle of Stoli and start in on the keg stands. Every single person that was there that night did at least one keg stand. Andy M and Micah went head-to-head for the championship.

Saturday morning and afternoon was spent nursing hangovers (mostly by drinking beer), playing assorted lawn games, and off-roading. We tapped into our second keg some time around 1:00pm. Some folks took off and went home and new peeps came. Somewhere in the mid-afternoon, I was chained to a bowling ball and told that Fran was the only one who had the key. I kept the ball on for as long as I could before unscrewing it, but the chain stayed on for the rest of the weekend. We ate steaks, attempted to play beer hunter, collaborated on a few engineering projects, and I took a beer shower.

Early Sunday afternoon, we packed up the camp and headed home. Everyone seemed to have a good time and got along really well. I would just like to thank all the people that worked on organizing, planning, and attending this great event. You guys are the best.


2003-07-19 18:44:14

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Hey there, cats and kittens. Pat is out of town this weekend at his bachelor party. It's an all-weekend-long camping trip in the Watkins Glen area. That's really all I know about it. I don't know any strippers that would go out into the woods with a bunch of dudes, and I know a lot 'o strippers, so that's good. Actually, as most of you know, I'm a pretty cool chick when it comes to most things, but I'm extremely anti-stripper at bachelor parties. I worked in photo labs for years; I've seen things. Well, at least my brother's there. How much trouble could happen?

Fran does a taste comparison with water crackers and Pat's tie

Thursday night, Pat and I went to my co-worker George's housewarming party. Let me tell you something. This was no ordinary Thursday night housewarming party. George asked us to dress up and get ready to be fancy, and he wasn't kidding. His new apartment is really nice! In addition to the lovely decor, there was caviar, brie, water crackers, and fennel. Not to mention, wine and champagne. Considering the high-class affair this was, the co-workers of mine that were there and our significant others proceeded to tear things up. We pretty much turned it into a ripper. Pat and I didn't get home until after 2 and we had to walk home. It was nuts. We had crazy photo shoots.

People at work have been bugging me to see the pictures, but now it makes me want to wait even longer to put them up. Because I'm evil....to the core! They really are great. But for now, you're just going to have to take my word for it. Oh, okay, here's a couple.

Hilary, Chris, Fran, George, Ellen, Pat, Don, and K-money
Fran, Hilary, Ellen, and Kirsten in the tub

Oh, and I've got some fun up my sleeve planned for tonight. The gals I'm in the tub with, in the picture above, and I are going out on the town. The plan in the works is to go to Rain and Muthers. Eek. As Hilary (above, 2nd from left) said, "I'm not sure they're ready for this Jelly." I don't know what it means exactly, but I'm sure it applies here.


2003-07-14 23:35:26

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As usual, our weekend was a cornicopia of booze, luxurious cars, and fast women. That kind of a mixture always spells fun.

John Raymond Veno stopped in for a visit on Friday night. We hit the Blue Room for a bit. Then, we had a few drinks on the Drs. T's porch, before heading home for some Zweigles (by far the most delicious hot dog in the world). In typical John-Raymond-visits-Pat-Reed fashion, we stayed up until the sun came up (and you know how angry I get when that happens).

Saturday was Scott Semans' birthday. We all pitched in for a limo, so we could help Scott celebrate it in class. I know everyone must be thinking, you are some luxurious bastards over there at PatAndFran.com, but I assure you, a limo is quite affordable when you have 12 peeps going in on it. We made our way to a few bars before we closed down the Klassy Cat. We hit Nick Tahou's for some garbage plates around 2:30. I used to hate Nick's, but I think Saturday night, my opinion of that place may have changed.

Sunday was the rest and relaxation day. Me and my fine girl like to spend Sundays at home with our kid, Maynardo.


2003-07-11 09:23:53

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For Pat's and my upcoming nuptials, I recently commissioned a piece of artwork to be made. I have been a fan of our friend Food Mike's artwork for over a year now, and I thought it would be a good divergence from the traditional posed photographic portrait. I just love how Food Mike's work embodies the motion and spirit of Jean-Michael Basquiat. In fact, I'm sure if Basquiat were alive today, Microsoft Paint would be his medium of choice.

He made two pieces for us. Here is one of them.


My Summer Vacation, as written by Frances McCarthy

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As promised, here is my update about my week off from work. You already heard all about the shower and bachlorette party, of course, but here is the rest of what I did.

Monday - this was my least favorite day of vacation. This is the day our computer died. Everything I could think of that I wanted to do involved the computer, so I went shopping and dropped like, two bones. Monday night, we went to Mike and Holly's for some BBQ and beers.

Tuesday - in the morning, I went to my work friend Beth's house, where I met up with some other lovely ladies from work. We kicked it at the poolside lounge with some sun, margaritas, and smut novels. That night, we kidnapped Cima and made him, Katie, and Scott go to Acme for Ladies' Night.

Wednesday - in the morning, I went to the library to check my email *sigh*. For lunch, Chris and I went to Dinosaur BBQ! Mmmm. That night, we drank some beers on Chris' porch with Sean from work, and Katie. Sean premiered his new beer cozy that he fashioned out of a giant Hulk hand! We ended up going to Mex for a bit, and I finished the night off with some street meats.

Thursday - we met up with Mike, Holly, and Micah, and we went to Ryan H's 3rd of July party on Cayuga lake. It was a pretty killer party. There was even karaoke! Pat, Mike, Holly, and I sang We Like to Party by the Venga Boys and I think we were a real hit. The fireworks were awesome.

Friday - we went to Food Mike and Ian's 4th of July party in Cornhill. We ate lots of good food and talked about fun stuff like making Miller High Life slushies and planning Scott's birthday. That night, we walked over to see Rochester's kickass fireworks show. After the fireworks, we headed out on the town with Cima. Our two favorite bars were closed, so we went to the not-so-popular Metro Grill, which was totally bizarro because it's supposed to be a nice restaurant, but there were all of these gansta types there. Mike and Holly met us out there, and we enjoyed the nice night on the Metro's porch.

Saturday - we had to go to the country club where we are having our reception to have a tasting, and we finalized our menu. After the tasting, I went to get my practice wedding hair done, which really didn't go as planned. I had a very specific idea of what I wanted, and the end product was nothing like my vision. It was definitely wedding hair, but that wasn't really the look I was going for. On to Plan B. After that, my brother and his girlfriend Becky came over to my parent's house, where we had an early birthday celebration for my mom. We went to a new restaurant in Skaneateles, and then Patty and I headed home. In case you hadn't noticed, Pat and I had been hitting the booze fairly hard all week, so we needed at least a night of detox, so we just rented Old School and called it a night.

Sunday - we just kind of laid low. We made a cake with fondant frosting. Pat was the head chef and I was the assistant. Sound dirty? A lot of love was put into that cake. ;-) That night, our vacation came full circle, and we went to Mike and Holly's for more BBQ fun.

All in all, it was a very unproductive, but fun vacation.


2003-07-07 23:02:49

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Pat and Fran are back online!! Father, son, aunt, and uncle, Hallelujah! Unfortunately, we still haven't gotten our new computer yet. Those slackers at Dell said it won't be here until the 10th, but we're slumming it on Pat's laptop now, for the time being. If there's one thing I learned this week, it's that I'm more addicted to the Internet than I am to Chapstick.

Since we've been incommunicado for so long, I'm going to just write about my shower and bachelorette party for now. Check tomorrow for a blog about the rest of our vacation.

So, as I mentioned before, my pre-nuptial festivities were all I imagined and more. Not as many of my friends were able to make it as I had hoped, but those in attendance made it wonderful. We started off with the shower at Rebecca's apartment complex's community room. As you can see by the pictures, it was a lovely room indeed. We only played one shower game, and it was a fun one. We drank wine, ate cheese, brought up embarrassing Fran moments, and I opened some great gifts. I got a tad bit toasty, so Kensey was nice enough to drive me home.

After the shower, some of us regrouped at my place. We ended up meeting up with the rest of the gang at Holly's, where I was surprised to see my friend Melissa! She had originally said she wouldn't be able to make it, but she decided to come back from Virginia early. I was so thrilled she did that! We went over to Esan to get some eats. There, I got treated like a rockstar and of course, the food was delicious.

After Esan, we went to Mex, of course. By the way, nothing about my bachelorette party was particularly crazy or out of the ordinary. My biggest thing was that I just wanted one night to hang out with all of my best friends in all of my favorite palces. At Mex, I got treated like a rockstar some more. After Mex, we decided to tear the dance floor up at the Jungle. It was particularly disgusting that night, although enjoyable nonetheless. Of course, we went back to Mex to get one last margarita. Then, I got the bold idea to go bust in on the non-bachelorette party party that Chris C threw for Pat. I just needed to get my goodnight kiss before I went home (from Pat, duh).

That was pretty much it. We just had one puker back at home, and I'm happy to report, for once, that it wasn't me! Thanks to all of the girls that made it out that weekend! You girls are the best. For those of you that couldn't make it, you were not forgotten. I dumped a 40 oz on the curb for each and every one of you that couldn't make it.