June 2003

2003-06-30 21:00:33

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Hi all. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, my shower and bachelorette party were both this weekend. I took 97 pictures, and it was my plan to have those posted this morning....well, our computer had another idea. Pat and I are still trying to fix it. Right now, it won't even boot up. I am currently writing this from Mike F's computer because I know you guys get antsy when there aren't new blog entries or pictures of big occasions. So, that's the deal for now. We have been looking into upgrading our system, so this was a good sign that it was time. We ordered a new computer, but it won't be at our house until the end of the week. Woe is me. So many things I need to do this week (my week off, of course) that involve a computer. We might surprise you though. If some kind soul will let me use his or her computer for a couple hours, I can get the pictures up. To look at the bright side, at least it builds the anticipation. Err, something like that.

I can say that my weekend was a complete blast. Quite possibly the best weekend of my life, or at least top 4th or 5th. I loved having my best friends all meet. It was wonderful. Please don't fret, the pictures will be up ASAP. Until then, check this out!


2003-06-27 14:35:15

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Hey cats and kittens! Today is a beautiful day. It's the first day this week that hasn't been near or above 90 degrees, I have next week off of work, and I'm about to see my best friends in the world. I couldn't be a happier girl right now!

Awwwwww yeeaaaaah. Tomorrow is my shower/bachelorette party, so all my best peeps is coming into town. We're having the shower at Rebecca's, followed by dinner at Esan, and then a night on the town. Nothing too crazy. I want to do what I would usually do, just with all of my very favorite gal pals. I imagine you can expect some fun pictures to be displayed fairly shortly.

And as I mentioned, I have next week off. My company has a forced shutdown week, and I'm so pumped. I'm just waiting to get the email from my boss telling us to go home.

I would also like to give Matty Deuce a shoutout. It was his birthday on Wednesday, so we went out to Beale St. Café to celebrate. We stuffed ourselves there. Then, when Pat and I got home, there was a message on our machine saying that Kirsten had people over at her house. Oh, what a fun gathering that was. It was a bunch of my co-workers all hanging out, and they were absolutely wrecked. It was hilarious. They were all troopers and made it into work the next day.

Anyhoo, if you see me out tomorrow night, and you don't see a drink in my hand, for Pete's sake, buy me one!

Cheers everyone,


2003-06-22 22:24:32

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Fran and I had a great weekend in Binghamton. Our friends Emily and Tom got married, and as you can image, a good time was had by all.

After we got in on Friday night, we took a cab over to Sara Kala's house. We were greated by friends, beers, and Yaeger bombs. Next, we headed downtown and hit a few bars. Fran, Pete, and I finished the night up with breakfast, Red Oak style. The birds were starting to chirp as we were getting ready for bed. There's something about that that pisses me off.

Saturday was Emily and Tom's wedding. The cermony was lovely and the reception was incredibly fun. Pete supplied us with special sunglasses so we could remain inconspicuous and mingle. The band that they hired rocked the house, and the combination of lots of booze and great music created a dancing frenzy. After the wedding, Fran and I bought some 40 ozs and headed over to Andy M's to hang out with Andy, Jamie, Nap, Tom, Heather, and Joyce.


2003-06-20 16:14:39

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I know that a lot of people have been eagerly awaiting the results of our first Name the Caption contest. It’s been about two weeks since we put it up, so I think it’s about time. Before we get down to it, I would like to thank Tom C for being such a good sport about being on the internet in his unmentionables. TC is a good friend of mine and a real class act.

We received a lot of great submissions, so I figured we would just print them all. Fran and I each picked our favorite captions, and the authors of our favorites win a good firm handshake (not to mention bragging rights and lots of glory). I hope that people will still be just as enthusiastic about the next Name the Caption contest when they find out that the prize is intangible. Here are the results:

Fran’s pick:

Yeah, so I met this "chick" in a chat room and she said "I'm
18 and have a tight hairless body." Well, as you can imagine, I was
very concerned about meeting a girl on-line, but I must admit I was very pleased with the outcome . . . here's a picture of her.

-Phil McCarthy

Pat's pick:

"AWWWW, I love to rip 'em in my sisters undeprants"

-Frank B

All the rest:

That baby looks like it fell off the chunky, hairy, transvestite, retarded punched in the face tree and hit every branch on the way down.

-Chris Cima

Why Caleb cries at night (Note: Caleb is Tom's son)

-Emily N

Ready to BreastFeed!

-Dr. Thing

"But Mommy I don't have to go pee pee....."

-Sean M

Looks like were going to need a bigger crib

-Chris Cima

...and at that moment, John Karyus spotted the web cam he had
put up the month earlier, and wondered if it had been such a good idea.

-John "V_Murder" Veno

"I'm so excited! I have cleavage! Check it out!"

-Kathy P

"This thong makes me feel funny."

-Silky Jenkins

"Before you handcuff me i'd like a kiss"

-Chris Cima

"Come on baby, let’s get the crib rockin!! You know you can't
resist me in my sexy outfit."

-Mindy B

Wasn't this guy in Silence of the Lambs?

-Dr. Thing

Give it to me baby - uh huh, uh huh.

-Tracie (Tom's sister)

"Look at me, I'm ripped."

-Andy M

"By the power of Greyscull....I have The POWER!"

-Fran McCarthy

High five! ... now down low! ... Ohhhhh Tooo SLOWWWW!

-Chris Cima

The reason why your pillow smells like Old Spice and your wife is in a good mood every time you come back from a week long business trip

-Pat Reed

"I think, I would look better in a SIZE 1!!!! "

-Wayne S

Picture- $25.00

Crib- $150.00

Curtins- $40.00

You in women's underwear on PatandFran.com for the World to see!

-Tom Cav

Christina Aquilera has really let herself go

-Chris Cima

Does Heather know where her panties are?????

-Luara Bailey

Let's do the knicker's twist!

-Martha Nelson

After seventeen hours of his penis taped between his legs, Tom thought he deserved a high five.


McDonalds is proud to introduce its newest character... the nutsmuggler!

-Chris Cima

I will be posting a new picture in the next few days. Thanks for playing.


2003-06-17 13:33:32

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Hey there everyone! I'm excited to announce that yesterday, Pat and I hit our two month mark. Just 60 more days before we get hitched! I can't believe how fast it's coming.

This past weekend, I had one of my bridal showers. I was just astounded at how much nice stuff people got us. It's amazing how generous people are, and especially because people get married every day. I mean, it's obviously very exciting for Pat and I, but I think it's great how excited other people get.

Yesterday, I started my new job at work. I'm still trying to get used to it. It's not terribly different from what I was doing, but it's still an adjustment. For one thing, on Friday, we're going bowling at noon, and we're highly encouraged to go home after that. That NEVER would have happened on my old team.

So, Pat and I are having a great time with our two websites. We are so excited that people have been enjoying them. In fact, Pat and I are now using software to track a lot of info related to the sites. We aren't able to track exactly who is looking at our site, but we can see how often we get hits (on average, every 37 minutes), what browsers/resolutions people are viewing our sites at, what time zones have viewed our sites (over 10), etc. It's really cool.

One of the funniest things we can see is how people have found our sites by being referred by another site. Like Google, for example. Here are some of the things people have typed into a search engine that led them to this site: zero sex life, cleveland steamer,
puked bachelorette party, ho slap, and my all-time favorite, Fran's flesh.

Tonight, we're heading over to Mel and Erik's for a BBQ. Yay...meats.


2003-06-13 23:53:42

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Fran and I were shopping at the ever-so-popular and classy Greece-Ridge Mall last night, when we stumbled upon a photo booth. As you can imagine, I could not resist hopping in there with my fine lady for some shots. We came up with a well-choreographed plan, inserted $3.00, and went to work. I was pleased with the results.

  We had a pretty low-key night tonight. My sugar mommy took me out to Bacco's for dinner because I was good and finished all of my homework. It was my first time there. It's a pretty small place and they didn't have a table for us right away, so we went to Martini Grille for a quick drink. There's nothing quite like a martini on an empty stomach. After the drink, we returned to Bacco's, where we topped the martinis off with dinner. The food was great, but the service was a tad slow.

  After dinner, we just went home and watched a little TV. This is my first Friday night at home in a long time. I may be in bed by midnight, which is unprecedented. I don't plan on making a habit of the 12 o'clock Friday night bedtime, but I owe it to myself tonight. You don't want to get yourself all run down with the SARS and Monkeypox running rampant.


2003-06-12 13:02:36

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Cima made some great artwork that we thought we'd share with everyone. He is a very talented individual.

Cap'n Re and the Tards

If anyone else has any work that they would like to share, please send it to us.

-Pat and Fran

2003-06-08 19:11:33

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We had yet another great weekend jam packed with limo rides, gentleman's clubs, fine grilled foods, and of course, the company of great friends.

Friday night was Chris's 26th birthday. Our friend Scott rented a limo to take everyone out on the town. We packed in Cima, Katie, Scott, Don J, Kirsten, Dr. Dave, Christine, Food Mike, our insurance agent Ryan K, Fran, and myself, and we went where the road took us. We stopped at many places along the way. Most notable were the Mirage Palace Gentleman's club and of course our favorite, Mex. Fran and I had to head home around two, because we had to get up early the next day. The rest of the gang went to Nick Tahou's for a world famous garbage plate.

Fran and I had to take care of some wedding business in Skaneateles on Saturday afternoon. After we returned home, we headed over to Mike F's place for a down-home barbecue. Mike had a sixer of Miller High Life 16 oz cans on ice waiting for me.

Today, we spent the day getting little things together for the wedding. Now, we are about to head over to Cima's porch and do a little R&R.


P.S. - That countdown clock at the top of the page is moving fast.

We've got a new contest for that ass

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The Name the Caption Contest is up and running on patandfran.com. To play, all you have to do is come up with a good caption for the picture to the right, click on the picture, and submit your name, email address, and caption. After a couple of weeks, we will post all of the results and change up the picture. It should be fun, so give it a shot. Also, if anyone has any pictures that they think work well for this, please send them to us.

Here’s my entry for this one.

Oh my god mom, close the door! I'm trying to do something in here.



Why Me?

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Why Me?

Of course I'm stuck here at work again tonight. The estimate is that we're going to get out at 1 AM again. I am excited to report that in two weeks I'll be doing the same job I'm currently doing, but with another team. I told them I was going to take the old heel-toe express out of here if I couldn't either be compensated for my extra work or get a job that required normal hours. I'm kind of relieved those cheapskates offered the job with less work. At least until the wedding, it will be nice to be able to leave at 5 every day.

This weekend was a pretty lowkey one. Friday night, we just hung out on Cima's porch drinking Screamers. Saturday, during the day, we went and picked out our wedding bands and did some other wedding-related tasks. Saturday night, we got a visit from one Jonathan Raymond Vienneau. More Screamers were had by all. Although, I have to admit, they weren't going down as easily this weekend as last. We made a brief visit to the Old Toad and then went home.

I don't have anything too exciting to say. I really just wanted to give you all and update because I know how you all get.

I promise that in less than a month I will be in a much better mood, and I'll stop complaining about work.

NOTE: I just wanted to update you all and say that it is now 2:50 am and I am still at work, and it doesn't seem like I'll be leaving any time soon. *neat* The only good news, is that it's one day closer to me marrying my baby's daddy.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I ended up staying at work until 4:30 am! Nothing like a sweet 20 hour day.