May 2003

Oh Crap, We Got a New Website

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We're finally ready to reveal the secret project that we have been working on. It's, our new wedding website. Now, before everyone gets their panties in a bunch saying, "Hey, you can't even find time to update Where are you going to get time to update this shizzle?", let me explain.

We made this site as a resource for our wedding guests. You can RSVP (if you are invited; otherwise you suck), look up hotel info, get directions, check out the registry, find out more about us, etc. There is even a PatAndFranTieTheKnot Newsletter. Our guests deserve the very best and we aim to give it to them.

The site is not 100% done, but it is pretty darn close. Take a look around when you get a chance. Before we get 17,000 emails saying, "I didn't get a username and password", we are going to start sending out the invites in about a week. For now, keep your spirits high and you pants on.

-Pat and Fran

2003-05-25 21:46:07

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We're happy to report that our weekend is not yet over, but we wanted to update you all as to how it has been going so far.

Friday night, we scooped up the Cima posse and headed over to Dickey's, where we met up with some of the doctors. Dickey's is fine for a good time, but it's kind of like being with a prostitute; we always leave broke and in need of a bath.

Saturday, during the day, we took care of some wedding-related biddness. On our way home, we picked up a 30 pack of screamers (Genny Cream Ale) from Beers of the World. At 8:01 pm, we cracked open our first screamers, just in time to hear the opening theme song to Cops. Shortly after that, Cima joined us. We watched Jackass, the movie, for the second time in two days. Halfway through the evening, Mike F and Holly rolled up with a sixer of Natty Ice (5.9% alc. vol., baby). Our viewing made the natural progression from Cops to porn, which led to many debates over the definition of "hardcore."

By this point, we were all clearly wasted, blaring "Ghetto Bastard" at one in the morning. Pat conducted some highly experimental photoshoots, the music got progressively louder, and cell phones were thrown. Our night came to an end when we received a visit from our downstairs neighbor at 2:30 in the morning (sorry Jen and Justin!), oh, and the beer was gone.

Today, we spent a few hours working on our secret project (soon to be released). We also eased the pain at Acme with a burger and a bloody mary.

That should bring us about up-to-date. Tomorrow, we're invited to kick it old school with a kickball competition at Food Mike's. Fran's going to go all gym-class warrior on that ass.

-Pat and Fran

2003-05-21 16:50:18

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Eric and Nurse Tiffany (my brother and sister-in-law) came up to Rochester for a visit. They both work unconventional hours, so they seldom have time off together. As always, it was great to see them and we had a lot of fun.

  Monday night, we went out to the Old Toad and Mex. I saw a lot of people out on the town. I am not going to mention any names, but I think we may have to conduct some interventions for all these people out on a school night. After the bar scene, we sat out in front off my house and had a couple of Miller High Lifes, otherwise known as "the Champagne of Beers".

  I took the day off Tuesday so we could hang out. My plan to sleep in was foiled when I was awoken at 8:00 am by the upstairs neighbor’s smelly dog, repeatedly dropping a ball on the floor right above my bed. I had visions of feeding D-Con meatballs to both the dog and the owner. Thankfully, she has been evicted, so I won’t have to hear or smell either of them after the end of he month.

  After everyone got up, we got our bagel on at Brugglerz. It was such a nice day that we took a long walk around Park Ave. We stopped by Stever’s Candies and purchased some supplies for the long walk. While we were walking, Eric and Tiffany were asked to be in a Time Warner commercial. After their acting debut, they thought they were movie stars and it was hard to get them to snap back to reality. Next, we headed over to the Eastman House and took the tour. The highlight of the Eastman House was the photo booth that created the pictures on the left. I love photo booths, and there aren’t too many functional ones around. Now that I know where one is, I will be dragging some of my friends there against their will. After the Eastman House, it was off to Dinosaur Barbecue for some beef and pork product. Then, we finished the night off at my place with a couple of bottles of wine and a couple of movies.

  Fran was working at Element K the entire time. She worked from 8:30 am Tuesday until 1:00 am on Wednesday. There is some serious slave-driving going on over there.

  Eric and Tiffany slept in a little today and left after I went to work. I need to go home and take an inventory of all my shit and make sure they didn’t steal anything. (I just did a spell check, and I am only writing at a sixth grade Flesch-Kincaid level. I suck. EDITOR'S NOTE: aka, note from Fran - Now that I edited this file, this blog is at a 6.1 grade level. Not too shabby.)


2003-05-17 16:31:28

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How the heck am I supposed to follow that last blog entry of Pat's? Nuts. It sucks being the unfunny one in the relationship.

Pat and I are just getting ready to head out to Binghamton for our friend Emily's wedding shower. Well, I was invited to the shower, but Pat is planning a special just a giant diaper. It's a part of her shower gift from us. I hope she enjoys it.

I had an excellent night last night. I have to say, I was not expecting to. I was really tired and I thought I would just stay home and go to bed early because I had to go to work early this morning. Somehow, Pat talked me into going out. We ended up going to Martini Grille, where we met up with our friends Sara, Corey, and Chris. They have something like 40 martinis on their menu. See below this blog for one that Pat and I invented. Try it out. I think everyone will enjoy it.

Due to an accounting blunder, I got two martinis instead of one, which is always trouble. I was enjoying myself way too much, reminiscing with Sara about the college days. Next thing you know, we're going to Mex and I didn't get home until way too late. It was great though. It was just what I needed.

Damn the Man!

This morning, I had to get up early to go put in some more unpaid overtime hours for the Man. Damn the Man.



  • 1 1/2 oz. gin (The cheaper, the better)
  • 1/2 oz. dry vermouth
  • 1/4 can tuna
  • 1 dollop mayonnaise
  • 1 clove garlic

Mix the ingredients together in a mixing glass and pour into a cocktail glass. Serve with celery and onion. Perfect for a hot summer refreshment or a lunch-hour treat.

2003-05-14 16:47:29

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I figured I would take a little time out from my day at Kojak and get everyone up-to-date with the exciting and not-so-exciting things that have happened in my life lately (this one’s on Uncle George). The fans of this site demand to know what’s going on in our lives, even if the answer is 'nothing'. So, here goes. It has been a cornucopia of events all mixed into a week. I did some camping, visited in-laws, missed Mother’s Day, and kept it real at Kojak.

Bass assassinI had a great time camping this weekend with Micah and Erik. We ate some fat-ass steaks, drank a lot of beer, and did a lot of fishing. The fish were happy to see us leave, because we were catching the shit out of them. V_Murder says, "Camping with dudes is gay.", but I promise you, we kept everything as hetero as it goes – three dudes; three tents.

Then, it was time to stop being a bass assassin and do some more bonding with the in-laws. The trip was nice except, for the fact that I had to go to church, which in my family is a once-a-year ordeal. I made Fran pay for my portion of the offering, 'cause I was like "I forgot my wallet." That’ll teach her. Fran and Phil made flank steak for their mother and I got to eat some of it. Steak two days in a row - does the surgeon general recommend that? We got back to the ranch around 7:00 and I fell asleep on the couch and forgot to call my mom and wish her a happy Mother’s Day. The next day, I checked to see if I still had a mom, and lucky for me, she was very understanding.

KojakThey rest of the week has been pretty low key. I have just been enjoying my work at Kojak and hanging out with my fine babe and my kid (that’s Fran and Maynard). I will try to do more exciting things each and every week from now on.

The B ResidenceI have to send out a special congrats to Frankie Fats and Joyce B. They are new homeowners. They just bought a house in Henrietta. I think that Frank’s biological clock is ticking and we may have a little Frankie Fats Jr. running around soon. I am expecting to get the phone call any day now. Fran and I are very excited that Frank and Joyce are moving to the area. After they get moved in and settled, I am going to throw a party at their new house and invite everyone I know and strippers. I’ll keep you posted.


Congrats Rebecca!

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Rebecca graduated with a masters degree this morning from Nazareth, my alma mater. Pat and I are very proud of her. Around two and a half years ago, Rebecca was living in Utica. She started to come out to Rochester almost every other weekend to hang out. At one point, she was like, "I think I should just move out here." Within what seemed like just a couple of weeks, she had already found a job, an apartment, and a school. In the last two years that Rebecca has been out here, I feel like she has grown so much as a person. We're so proud of you, REEB!

On another note, Holly, Debbie, and I lost some brain cells yesterday. Jim AnchowerWe went to George and Kevin's for a party. It was one damn fancy party. Not only did they have Genny Cream Ale - my official drink of Summer '03 - but they also gave out CDs at the door. The CD and the party itself were inspired by the Onion's own opinion writer, Jim Anchower. I think that George went to college with Jim or something. After the party, Holly and I continued our night, going where the road took us on the heel-toe express.

Right now, you're probably asking yourself, "Hey self, where the heck is Pat in this story?" Well, Pat went camping last night with Erik Thing and Micah R. Pat doesn't know it yet, but that was his bachelor party! Tee-hee. Usually when Pat leaves town, he locks up my make-up bag up and steals all of my shoes. Since he didn't do that yesterday, I was able to hang with my girls. Thank you, Pat, for your generosity!

Off the topic, I want to give one other update. A month or two ago, I eluded to how I had been working a lot of (unpaid) overtime and how my job, in general, was causing me to lash out at my loved ones. Well, last Friday, I had a meeting with my manager, in which I cried a lot and threatened to quit. I was serious too. I am happy to report that this past week was the best week I've had in probably eight months! I had very few thoughts about burning the place down this week. Not bad.


2003-05-07 16:12:10

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Handlebar Moustache - Nothing but solid gold hitsChris C and I have been laying down some tracks at Micata Studios on Rowley St. The group is called Handlebar Moustache, and we’re putting out nothing but solid gold soft rock hits. Our first cut is about 70% done. We should have an MP3 to post within a week if everything goes as planned. I’ll throw that out there as a teaser to keep the fans coming back for more. We are getting ideas together for our second song, so stay tuned.

I am sure that there are rumors of the Sweet Vernal’s demise with John “V_Murder” Veno’s decision to relocate and Silky Jenkins’ collaboration with other bands. I will go on the record now and dispel all of these rumors. I am sure that the fans are just worried sick about the thought of never hearing another new Vernal track. All I can say is, 'Fret not,' more will be on the way soon. We are contracting Food Mike to do some album cover artwork. Take a look at some of his work: (all the broken links on his site are to symbolize the continual degradation of society as a whole).

-Silky Jenkins

2003-05-03 10:31:06

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Alright people, we've been getting a lot of flack recently for the lack of site updates lately. All I can say is that Pat and I (but mostly Pat) are working on a very special project right now and you all just need to keep your pants on, so to speak. But anyway, here's a little something to keep you people occupied for a little while at least.

Last night was a great night. Pat and I hadn't seen some of our best friends for two or three weeks and we got to hang out with them last night. Rebecca was celebrating because she finished a huge grant at work, she finished her last project in school (toward her masters), and she's getting her braces off in two weeks!! Woo-hoo! So it was her night. Holly, Rebecca, and I started the night off at Bacco's Ristorante, which is the closest restaurant from headquarters. I had never been there before though. We had such a lovely dinner. Everything was delicious.

East End EduardoAfter dinner, we headed to Monty's Corner to do some people watching. I should preface by saying that last night was the Cinco de Mayo East End celebration in Rochester. What that means, is that all of the frat boys and other annoying people come out from the hills, and they close off part of a main street in Rochester. The frat boys get as drunk as they can until 11pm, and then the get released into the streets. They end up filtering through the streets in a fairly large radius, and they always end up at our hangouts. It's bad news. I once obtained an injury from just being near a scene such as I have described above. My thought process is that it was Cinco de Mayo (reserved) and my favorite bar's name is Mex, so we were doomed. But it actually was really good. I don't know where everyone went, but it wasn't to Mex.

You know where you are? You're in the jungle, baby!Okay, so things were kind of beat at Monty's Corner, so we headed to Mex for shots. After that, we went to....The Jungle. Now, for people from around here, you probably know that The Jungle is some kind of joke bar. I really thought it was going to be awful, but it was actually really fun. Other than the part about not being able get drinks very easily, or move for that matter, it was fun. They played a lot of fun music and the people were very interesting to watch.

After that, we met the boys out at Mex, our home away from home. I walk in to see some ugly girl talking to Pat. I've got to tell you all, this seems to be happening at a much higher frequency lately than it ever has. Just so everybody knows, Pat is my property, and I'll stab any girl that talks to him with a soldering iron. But I digress. At Mex, we had a lot of fun.There weren't too many "amateurs" out, thankfully, and I even ran into two of my favorite college friends. I ran into Susan again (who I mentioned a few blogs ago) and my friend Rosey. It was great seeing both of them. I love that I just run into people like that - I'm big into low-maintenance relationships. The only embarrassing thing I did all night was (I think), I was describing to Rosey and his brother where Pat and I are getting married. Without even thinking about it, I said something like "Skaneateles is one of the Great Lakes" rather than saying it is a "Finger Lake". I tried to recover by using the word "great" a lot in the conversation, trying to make them think that "great" is just my favorite adjective, and that maybe they should give me a thesaurus.

These are SUPER lakes!

Today, we're heading to Mike F's for some BBQ fun. Ah, grilled meats...