January 2003

2003-01-31 22:34:23

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Well hello der. It's a splendid Friday night. My favorite night of the week. So I'm a happy girl. Pat and I are lollygaging around. It's about 10:30 and we are seriously considering going out to do some boozing.

I've had a fantastic week. Work still sucks, but this week it sucked a little less than usual. I've also made a lot of progress with the wedding planning. I did more this past week than I've done in the last seven months. Although that's not saying much. It's kind of strange. Of course I want a beautiful, near-perfect wedding, but I didn't want to do any work that is involved in achieving one. Then, I just kind of started, and now I'm having a blast. I've never had so much fun doing something so girly. Watch out, I'm a woman on a mission.

-Cowgirl in the Sand

2003-01-27 15:02:40

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Hey cats and kittens! Pat and I had a very nice weekend. Other than having to work late on Friday, everything was good. Friday night we hung out with doctors at Dicky's. That was my hangout during my senior year in college. It's kind of a dive, but they have a very good jukebox and the people are friendly.

Saturday, we celebrated my co-worker Greg's birthday. He and his wife, Kimmie, threw the party at their house. It was the first time Pat and I really got to test out the new digital camera and we got a lot of fun pictures there. We had a great time. Hopefully we'll get invited back some time! Later on in the evening, we met Holly and Debbie out at Mex. We rarely go there on Saturday because it tends to attract a different kind of crowd on Saturday, and this Saturday night proved no different than any other Saturday night. We had a lot of fun though, once the crowd died down.

I've been working my hind end off at work, so my manager was nice enough to give me today and tomorrow off. Although, I like to think that they can't live without me, so I went in for most of the morning today, like a chump. Right now, I'm fighting the urge to check my email. When did I become an uptight control freak?

Speaking of not working, I just went into Rowe Photo today. I worked there after college and was managing the lab there for a while. I went in there today to get some reprints of Pat's and my engagement photo. One of the guys that works there asked if I still work there!? I informed him that it will be two years in February since I left that job. I must have made quite an impression on him...

Tonight, Pat and I are going to dinner at Mario's because we're high rollers. I don't know if all of you knew that. Now you do.


2003-01-23 20:07:39

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Oh yeah. I'm back from my short blog-writing sabbatical. I can imagine that people must have been worried sick about me, but rest assured, things are going great. Besides, worrying will only give you an ulcer, and if there is one thing that I don't need, it's a bunch of slack-jawed, Pepto-drinkin' jamokes knockin' down my door, because they haven't heard from me in a while.

I have been having a particularly good week. Yesterday, I opened my email at Kojak and found out that I was receiving a 7.15% bonus for all of my hard work and dedication. Dat's a whole lot of cigarettes and porn. I decided to treat my bride to a nice dinner at Brio.

Today, I got home and found that the digital camera that Fran and I ordered was waiting for us at our doorstep. All you mofos better watch your backs, because we will be kickin' it paparazzi style and no one is safe. I already started. Below are a couple of shots that I took to test the waters.


2003-01-21 09:19:01

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Pat and I had a very nice weekend. I even had a little extend-o weekend due to Martin Luther King day.

Friday night was very typical. The only thing that was out of the ordinary (as of recent), was that the Sweaty Butcher made an appearance. Go Butch! Saturday, Pat and I went out to Skaneateles. We finally got together with our in-laws and out-laws. We've been planning the second meeting of the McCarthys and the Reeds for quite some time, and it finally happened. It was a very nice day. We all met up at my parent's house. We went out to lunch, got coffee at my favorite coffee shop, went to a couple stores, and checked out the Holiday Inn in Auburn. It was such a cold day, that we couldn't really stand being outside too much. For the majority of the afternoon, we just sat in front of my parent's fireplace and chatted. It went very well.

Saturday was another typical evening for us. We went over to Mike and Holly's where we sat in front of another fireplace. We also took some of the tests on the Spark. Hilarity ensued. Sunday we did a lot of lounging around.

Yesterday, poor Pat had to go to work for the Man. I did about a month's worth of wedding planning. Pat and I have been falling behind on our planning, so it was great to get some things accomplished. I was very excited, because I found a DJ and he said that he is also the "Voice of the Orange", which means nothing to anyone who either did not grow up in Syracuse or doesn't watch SU sports. The "Voice of the Orange" is the guy that announces at the games. I decided to check it out, because his voice didn't sound very familiar to me. As it turns out, the "Voice of the Orange" is Mark Johnson, not the same man I was talking to yesterday. I am seriously considering not signing a contract with him now.

Tonight, I am NOT working late (no matter what) and I am getting together with Rebecca. We're going to Outback for salmon (one of my new favorite things) and we're going to Peggy's Bridal to do girl stuff. I'm very excited about that!

If you need to find Pat tonight, he'll probably be sitting on the couch "killing monsters" (aka - playing video games).

We hope everyone had a very lovely weekend and Martin Luther King day.

2003-01-15 15:48:56

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Hey there, everybody. Sorry it's been so long since there has been a new blog entry. I've been working crazy hours at work, and the last thing I want to do after sitting in front of the computer all day is...sit in front of the computer some more. Pat has no excuse though, except that he can't read or write. And he has a glass eye.

We have done some fun stuff lately even though I've been pretty consumed with work. Friday night we went out with Mike and Holly. We each got a martini at Martini Grill and then we went to Mex. Because it's not Friday if I don't have a Newcastle at Mex. Saturday I worked during the day. When I got home, Pat was working on a lovely salmon dinner. Later on in the evening, we went to Monty's Crown (our old stomping grounds) to see our friend John's band. Sunday night we went over to Mike (& Holly)'s for a lovely tuna dinner. It was delicious! I couldn't believe how beefy it was. Why buy the cow when the tuna's free?

Well, I can't really think of anything else good to say. I'm in kind of a slump right now. All I'll say is that I've got some karma points coming my way and I'm ready for them.

Oh! I've got one fun thing to share. A guy I went to high school with made the national news. Check out the police report.

I hope things are going better for you all than they are going for Jason Abbott. Although that's not saying very much.


2003-01-08 14:43:29

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Hey cats and kittens! I am going to take a cue from Kirsten, who is not only my friend, but also a co-worker, and focus on some good stuff. I'll give you some background. She and I are working on the same project, and it's really crummy. Her life sucks worse than mine though, because she also has a cold on top of everything else (and works two jobs). I am going to count my blessings now. Here's a list of things that make me happy:

  1. Drinking Dirty Martinis with Pat
  2. Taking a nap with my chub-chub (Maynard)
  3. Going to Esan, then Cibon, then Mex on Friday night with my peeps
  4. Getting obsessed by a song and playing it over and over (current obsession, Mr. Blue Sky by ELO)
  5. Drinking a cup of coffee while watching M*A*S*H
  6. Hanging out in front of the fire at Mike and Holly's on Saturday night
  7. Walking down Park Ave and seeing someone I know
  8. Playing Cirque du Soleil with Pat
  9. Doug's Fish Fry
  10. Not watching the sunrise. That's right, I'd rather be sleeping.


2003-01-04 19:50:36

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Well, my brother and Becky decided to brave the snow and come out from Syracuse for a visit last night. They are no strangers to danger. I made a nice meal of swordfish which, as cliche' as it may sound, tasted just like chicken. After dinner, we went to Martini Grill for the best Dirty Martinis we've ever had. Then, we went to the Old Toad for one drink and Mex for one. The bars were dead, which was very nice for a change. We ran into Food Mike and Jane, which was a pleasant surprise.

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, Pat and I were supposed to go to Skaneateles today to meet up with our parents. Due to the weather, that trip was cancelled. Pat and I just sat around and watched the movie Pootie Tang. That's right, I said Pootie Tang. Unfortunately, Pat and I both fell asleep at the end of the movie, so if anyone has seen it and can fill us in, please do.

Tonight is K-dawg's birthday, so we're going to rally for more fun at the Old Toad and a snowy walk there and home. My friend Rachel from college is in town tonight, and I haven't seen her since August, so I'm really pumped to see her. She is always a guaranteed good time and she's just one of the nicest, most energetic people I know.

Well, we hope everyone is having a great weekend, as usual. Cheers.


2003-01-02 23:27:12

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We hope everyone is enjoying their new year so far. Pat and I are still trying to clean the red wine stains off of our ceiling from our New Year's Eve party. It's always funny to find the things that people leave at your house after a party. The strangest thing I found Wednesday morning (by far) was crying baby doll. Must have been Baby New Year.

I'm hoping for a more relaxed weekend than the last few have been, but I'm pretty sure things are going to be just as crazy this weekend. Friday night, we're hanging out with my brother Phil and his girlfriend Becky. Saturday, during the day, we're meeting up with both sets of our parents. Yikes! They've only met once, but they want to get to know each other better before the wedding. Hopefully everything will go well. Saturday night, we're celebrating Kirsten's birthday. We'll be in the new Playa's Club at the Old Toad, keepin' it real. If you want to buy Kirsten a present, but aren't sure what to get her, go to her website and click on the "My 2003 BirthdayList!" link. On Sunday, I'm going to one of those wedding expo thingys. I've never been to one, and I'm scared. My friend Rachel will be there for my support though.

Well, it's past my bedtime. I just wanted to give our valued readers something new to cogitate over. Hope all is well in the new year!


Happy New Year!

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We brought in 2003 with a small New Year shindig at our place. Everyone had a good time. We had lots of booze and food. We had a number of drawings for exciting dollar store prizes. Ms. Rebecca F. was the grandprize winner of a Colt 45. We should have pictures to post within the next couple of days.