December 2002

2002-12-29 22:11:17

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There's a new DJ in town. Fran took her first steps on the turntables today. We went to our friends Chyna (Venus 7) and Dave's house tonight and Chyna showed her the ropes. We are now holding a "Name the DJ Contest" on Submit your entries on the right side of this page. Enter as many times as you like. Fran will select one winner from the entries and that may become her handle. The person whose entry is selected will receive a prize (more details on the prize later). We will post a listing of all the ones we like along with the name of the submitters.


2002-12-28 11:26:16

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Congrats Kensey and Tim!

I just received some very exciting news! My best friend, Kensey, got engaged last night!!! Kensey had been pretty hip to the plans all along and had been expecting a Christmas or Christmas Eve proposal. She started to get nervous when that didn't happen. Tim also threw her off a bit by giving her diamond earrings for Christmas. But alas, he proposed to her last night at a birthday party for himself and their friend Jill. He popped the question right in front of all of their friends (minus one--me!). They live out in Massachusetts, so unfortunately, I couldn't be there.

Kensey and Tim haven't started their planning yet, but they are probably going to get married in Spring at the latest. So my maid of honor is going to be my matron of honor.


2002-12-28 02:17:50

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AAAAAGGGgggghhhHHHH! I'm having a good time. Pat and I got in to town last night. Although it was nice seeing the fam, it was nice coming back home. Maynard and I promptly took a nap under the new blanket my gram made me.

Currently, Patty and I are having a little after-hours party. Pat and I had Chris Cima and Katie over for dinner. I busted out the new George Foreman and made salmon. It was better than Outback, baby! We went to Old Toad, Mex, and Acme. All three places were booty tonight. We were constantly being button-hooked everywhere we went. It's okay though. It takes a lot to get these kids down.

Right now, I'm drinking a Yuengling, eating leftover garlic bread, and listening to Pat and our friends play his new uke, and I couldn't be happier. It's great to be back home. Unfortunately, our friends Taryn and Todd couldn't make it out tonight, but they're here in spirit. I just heard word that Holly is going to be back in town tomorrow night. Things are good.

OH! Pat gave me turn tables and a mixer for Christmas!! I guess I'm going to become a DJ. I've always enjoyed watching people spin, and I have a good teacher (Chyna), so we'll see. My friend Mike B. says he can get me lots of gigs. I am setting up a name-the-DJ contest, because I need a handle. In college, when I spun (CDs), my handle was DJ McFilthy. I don't think that will do. Anyone who can come up with the perfect DJ name for me will win a prize, so submit your entries via our contact page. Any suggestions will be highly appreciatableized.

-Franta Clause

2002-12-25 20:07:37

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Fran and I had another great Christmas. We hung out at the Scott family's house last night. They always put on a nice spread of cheeses, sausages, and tasty beverages. East Side, baby.

Fran got me a sweet-ass Ukulele for Christmas. So everybody better watch out. There will definitely be some uke on the next Sweet Vernal album.

Tonight we are hanging at My brother and sister-in-law's house (Eric and Nurse Tiffany). I've been eating shrimp like George Castanza.

We hope that everyone had a happy and healthy holiday. Now it is time to start getting ready for the New Year's festivities. So everybody is gonna need to try and keep it real and try to stay out of jail! If that is not possible, make sure that you post bail quickly.


2002-12-23 09:56:33

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Friday night, my best friend from high school, Taryn, and her husband might be coming into town. We're very excited for a visit from them. The only bad thing is, I imagine some people will be out of town Friday night. Anyone that is in town that wants to go to Mex, I'm sure that's where we'll be.

Well, Pat and I wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Please be safe. Don't drink and drive!

Love, Fran and Pat

2002-12-22 19:37:17

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At some point, I ran out of "Christmas cheer", so Pat and I going out to Acme tonight for some Christmas beer. 2 for 1, baby!


2002-12-18 22:41:15

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Well, tonight Pat is at the nerd festival, I mean, he and his friends went to see the Lord of the Rings. Pat tried to walk out of here wearing his Frodo outfit, but I told him he looked ridiculous and made him change his clothes. I don't know how a 6'3" guy thinks he can get away with trying to pass as hobbit.

I am just hanging out, wrapping the last of my presents, making my THIRD batch of Chex Mix this week, and finishing up some other bidness. Pat's present for me came in the mail today. It's sitting in the corner of the office under a blanket taunting me. I want to peek, but I'm trying very hard not to. Everyone has been telling me how great it is and how much I am going to love it. Pat even said that tonight, when he went to pick it up, the UPS guy gave him a "thumbs up" and said "Cool present". Yikes. I hope Pat likes the year-long subscription to Cat Fancy that I got for him!


2002-12-17 20:18:08

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Happy 26th birthday, Holly G! We love you, Hollywood!

-Fran and Pat

2002-12-16 20:16:16

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Well, I lost my mind today when I was in Target. I wanted to get Pat's dad some sort of cool Swiss Army knife or Leatherman tool or something. Anyway, there was this group of four people dominating that portion of the aisle for over 20 minutes! I was wishing for mean things to happen to them. I ended up grabbing something that was basically what I wanted and I left the store in a big huff. On the ride home, I listened to These Days performed by Nico three times, and by the time I got home, I was not only calmed down, but I was totally and completely happy.

When I was close to home, I started to think about what my life was like last year at this time. It was one of the most stressful times in my life. My best friend Kensey was in Rochester, because she was donating 60% of her liver to try to save her mom's life. Her surgery was only two days before Christmas. Over the next month or so, I saw Kensey almost every day, but it was awful because she was so sick for so long. I'm so happy all of my friends and family are in good health this year.

Another thing I am very thankful for, is all of the holiday cards that Pat and I have been getting. Pat and I have many great friends, but some we only hear from once a year. I'm happy it's that time of year again.


2002-12-15 20:50:59

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Hello everyone! It's finally starting to feel like Christmas. We got in the holiday spirit this weekend by wrapping presents and eating Chex Mix.

Our downstairs neighbors, Jen and Justin, invited us over for a holiday party last night. What a small world! Fran ran into one of her old high school classmates there. Other highlights include Justin's homemade beer and some ridiculously hot hors d'oeuvres. Then we moved on to Booker T's house to hang out for a little while. Holly was still trying to recover from her birthday celebration the night before.

I have still got a fair amount of Christmas shopping to do this week. I buy too many presents for myself, when I should be shopping for others.