2002-12-02 20:46:57

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Well, we had a great Thanksgiving this year. Wednesday we went to the Alvord House in Marcellus for an unofficial reunion, where we saw a lot of my old highschool friends. The weather was treacherous, but very beautiful.

Thursday, we woke up bright and early so Pat could play in the annual McCarthy Family Turkey Bowl. The game was on my aunt and uncle's land where they have a new barn and some horses. My Uncle Howie lit a bonfire and we all stood around and drank until our toes were frozen. Later on in the day, we went to another aunt and uncle's house and my brother fried four turkeys. It was no joke. After dinner, Pat and I went over to my brother's girlfriend's house so we could have some quality time with the Bostwick's.

Friday and Saturday we did our usual. Saturday was especially fun. We went out to dinner with Mike and Holly and then went back to Mike's and enjoyed some time in front of his fire while we listened to the one and only, Snoop D-o-double-G.


2002-11-27 17:36:45

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Welcome to our new and improved website! It's not quite finished, but it's at least at a point where we feel comfortable releasing it. The site is full of pictures that we wanted to share with everyone. There are also a lot of little fun random things. Please take a look around.

The main page will be updated quite frequently. The upper-left section will have a listing of new features to the site. Below that, you will see a listing of some other sites that we thought were worth passing along. This section will be a journal of what's going on in our lives (what we did over the weekend, what we ate for breakfast, rants, etc.). We will both be writing in this section a few times a week.

The Picture section has some picture galleries that we wanted to share. Some of them are old. A few of them are new. We have hundreds of photos that are just waiting to be scanned, so this section will grow quickly.

The Art section contains some of the artwork and experiments that we have created over the years. This section is somewhat incomplete, but we will finish it up in the next few weeks.

The Tour section is kind of cool. We wanted to show everyone our apartment and we may have gone a little over board. This section is also still in the works. We have some more photos to take.

The Contact Us section gives you several ways to get a hold of us. You can e-mail us, you can fill out the form with your contact info, or you can even get driving directions to our house and stop by to see us.

That's about it for now. Please take a look around. We would love to hear your feedback. The site hasn't been fully tested, so let us know if you find anything that doesn't work or sucks. We hope to hear from everyone soon.

-Pat and Fran

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