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I don't consider myself very crafty as a general rule, but when I go to craft shows during the holidays I see cute, simple projects I feel compelled to try to re-create.

Last weekend I bought a paper star ornament for $6. The string on the ornament promptly fell off, and when I got it home I noticed it wasn't the best craftsmanship ever. I realized I could probably figure out how to make it.

I ended up finding the exact instructions I was looking for here.

I went to Greta's craft drawer (she's craftier than I am), and I actually happened to find the exact same pink chevron paper that the ornament I bought was made out of, which was kind of funny. It's just a loose 12 x 12 inch piece of paper we bought from a craft store, and I cut it into four 6-inch squares, two of which I used for this project.

I whipped up this reproduction in about 5 minutes.

I dare say mine (on the right) looks even better than the original, not that you can tell in the picture, and it cost less than $0.15 to make. Werd!



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