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File under: FraBloPoMo

If anyone checked the blog the last two days you may have wondered why I didn't post. Well, this isn't NaBloPoMo, this is FraBloPoMo, which specifically states you post the first 22 days of November, and then you take two days off, and then you post again at least one day, and then you see what happens the last five days of the month. Viva FraBloPoMo!

Seriously, it was a good but busy long weekend and I just wasn't feeling sitting in front of a computer.

I won't go into crazy detail, but we had a chance to spend time with good friends and both sides of our families.

Highlights include:

  • Having drinks with Taryn and Todd in Skaneateles.
  • Watching the 47th annual McCarthy Turkey Bowl.
  • Completely avoiding any Black Friday BS.
  • Going to see the Nutcracker with Greta (especially getting to see our little friend Sophia dance).
  • Having a delicious meal with friends at Chakara Bistro.
  • Going to Second Storie and seeing friends Tracy and Justin of Happy Owl Glass, as well as the Roc the Arts craft show. (We bought a lot of local goodies this weekend!)
  • Setting up the Christmas trees. (We have three now; have mercy.)
  • Stuffing my face with delicious foods all weekend.


The theme for 11/23 was energy, which is ironic because I had none. The theme for 11/24 was adventure. We did not partake in anything adventurous as far as I can tell. The theme for today is beauty. We'll go with that.

So we bought a lot of locally made goods this weekend, as I mentioned. There are too many artisans to mention (read: I'm lazy), but one that caught my eye is Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst. She was at Second Storie selling signed copies of her book You Are Awesome: 21 Crafts to Make You Happy. She was also selling little hand-painted bird ornaments, and I am a TOTAL sucker for bird ornaments. Look how lovely!

We ended up buying two (Greta and I each had to have one). Each year I have Greta make ornaments for relatives, and based on Abbey's birds, I was inspired to get plain white birds from a craft store for her to paint. I think this may be our simplest and most striking ornament project yet. I can't wait to see how they turn out.



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