Jive turkeys

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Today's theme is food.

Yeah, I'm one of those annoying people who takes pictures of her food before taking a bite. Rather than go with the obvious today, though, I thought I'd talk about my favorite "food" that walks around my neighborhood.

So, not long after moving to this house, I came home one fall evening and saw a motley crew of turkeys in our next-door neighbor's yard. I was in awe. They're so big! And while we do live next to a wooded area, we're not exactly in the country.

We've lived her for over three years and I see they turkeys sometimes multiple times a day, and it just NEVER gets old. I can't not stop to gawk and smile. Look how cute!

Usually we see a half dozen or so largeish turkeys, but this year they have multiplied—literally. There are babies...well, they're called poults, and I love them. I have yet to get any good pictures of them because when they see me they skitter away, but that doesn't stop me from trying whenever I get the chance.

The day Hurricane Sandy came through (which really wasn't bad out here at all), I didn't see them all day and was very relieved to see them the following day.

Oh, and so these turkeys are wild, obvs, and I don't think of them as food per se, but I can't help but think about the turkey that I buy from the store that comes de-feathered and de-boned and in a little plastic package and then I get a little sad. But looking at the more practical side, I guess I just try to be thoughtful about what I eat and what that means to my feathered neighbors. I will totally be eating lots of turkey on Thursday, though. Sorry, dudes.

Also, I saw this article last week and thought it was super random that wild turkeys made NPR news.

Gobble gobble.



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