Laughter and embarrassment

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Today's theme is laughter.

We laugh a lot. One of my favorite things about our family is that we have so much fun and laugh so much. And I can be a little, um, intense at times, and I would say the best tool Pat has for balancing and diffusing my bitchiness intensity is bringing humor to pretty much any situation.

Greta has realized she can do the same, and we all just enjoy making each other laugh. One of my proudest moments in Greta's preschool days was during a parent-teacher conference when one of her teachers reported she felt Greta had a sophisticated sense of humor for a four-year-old.

If you haven't seen it, Greta even has her very own Twitter account. I do the documentation, but the words are all hers. Sometimes she's intentionally funny, but I'll admit at this point in the Twitter world she is mostly unintentionally funny.

It's hard to document laughter, but here are a couple recent pictures of my family members attempting (and succeeding at) cracking me up in stores.

And there's that bathrobe again...

And in the super random funny category, Pat and Greta started this ridiculous game where they yell "stripe!" louder and louder in a public place, and whoever yells it the loudest wins. (Pat always wins while I die of embarrassment.)



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