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Today's theme is weather. I was up early enough this morning to find a lovely layer of frost on everything outside. I took a few pictures, and this one is my favorite.

This has been such a good weekend so far. Last night our friends the Johnsons came over for dinner. The girls always play so nicely together, and in case we didn't already like them enough, they brought Cheesy Eddie's carrot cake for dessert because they know how much I like it. We love having them as friends and neighbors.

Then today we got together with our friends the Leshers, Frenches, and Judges. It was perfect sweater weather, and we got to spend a lot of time outside playing with the kids. I don't really have any photos that document the day, which is actually pretty telling. I tend to use picture taking as a distraction, but I was having so much fun I didn't bother stopping to take any pictures, so there you go. I will just say it was the perfect fall day.

Tonight I went to a craft sale called the Wonderful Little Artisan Sale at Gallery Salon. I found lots of good presents for the holidays from Collier Craft, Pure Body Care Essentials, Second Seed in Stitches, and Sunshine Soap Company. So, friends, when you get gifts from these artisans, just act surprised, mmkay?

I also got a little pink robot pin from someone vendor whose name I missed, but Greta approves.



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How much time did it take you to publish “Reply to comment | Pat and Fran”?
It has got an awful lot of wonderful information. With thanks -Lizette

#2 Thank you for having us. We

Thank you for having us. We had a great time. :-)