From Hunger to Hope

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Dear kind friends, family, and strangers:

Greta and her classmates are reading books to raise money for the Friends of the World Food Programme as part of Read Along for Hunger. Greta's goal is to read 25 books in the month of October, and we hope you'll consider sponsoring her, either with a dollar pledge amount per book or a flat donation. You can find out more information about the group's mission to end world hunger by visiting From Hunger to Hope.

If you would like to sponsor Greta, please leave a comment or email me at fran dot reed at gmail dot com and I'll send you the info. Unfortunately we just have an old-school pledge form and we need to submit checks (hello, 1982!) to Greta's teacher by November 10th.

Peace and love, peace and love,

Pat, Fran, and Greta


#1 Aloha

I see that like me, you've fallen off the blogging bandwagon. I just wanted to check in and say hi. I also wanted to make a shameless plug for my Mum's self published novel. Do you allow that kind of crazy caper on
Anyway, here it is, and it's awesome:
If I have inherited a thimbleful of my Mum's writing talent, I'd be really happy.

#2 Ha!!

Frankie, I love it. Why didn't I think of that?? I'm doin' it.

#3 I have a slight request that

I have a slight request that you change the ending of your post from "love and sunshine" to "Peace and Love, Peace and Love!"

#4 Yay!!

Thanks, friends! I will be in touch. You guys rock!

#5 Greta rocks!

I would love to sponsor Greta!
We have an intern named Greta and I keep thinking she's 5!

#6 I love fundraisers that

I love fundraisers that involve reading, and would like to sponsor Greta. Let me know where I should send a check (yes, I am very comfortable with the 1982ness of it). I wish I could try to read 25 books this month! -Nikki

#7 Greta

The Barski's would love to sponsor Greta! Send me the info please! Frank