Putting Presents Back in Christmas

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Christmas was lovely as ever this year. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the Reeds, and then we spent the 26th at my parents' house. We got to see some good friends and family and gorge ourselves on tasty food and drink.

Christmas definitely gets more and more fun with Greta each year. She didn't want to ask Santa for anything, but she did want to write him a letter. Pat helped her, and I was amused to see she edited her letter, although I will say she needs to work on her buttering-up skills.

Greta was thrilled with almost everything she got for Christmas, but she needed some convincing here and there. Here I am trying to explain why the book The Secret Garden is a good gift, and I finally ended up saying, "Oh, you'll appreciate it someday!"

Luckily Pat is a better present picker than I am.

Here's the present I'm personally most excited about.

Ooh, another present we got for Greta that I found more enjoyment from than she did is Jenga. Pat and I played one rousing game. I love the expression on Greta's face in this picture.

Fast forward to the following day. Here is my brother gracefully crawling out of the new "castle" he got Greta.

My dad surprised my mom by getting matching Crocs boots for both her and Greta. My mom's reaction was priceless.

Greta got a potholder loom, which is a bit of a McCarthy tradition. Here she is also modeling her new boots from Grandpa, a Tinker Bell dress from Uncle Phil and Aunt Becky, and a hair bow from her little friend Oliver.

My dad got me a NaNoWriMo mug and T-shirt, which I was thrilled about. This is my new favorite mug, just barely inching my This American Life mug out of its previous first-place ranking. Sorry, Ira.

Pat and Greta have this week off and are enjoying some daddy-daughter time while I'm working (like a poor sap).

In other news I have been getting over a rather unpleasant cold and have a nasty cough that won't go away. I told Pat today I have high hopes that sometime in the next few days I'll be able to go a day without coughing so hard I almost puke. Sometimes it's the little things.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and are enjoying the joyous joys of the joyful season.



#1 Awww, so much happy. I have

Awww, so much happy. I have said it before but you guys make parenthood look so fun :) And now I want to reread The Secret Garden...

#2 Meadowbrook has two

Dagny has the same pj's. :-)

#3 Secret Garden

I love that you're getting her classic books!! -- I'm sure I'll have a similar conversation someday with Sophia about Anne of Green Gables. LOL

#4 Editing

Seems that G watches her mom at work and realizes the importance of editing and word choice. Agree with previous comment about great/good. Looks as if everyone had a happy time!

#5 X-Mas

Love the card to Santa. I think she actually thought that she might be buttering Santa up too much, so purposely changed the word from "Great" to "Good". She might be smarter then you think : ).

Also, I have that same cold with the same nagging cough that won't go away. It sucks. EVERYONE here has it or has had it. Must be the same strain of virus. Hope you feel better.

#6 I'm pretty jealous of G's

I'm pretty jealous of G's Christmas morning PJ's and polka dotted slippers, quite honestly :] Happy holidays, Reeds!