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Whew! I will say that it's been sort of tricky regrouping after NaNoWriMo. It was lovely ignoring emails and dirty dishes and Christmas shopping and having a completely valid excuse to do so. My reality isn't nearly as interesting or fun as being in I'M-WRITING-A-BOOK mode, and I guess I've been a little woe is me. I miss making time for something that's important to me, even though I did plenty of complaining at the time. Apparently I just complain a lot. This is probably not a newsflash to most of you. Anyway, the update on that front is that I am taking some time away from the book right now based on some advice I received. I am still jotting down more and more ideas for things I want to include, and I hope to get in a good editing schedule once December is done. (Notice I didn't commit myself to starting in January, although I hope I will start then.) Thanks so much to those of you who have left comments or messaged me with feedback or words of encouragement. In addition to complaining a lot, I also thrive on getting attention. Aren't I a ball of awesome?

In other news, this past weekend Greta had her first dance recital. It was a fundraiser for Golisano Children's Hospital with a variety of dance performances throughout the night. Greta and her class danced to "Tip Toe, the Dancing Elf." If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing this earworm, then you haven't lived. The performance was pure chaos, but it was the cutest, most enjoyable chaos I've ever seen.

WARNING: If you watch the following video two or more times you may have "Tip Toe, the Dancing Elf" stuck in your head for five or more days.

I can't express how happy it made me to see Greta actually go out on the stage and have so much fun. Thinking back to how scared she used to be of everything, I can't believe my little girl has come so far.

Here's Greta with two of her best buddies. I love these girls to bits.

I posted the above picture of Greta from before the show with her makeup on and posted it on Facebook, and a couple people made rude comments. I feel the need to justify heavy makeup on a four year old, which I fully agree would be completely ridiculous in almost every instance, by saying the following:

  1. The teacher sent us instructions telling us exactly what makeup to put on the kids so their faces wouldn't be completely washed out under the lights. I put it on exactly as specified.
  2. Even the neurotic moms (and I realize I am included in that group) put makeup on their kids. Every single one.
  3. I was actually quite impressed by my makeup application skills. Sure, I was an art major and could paint a mean trompe l'oeil, but I have never figured out how to put makeup on my own face.
  4. I think she looks cute with buckets of makeup on. I feel a little guilty about *that* part.
  5. I didn't want a single thing standing between Greta and getting on that stage and having fun. If putting some eyeliner on my kid will make her feel excited enough to go on stage and set up a positive experience for her first dance recital, then I am ALL ABOUT IT.

I love my kid more than anything in the world. Am I going to start putting her in pageants? Hell no. Will I put makeup on her a couple times a year for recitals and other performances? Heck yeah. Anyone who wants to criticize that can go ahead. If you want to keep it in your head, though, that would be preferable.

End rant. Thanks to the Reeds and Greta's Grandma Norma for coming out for the recital. It was such a fun weekend!



#1 delete *comment from my

delete *comment from my comment and it will make more sense

#2 People who comment decide

People who comment decide what is right for a child that is not their own should go shove it. Greta looked great! And like everyone else said she needs that much make up to actually look like a human on stage. I was in the make up crew in high school and remember having to slather on a ton of makeup on people. Seeing Greta and her friends dance makes me excited to get Izzy and Maddy in dance classes.

BTW- thanks for getting the song stuck in my head.

#3 As a past theater kid...

...she looks great!

I can't believe anybody would judge over STAGE makeup. Clearly they've never been on stage or in a photo shoot for anything. I had NO idea how much makeup was necessary (or how much my mom put on me in my past theater days) until I had a true photo shoot last year.

I digress.

I am sure I have it somewhere, but can't find your "new" address. Can you send me an email with it, please, so I can send you my miniature Christmas card?

#4 I concur...

People who have no concept of live theatre lighting don't know any better. I think your comments on the subject are right on the money.

Also, just wonderin'... how many egg-nogs did the camera operator have before the show : ).

#5 Tip Toe's make up

Eh, I think she looks great!

To hell with the rude people! They can mind their own damned business!

#6 Beautiful!

That was amazing! It really brightened up my day!

#7 cutie Greta

take it from a former performer and dance teacher-- if you DON'T put make-up on when you're on stage, you WILL look washed out and a bit sickly. Every performer (no matter what the age - at my old studio we start them at 3) wears make-up on stage and people that don't understand that need some schoolin'. End of my rant as well. :)

I think Greta looks adorable and she did a FANTASTIC job. So cute! Gotta love dance perfomances by the little ones-- you just don't get sick of 'em.

#8 aw, don't let naysayers steal

aw, don't let naysayers steal your thunder, Fran! All that matters is that Greta had a great time -- rude people are just jealous of that :)

#9 I think Greta looked

I think Greta looked fantastic! I grew up doing ballet from age 5 on and always rocked the makeup. It was a strict requirement to be in the show. Stage lights will wash you out. My mom also had to slick back my bangs too, which involved copious amounts of hairspray and a ton of bobby pins (not a good look).


APPLAUSE! That is really cute! I will play it many more time, but not today to avoid the earworm risk! Love you all!

#11 Love it

A star is born.