NaNoWriMo Day 24

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Happy Thanksgiving eve, aka the eve of the greatest holiday ever.
I am kicking dirt about today's excerpt. It's from this very strange incident that is an interesting story but may never make it to the finished book if it ever gets published. It involves other people that I would really prefer not to offend, but it might be too late for that...yeah, I'll have to figure that out. That being said, here's a soft, safe, and sanitized excerpt from today's writing.
I am 24 days (out of 30) and 42,245 words (out of 50,000) down.
As I walked up the steps to the store, before I even put my key in the lock, I saw that the door was unlocked and was slightly ajar. I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching me, for some reason, and I poked just my head into the video store before I walked all the way in. I didn't think the store had been robbed. It didn't look like the door had been forced open. Only a handful of us had keys, and I assumed ____, who closed the night before, had accidentally left it open. Thinking back, I and can't remember if I was actually oblivious to the fact that there could have been danger inside or if I felt scared but just sucked it up and went in anyway. Either way, I went in the store and looked around. Things were in various states of undone, but nothing appeared to be missing at a glance. I noticed the carpet hadn't been vacuumed, and the counter had some things on it that would usually be cleaned up after a shift.


#1 Aunt Kish - Thanks for the

Aunt Kish - Thanks for the comment. I have been getting encouragement from ways other than from the site, thankfully! But I appreciate your plea nonetheless. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you as well. I was happy I decided not to take the day off of writing.

#2 This is getting harder all the time!

I know you'll make it, but gee!! Hope you get some encouragement!

Happy Thanksgiving! Will you take a day off the writing??