NaNoWriMo Day 21

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One thing that has surprised me during this process is what stories turn into something substantial and what doesn't. I thought talking about the murder in my town would be a more significant portion of the book than it was, but it ended up being only about 1,000 words. And I didn't plan on the part about my one drinking experience to be significant, but I easily wrote that part and it ended up being more than 3,500 words. Who knew? At this point my focus is on quantity, not quality, so I'm just happy to keep my word count up.
So, the below excerpt is probably self-explanatory if you read yesterday's post. I want to make one note below about my reference to the "B'ville sluts." We had these friends of friends who were affectionately referred to as the "B'ville sluts." (They were from a suburb of Syracuse called Baldwinsville.) To my knowledge, they were not actually sluts, but that's neither here nor there. That's what everyone called them, including their family and parents' friends, so for the purposes of authenticity, that's how I'm referring to them in the book. I would never call anyone a slut otherwise (at least not in "print").
I am 21 days (out of 30) and 36,678 words (out of 50,000) down.

I had an even worse night of sleep than the night before, sharing a bed with a snoring girl and listening to the heavy breathing coming from the two B'ville sluts in the bed a few feet from ours. I slept for a while, and then I woke up around 3 AM feeling sick to my stomach. I fought the urge to throw up, partially sitting up and breathing deeply and trying to think about anything but the feeling in my stomach. I tried willing myself to sleep, and eventually my stomach and brain calmed themselves enough to let me get some more sleep, and then the phone rang at 6 AM. I angrily answered it, and there was just laughter on the other end. I slammed the receiver down and sat wide awake again, listening to the three other girls sleep soundly and contemplating whether I could continue to fight the urge to throw up or if I should just run to the bathroom and get it over with.


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