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I mentioned that we went to Seabreeze last week and that it deserved its own post. It was a week night and we just wanted to go for a couple hours to enjoy the nice weather and get out for a bit. I sort of randomly suggested Greta play some game, and somehow she walked away with the "jumbo" prize (based on luck, not skill—or maybe she's a total ringer, I don't know) for that particular game. She picked out this big yellow dog, and we were enjoying the thrill of the win, when Pat plunked down $3 to play some other game. I thought he was nuts, but Pat said, "This is my game." Um, okay. (Pat worked a summer at Enchanted Forest, but I didn't know he had mastered a midway game!) About 30 seconds later, we were walking away with the biggest stuffed dog dressed in a banana costume I've ever seen.

It was sort of surreal. After they won their prizes, whenever they would go on rides, I had to stand there holding both of the giant stuffed animals, and it was so ridiculous. I kept getting heckled by strangers, and it was hilarious. (Maybe you had to be there.)

Sadly, I neglected to take a picture at the time, while we were at the park, so I had to try to re-create the scene in the back yard tonight and then use my (piss poor) Photoshop Skills to simulate the actual event.

Or maybe you prefer this more realistic one in front of the carousel.

And then we went to France.

Followed by a stop in Africa.

Then we went home.

Greta picked the "doggie in the banana outfit," that Pat won, and at first I was just like, "Hmm, dog in a banana costume," and then it dawned on me that it's Brian, the dog from Family Guy, from this. It's one of the few Family Guy episodes I've actually seen. And now there's a giant hommage to it is in my living room. Naturally.

In case you want a behind-the-scenes look at tonight's photoshoot, here you go!



#1 You guys make parenting look

You guys make parenting look like so much fun! Very cute.


I am so envious. Last year at Darien Lake, I tried to win the Brian in a Banana stuffed animal. It was only at this one game with impossible odds, and I spent $50 or more and didn't win. I am so very happy for you... and so sad for me : (.

#3 I'm a big fan of the Reed family

LOVE the pictures!!!!! I can't stop laughing! Thank you!