Me and Randy McGee

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I'm am used to writing blogs while watching TV or a movie because I am all about multitasking, but sometimes it doesn't go very well. Pat and I are watching Wesley Willis's Joyrides, and it's dominating my attention right now. I will have to make this short, so for now I'll just talk about the highlight of the weekend.

To preface, a kid named Randy was my first best friend. We grew up on the same dead-end street, and I was born 19 days after him. We hung out all of the time. We had other friends on the street over the years, but one constant was Randy and me. Not surprisingly, as we got older, we found other best friends. We lost touch for years here and there, but we always seem to find each other (yay for the Internet!), and we always make a point to catch up. We hadn't physically seen each other since 1997...until this weekend. Randy invited us to a party at his house this Saturday, and of course we had to go. So we dropped Greta off at my parents' house, and we headed over to Randy's.

It was SO NICE to see him, and it was fun to introduce Pat to thee Randy. Considering how close we were, we are so, so different. Randy was and still is all about adventure. I was always the one nervously advising him not to jump off the roof of the barn, or not touch the snake, or not swim out in the middle of some sketchy pond. We were like an after-school special, and I was the nervous do-gooder friend. Anyway, so it was not surprising at all that when we got to the party he had an absolutely ridiculous amount of wood stacked up for a bonfire. Once it got dark, he started the fire, and it was raging within minutes. It was probably 12 feet in diameter and two stories high. I may or may not have advised him that his bonfire was dangerously big...old habits die hard.

My friend Randy's bonfire. Everything in moderation.

Whoopsie. There are two fire trucks. Naturally, the fire fighters didn't look pleased.

And there goes the fire...Bye, bye, fire.

I was really excited to hang out with my first ever BFF.

For those of you who forgot, I also talked about Randy here and the local Syracuse commercial he was in. It's still so awesome.



#1 Re: ECM

Hey - its ringing a bell..... it was a long time ago, and most days I cant remember what I did yesterday. But yeah, sounds pretty familliar.

#2 ECM

Hey Jenny? Did you know a guy in the band, he would have been a guitarist, named Dan?

#3 LOVE that you and Randy hung

LOVE that you and Randy hung out! One of my favorite memories, as you well know, is the three of us our first year at Casowasco. In our later years, Randy and I used to hang out at Atlantis with the the Electic Chick Magnets.... oh the memories! Hope all is well!