Evil Cheeks

Yes!!! Comments in the double digits for the last post. Thanks, dudes! Keep 'em coming!

We got a tankless water heater today. (Yay for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009!) It was an all-day process, and the guys didn't tell me before they turned the water off for more than three hours. It really caught me off guard when I used the bathroom and then went to wash my hands and no water came out of the facet. I was really distressed. I ended up soaping up my hands and then used my glass of drinking water to rinse my hands. Why am I telling you this? Well, I'd rather be dehydrated than have dirty hands. Now you know. Although the chances of me actually getting dehydrated were pretty low, while the chances of me getting my dirty hands on my laptop were extremely high.

After the recent dreams about the old house and the new owners, I've continued having distressing dreams. I had two dreams that my old company asked me to come in and do some consulting for them. In both dreams, I went in, ready to help them solve some type of problem, and both times I got completely shut down by the people who are still working there, and I left in tears. Hmm, I really don't feel bitter toward them. In fact, in real life, I recently went there and had lunch with my former boss and a couple coworkers. They bought me lunch and gave me a copy of the last book I copy edited for them, which was really super-duper nice. But apparently my subconscious is still a little ticked off. Oh, so there were those two dreams, and then I had a dream I got laid off from my new job. I really don't feel all that stressed out in my waking hours, but these dreams must be a manifestation of something, right?  Me thinks it's time to go back to the acupuncturist.

Saturday night, Pat announced that he was taking Greta to see Shrek in 3D. He asked if I wanted to come and I said no and that I didn't think he should take her to a 3D movie. My reasons? Because it's expensive and because Howard Stern said he thinks that 3D movies mess with kids' vision and brains. Howard Stern and I have no evidence to back this up, but it might be true. (And Howard Stern and I aren't alone!) After I said my reasons I felt silly but had to stand my ground because I'm stubborn and because I had a vision of me with two hours of free time. Both of those reasons seemed like good ones to let those guys go off and have some daddy-daughter time. I'm glad I did because I used the time wisely and put a fresh coat of paint on my childhood vanity. Plus, I got to witness Greta running in the house after the movie with her 3D glasses on, smiling ear to ear, and then listen to her talk a mile a minute about what happened in the movie. It was a pretty awesome evening for all.

Ooh, more about my vanity. It was a Christmas gift from my parents when I was maybe twelve. My dad spent a lot of time painting it and assembling it in the basement before Christmas. I remember being completely disappointed when I saw it, and I'm sure I was not at all good at hiding my disappointment. But as I got older, I spent more and more time sitting in front of it. It was white with bronze hardware and a bench that had a fuzzy, cream seat cushion. It was so very girly. When we moved to this house, I asked my parents if I could have it back. It has seen a lot of wear and tear over the years, and at some point in college I put a bunch of stickers all around the mirror part. It's still a work in progress, but I cleaned it up, painted it black, reupholstered the bench cushion with a black and cream damask pattern (leftover fabric from my dining room chair project), and, in honor of its original girliness, I got pink glass knobs and a pink and white handle to replace the brass hardware. Hopefully I can finish it soon so I can show some before and after pictures here. It goes with nothing else in my house, but I love it.

Sunday we met up with some friends we hadn't seen in years. They have a daughter who is just a couple months older than Greta. We met up with them at Wild Wings (the facility in Mendon Ponds that cares for injured birds of prey, not the gross restaurant). We saw the birds, which was very cool, and then we took a hike. The girls were very good, aside from being a bit competitive and turning the hike into a race. Here they are walking with Pat, or who our little friend Hanley nicknamed, "the kid master."

In conclusion, speaking of cute things kids say, tonight I was reading Greta a book called I Love You, Every Little Bit. On one page, it says, "I love your cheeks, round and sweet..." and Greta cut me off to say, "My cheeks aren't sweet, they're evil!" It was funny at the time. Hopefully it's not foreshadowing.



#1 Every year when we get our

Every year when we get our taxes back we plan to use it for a tankless water heater. Then something else pops up and it hasn't happened. At this point we've accepted the fact that when the day comes that our hot water tank sh*ts, errrr leaks all over.. the bed is the day we'll finally end up with one.

So I'm anxious to see know how it works out for you! Please add an update in a month or so on how you like it and let us know if you would've done anything differently (other than use the bathroom when the water was off!)

Just so you know, I'm always popping in and reading, even if I dont have time to leave a comment. I love my Fran posts and I always gotta get my fix!

#2 ooooh, do we get to see a pic

ooooh, do we get to see a pic of the vanity?

#3 Amber - Ah, yes, 'tis true.

Amber - Ah, yes, 'tis true. That is how it works in medical publishing. The people who do the writing are actually listed as "editor," and the people who copy edit or otherwise prepare the materials are nowhere to be found. Also, the people who are highest ranked in the field get top billing, regardless of the amount of work they do, and the people who do the most actual writing get their names in tiny print. I was very thankful to get a really nice shout-out on the Acknoledgements page.

Lavery - I love that. Hilarious. Coming up with a fantastic name in roller derby is half the battle.

Courtney - That stinks. I have been wanting to drive by our old house, but I've been too scared. One of these days I'll make it over there. Hopefully there won't be any sheets over the windows...the would really cause me to have some bad dreams.

#4 So, I think your thunder is

So, I think your thunder is being stolen; you are not listed as an editor of the book!

#5 little greta can hit the

little greta can hit the roller derby now with her new derby name: evil cheeks. rock it!

#6 Per B's request this morning,

Per B's request this morning, we drove past our old house en route to preschool, and they had let the grass get long, and the trees looked shaggy, and they had the 4th bedroom's (that we never needed or furnished) windows covered with a sheet tucked into the windows.

It set the tone for the remainder of my cloudy, gloomy morning. And then made me determined to do some work in my garden and to tidy up.

#7 Debbe - you commented! : ) :

Debbe - you commented! : ) : ). And I agree. Even though they might be evil, her cheeks are very lovable.

MK -I am really not that crafty, but I do try! I did get the stuff from Anthropologie. I was going to post a link to them, but they're not on their site. I ended up getting the knobs and handle on sale, so I think they're old. They do have the best doorknobs/hooks/handles/knobs there. I like to go here and drool: http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/category.jsp?popId=HOME&navA...

#8 Love those evil little

Love those evil little cheeks!!!

#9 Fran, did you get the knobs

Fran, did you get the knobs for your vanity from Anthropologie? A few people have told me about how amazing their doorknobs are there. I'm jealous of your craftiness!