I had an idea for the title, but then I forgot it

Lemme see here. Bullets for  you.

  • I sure used to like when more than one or two people left comments for a blog. Hint, hint. I know I haven't exactly been an avid blogger the last year or so, and the image to the left says something about wanting spring to come, but I'm ready for your tough love to end and for you guys to start commenting again. Are my updates really so boring? If so, tell me what you want to hear.
  • We celebrated more birthdays this past weekend than should be legal. Friday night, there was a birthday party for the woman Greta's day care is named after (who is no longer with us in this world but who is still worth celebrating), there was a two-banger kids' birthday at Powder Mills Park on Saturday, and there was another kiddo birthday party at the Y on Sunday. Oh me, oh my!
  • If you live under a rock and you didn't know, the great Ronnie James Dio passed away earlier this week. Apparently it's pretty well known that I have a special place for him and his music in my heart because multiple people contacted me to offer their condolences. If only he knew there was some nerdy mom in Rochester, NY, who so many people associated with him with. I don't know what the significance of that is, but it seemed notable to me. RIP, RJD. May you ride the tiger...in peace.
  • I have a weird obsession about our old house, and I don't know why. I have a semi-recurring dream that I meet the women who bought the house, and we get into some sort of competition. I'm talkin' like a gym-class-type of relay race. It's so weird! In real life, we saw a former neighbor and she told us the new owners ripped out the hedges that had been in front of our old house. I always disliked the hedges, but in some weird way, I was sort of incensed when I found out they got rid of them. It had never occurred to me to take out the hedges! So they think they're better than us??  (Joking - sort of .) I didn't even really like that house. Can you imagine if I had? Why do I care?? When we told Greta they took out the hedges, she cried. I think the whole thing is very strange.
  • I decided I'm getting LASIK. I absolutely hate wearing glasses and contacts are even worse, and I hate squinting in the sun. I can feel new squinting-related wrinkles from the sun forming as I type this. After Pat's dicey LASIK experience and the fact that I am a major tightwad, I am shocked to be saying this. But I am getting LASIK. A friend of mine highly recommends one place in Rochester, but it's 'spensive. Like, twice as much as Pat's was, but it is MY EYES and perhaps you get what you pay for? Anyway, if you know of a good LASIK place in the ROC, let me know. I want to get it done within the next month or two. If you thought you would be funny and recommend the place Pat went to, let me stop you right here and let you know they closed up shop. SHOCKING, I know.
  • Ugh, I haven't taken a photo that hasn't been with my phone in ages. Sorry, bad Fran. I'll try to get better about that.

I could go on and on, but I won't. Leave a comment, damnit!


#1 Holy Diver

I just left you a long comment about Dio, but I think something went wrong (boo) during the submission process. Not sure if you got the last comment or not.

Basically, I wrote- I didn't know you were a Dio fan! Jason is a huge fan and I have heard nothing but Holy Diver playing over and over again for the past week or so. He even made me request Dio at this tiny dive bar in Chautauqua, NY and much to our surprise, the DJ had never even heard of Dio. Sigh.

I've been thinking about Lasik too- let me know how it goes if you decide to move forward :-)

#2 holy diver

I had no idea you liked Dio! Since he died, I have been subjected to (Jason is the bigger fan here, not me, although I do like Dio!) listening to Holy Diver over and over again! In fact, this weekend we took a getaway trip and were out at a tiny bar filled with locals in Chautauqua, NY. Jason begged me to request Holy Diver and we got into an argument over whether the DJ would have any Dio on his set list. Sure enough, the fratboy-looking DJ had never heard of Dio when I requested Holy Diver. Alas.

Let me know how Lasik goes if you decide to move forward with the idea...I've been toying with the idea for a few years :-)

#3 I know a ton of people who

I know a ton of people who either rave about Lasik (including an opthalmologist who does not perform it), or are planning on getting the procedure. I also hate having my survival be dependent on a foreign object (what if I lost my glasses during an earthquake... who would watch the kids?)... so I too am toying with the idea of Lasik!

#4 I never knew that Dio was

I never knew that Dio was from Cortland! That definitely was him at Dougs!


Um, ok, so I read your blog and don't comment often because I really am just not that witty. But please don't stop posting, Franny Pants!

#6 Jeepers creepers

The best thing about your eyesight deteriorating with age is it makes it harder to see the wrinkles in the mirror.

#7 I can't really give any

I can't really give any opinion about lasik, but seeing a new post on your blog makes my day :D xo

#8 Sorry

it has been so long! I've been reading your blog and my new friend, the Kindle! Plus the usual stuff. Busy, busy, busy!

LASIK? Don't know. Some still need glasses even after the procedure. What to do!

#9 Yay, comments!

Thanks, dudes, for leaving comments. I really appreciate it.

V - Sorry to steal your thunder. Hehe. Remember how many weddings Pat and I used to go to during the summer? Those have been replaced by kids' birthday parties and multiplied by 3. It's frightening. Pat and I tend to tag team them so we can get a break here and there.

Court - I know, same here. I could be much, much better about commenting on friends' blogs AND about replying on this one. I am usually on my iPhone these days, which is not exactly conducive to commenting. Lame, I know.

NPW - You should do it! I was reading up on it a bit, and it takes only a minute per eye, or something like that. So I figure I can endure just about anything for a minute if it means I don't need to wear stupid glasses anymore. And, really, what are the chances of blindness? Okay, that is a rhetorical question - I don't really want to know the stats!

#10 Lasik

Of course, I was going to suggest you go to Pat's place to get your Lasik, but you stole that thunder from me... so, I must say that the whole birthday thing will be coming down the pike for me for the next several years, and I can't wait! I LOVE screaming children loaded with sugar. YEAH!

#11 Sight and site

I feel the same way about comments. I'd like to think it's because I took a long hiatus from blogging, and people got sick of looking for updates, but it might actually be because I am a snore, lately.

I also feel the same way about Lasik. I, once again, failed the vision test without my glasses at the MVA, but am horrible about wearing my glasses all of the time, because I really don't need them for day to day stuff (other than legal driving). I am terrified of Lasik, though.

And, I hear you on the house stuff. Our old house was a beast, needed a bunch of work, and stressed me out way more than I could enjoy it, but I secretly drive by it whenever I have to go back to that town, and get a little sad. Even though I love my new house SO.MUCH.MORE.

Anyhow, keep the posts coming. I've been guilty of reading all of my blogs in a reader, which is not so conducive to comment posting. That's all.

#12 dicey

I've been thinking about LASIK myself, but since I can't even bring myself to put in contacts I feel mighty squeamish about letting someone else laser them into submission. I need a No-Blindness Guarantee before I sign myself up!