Some nature all up in this piece

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When we moved to Brighton, I had no idea there'd be so much animal life. We're pretty close to the city, and I don't know, I just didn't expect to see so many critters. During the fall and winter, there was a roving pack of 8 or 10 turkeys. They were so funny. They would stop and eat for a bit and then all haul ass down the street in their little gang. And then during the winter we had a bunch of deer that would sleep in our backyard, and one day I looked out the front window and one was lazily walking past the window, maybe 5 feet from the house. It's sort of crazy for this city girl. (Yes, I know I grew up in farm country, but prior to October, I lived in the city for the last 12 years.)

With spring, we've had many geese and some ducks in the yard. Last week I got a couple good shots of some geese in the yard.

I am definitely loving Brighton.



#1 Sorry - catching up after

Sorry - catching up after being glued to work crap for months on end. I live maybe 45 minutes from Ikea..... but its literally a day trip to go there. And I have to have the testicular fortitude to deal with the masses running me over with karts. But I do so love their things. I have gotten many a great piece of furniture there.

Hope all else is well with you guys - I miss you! Should be around sometime this summer, hope we can meet up then? Ill keep you posted

#2 Tell the geese to nest next-door

or they will come back every spring and bring their children and grandchildren! Yikes! Otherwise, critters are good! We heard the pack of coyotes a week or so ago at night. But the big news is that we have a nesting pair of eagles a couple of miles from us this year. I know two people who've seen them and I want to so bad!!!

#3 Dinner?

"Last week I got a couple good shots of some geese in the yard."

Depending on your aim, are we having a Goose dinner soon?