Day 33: sexy kinda

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My friend Sarah and I went to see Avatar in 3D tonight for free (because we're high rollers and things like this fall into the laps of people like us), and we documented the experience.

The big-glasses-over-little-glasses look will be huge in France next year. Just wait. We laughed a lot. We also enjoyed the movie.



#1 Agreed

V - I totally agree that it was just okay. For one, I was personally distracted by the 3Dness. I kept thinking, "This is 3D. I'm watching this in 3D." (Or similar mental dialog.) Also, yes, the plot was predictable but I did like it. At the time I felt like there must be something wrong with me that I didn't feel passionate about it since so many people (smart people with good taste) loved it, but then I realized it's just not my thing. I get passionate about some things (This American Life, Wes Anderson movies, Kurt Vonnegut books, etc, etc)...just not this. I AM glad I had the opportunity to see it, though. It was visually stunning and an interesting experience.

#2 Gay.

The movie was just okay. Predictable plot. Huge box office gross. Once again more proof that my 92%er theory is iron-clad.