Day 28: the spitting image(s) of Fran and Pat

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So, at work right now we're having a Wii Bowling tournament. Without me knowing it and against my wishes, one of my coworkers signed me up for the tournament. Before the start of the tournament, I hadn't played a video game since maybe 1986, and I really wasn't looking forward to looking like an ass in front of my coworkers. But then I played a game or two and realized that Wii Bowling is at least mildly awesome. Possibly my favorite part of the tournament so far has been creating my Mii.

My Mii looks like me! Look, see? (That was like modern-day Dr. Seuss prose.)

The bad news is I'm really not very good at playing WB. The good news is I'm not the worst. That and if there are any superlatives at the end of the tournament that don't have anything to do with skill (eg, Person Whose Mii Looks Most Like Him/Her) I might have a shot at actually winning something.

Off topic but not completely unrelated, Greta came home with a piece of paper (paper that wasn't a scrap or leftover dot matrix paper!!) that was rolled up and tied, like some kind of fancy certificate. Greta claimed it was a present for Pat and me. Pat untied the bow, and we excitedly unrolled the paper to find this.

Pat asked Greta what it was, and she said to him, "It's you - from the time you turned into a monster head." Is that a Satanic figure in the upper-left corner? Like my Mii, the resemblance is uncanny, don't you think?



#1 I admit I'm a fan! (I never

I admit I'm a fan! (I never thought I'd say that.)

#2 wii bowling is the bomb!

wii bowling is the bomb!