Day 26: this is us as mermaids

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I shot this picture with my "car phone," so excuse the poor quality, but I had to share this recent gem that Greta brought home from day care.

I love it so much. I love how spindly we are, I love that the mom mermaid's head looks like an alien's, I love the frowny faces, and I love the horizontal scales. Is there anything I don't love? Maybe the fact that it's on some dot matrix printer paper, but I'm pretty sure even that adds to the je nais sais quoi.



#1 Lavery - I just might need to

Lavery - I just might need to get that picture on a mug. How cute would that be??

Mindy - That is so funny! I appreciate when people are resourceful...but I would be a little bent if my boss asked me to tear off the ends of 3 boxes worth of dot matrix paper. Since Greta's day care is part of a college, I think they get whatever extra paper other parts of the college want to donate, which is really cool. We see a lot of dot matrix paper. :)

#2 you should totally get that

you should totally get that scanned and made into mugs and shirts. i love it!!!

#3 The first thing I noticed was

The first thing I noticed was the dot matrix paper. I had a (crazy) boss who had us tear the dot ends from about 3 boxes of the paper so we could reuse it in the inkjet printer. I will never look at it the same way again. I LOVE the mermaids. This one is a keeper!