Day 24: quiet day at home

It turns out our friend Kimmie broke her tibia, fibula, AND suffered a hairline fracture to her ankle...roller skating. The whole thing sucks, but I think it especially sucks when someone hurts themselves while having good, clean fun. (Although she is the second person I've seen break their leg while roller skating.) Feeling a little shell-shocked (I am, at least), we have been staying in today. The most dangerous thing we've done is bake cookies (with a hot oven) and color (with blunt-tipped crayons). Kimmie was due to have surgery today, and we're hoping she has a very speedy recovery. Today is Greg's birthday, and we're hoping it's as unsucky as possible.



#1 Change of story

Kimmie - I still think you should tell strangers how it really happened *wink wink* - that you were helping an elderly woman cross the street when a band of ninjas decided to steal her purse. You may have suffered three broken bones in your leg, but those ninjas were even more messed up.

#2 Clutz

yes, roller skating - old school style. Don't I feel like a schmuck! Thanks for the thoughts Frannie. Hopefully I'll be home soon.

#3 Rollerblades

Do people still rollerskate? I used to in the late 70's. Are you sure she wasn't In-line skating?

#4 Sorry

Good luck to your friends.