Day 14: Monkeywrench

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My old friend Chris Teague is a filmmaker who has always had a knack for making smart, original, clever work. The latest short film of his especially struck a chord with me. You can check out the film Monkeywrench (by using the password "chainsaw"), and then if you'd be so kind, go on over to Slamdance and vote for it here. When Chris and I were in high school, we both had an interest in photography, and not surprisingly, he had an interest in film. I've been following his progress over the years and am so impressed with what he's done. I'm so proud of my friends who wanted something and followed through with it. (And he's the only person I personally know on IMDb!)

In exchange for your time spent watching the film (and voting), I will post an embarrassing photo of us from the 1995 Marcellus High School Senior Ball, which the lovely Jennifer Suarez dragged out of some frightening archives and posted on Facebook for all (including half my coworkers) to see.

Why did no one tell me my dress was all wrinkly...and short, yet frumpy?



#1 wow

Wow, that is interesting. And the search engines are going to love that info. I thought of Marcos too. It looks like this is our old friend too, right?

#2 John Karyus

Yes he is. As a matter of fact, he is quite a well known actor in B movie horror films in California. Here is a link to all of his work. Most of it is unwatchable, but it's still a pretty impressive resume.

PS- Ironically, I starred in a student film in Fredonia where I played a pimp to homosexual prositute men. One of my boys, Jake, played by Pete Stickles went to hollywood to star as a B actor in a bunch of B horror films himself. He has worked with John Karyus out there, and they are friends on Facebook. Pete Stickles is also gay in real life, and has acted in many productions as a gay man! How's that for life? Although I have no plans on becoming a Pimp to gay men anytime soon.

#3 Oh!

Oh! I do know Justin Bull! Good call, V. Is John Carius (sp?) on IMDB??

#4 310 to Yuma

You know Justin Bull, don't you?