Day 13: Young@Heart

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Last night I watched the Walker George documentary Young@Heart on Independent Lens on PBS. Young@Heart is a choral group made up of elder adults who cover modern songs, such as I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones), Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees), and Fix You (Cold Play). While the documentary wasn't necessarily the best I've seen, it was simply a great story. It was really inspirational, funny, and heartwarming.

Here's one of my favorite parts from the movie. They have music videos, too! Here is my favorite.

When I worked as a candy striper in junior high, I spent a lot of time with the elderly patients at the hospital, and it seemed like they took one of two paths: they were either grumpy and sad, or they found a way to enjoy everything they did. I like to think that when I'm in my twilight years I'll be rockin' out (or whatever it is the kids are into then) and enjoying life.

When I was watching the movie, I thought of my Great Aunt Jean, who has a wonderful, positive attitude (and she had a beer when we went to lunch AND she still wears lipstick every day!). Here's a picture of Greta, Great Aunt Jean, and me from our visit to Ohio this past summer.

Isn't she beautiful? If there was a rock-and-roll chorus in Dayton, Ohio, I think she'd be in it.



#1 Yes!

Definite yes on the great brother! Dad was a fine man. Mike and I honestly enjoy being with AJ and getting out with her. She is definitely up for whatever and whenever! The only trouble is that she is often hard to catch in her apartment because she's out playing. She's definitely one of the live wires in her building!

#2 Aunt Kish - She's so great!

Aunt Kish - She's so great! (Not surprising since she had such a super brother.) Maybe next time we're in the area we can all get some margaritas!

Amber - Isn't it great?? I would recommend it to anyone. It's rare when I can say that!

#3 Aunt Jean Rocks!

Having been in Dayton twice this week with Aunt jean, I finally took time to check PNF and found your post! I will have to get my laptop up there so she can see this. She will get a huge kick out of it. Today we stopped at our favorite UD campus area bar to eat, drink and watch UD lose to Xavier by very few points. Yes, she prefers salt on her margarita glass, thank you very much. It was fun for all!

#4 I loved that movie!

I loved that movie!