So this is Christmas

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We hope everyone had the loveliest of Christmases. Per our tradition, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Binghamton with the Reed family, and then we spent most of the day after Christmas in Skaneateles with the McCarthy family. Greta loved every second of it.

On Christmas morning, Greta work up at 7ish (her usual wake-up time) and was eager to go downstairs, but not until she put a dress and tights on age three. I think I was maybe 14 when I figured out it is best to spruce one's self up prior to opening presents on Christmas morning because the bedhead and ugly fleece jammies would forever be etched in silver and the family's photo album. If it wasn't clear before that Greta is a girly-girl, it probably is now. (I was not a girly girl; maybe she got it from Pat.)

Anyway, once Greta was ready to make an appearance, we all headed downstairs. The look on her face was awesome.

Not surprisingly, Greta got a ton of jewelry and princess gear. Here she is modeling some. (The polka dot slippers a nice touch too.)

Hands down, the coolest thing Greta got was a fire helmet from her Uncle Eric. It was originally from Pat/Eric's Great Uncle Ray, who was a fire fighter in Philadelphia back in the day. Eric wanted to be a fire fighter pretty much since he came out of the womb, and Ray passed the helmet down to Eric about 30 years ago. Eric did in fact become a fire fighter, and when Greta recently mentioned in passing that she is going to be a fire fighter, Eric passed the helmet down to her. Somehow I don't think Greta will become a fire fighter, but you never know! It was an extremely nice gesture. Here is Princess Greta, Future Fire Fighting Extraordinaire.

Christmas Part Deux. The definite hit was a three-wheel bike from Uncle Phil. What Phil hadn't anticipated was that she would expect him to push her around the house on it a bunch of times. Hehe.

My dad gave Greta a sled, and because they were pink, small, and cute, he also bought her some goggles (maybe he was planning for some extreme sledding?). Greta enjoyed wearing the goggles around for part of the day, and I enjoy that I have this gem to show future boyfriends someday.

And to redeem her after showing the goggle photo, here is my beautiful girl.

And now it's good to be home.

There are several other favorite moments this Christmas that seem worth mentioning, but the last one I will mention is that Pat showed up at my workplace on Wednesday with his gift for me - a new iPhone. I am SO excited about it. I am feeling a little guilty that all I got him was an alarm clock, but what was I supposed to do, buy him a Lexus?? Maybe for Christmas 2035.



#1 I love the pictures, Fran!

I love the pictures, Fran! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you guys!

#2 Looks like you guys had an

Looks like you guys had an awesome time. I love the pics of Greta. She is getting so big, and so pretty too! I love it when Tim and I get each other incongruous gifts. For example, last year I got him a flat screen t.v. (plus the booking of an electrician to wire it through the wall and mount it) and he got me men's athletic socks (and some other stuff). He thought I would think it was funny to open stuff up that he actually got for himself- I didn't laugh at all. I have to say that an alarm clock is better than giving him tampons or something;)

#3 When I first met Pat he told

When I first met Pat he told me his Lexus was in the shop.

One of the coolest presents I got was a vacuum for my keyboard that plugs into the USB. I can't wait to make my co-worker jealous of my squeaky clean keyboard when I go back to work... next year! Yeah, I'm on vacation, I can't remember the last time I had a week off.

Greta is beautiful and I'm so happy you guys had a great Christmas!

#4 Gald it's over

I was having a GREAT Christmas with our new addition until we had to go visit the entire family on both sides. They sucked every last wonderful moment out of it. Thank God for booze!