Cheesy fireplace shot

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Dead s3xy


I had to share. I hope you're toasty this holiday season.



#1 Message from MA

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#2 Nope

Ha! No, just tired:) I've been working nights at LL Bean. That ends next week, thank god!

#3 Ha! Thanks, V Murder. You are

Ha! Thanks, V Murder. You are welcome to come over on the next below 0 day* and drink hot cocoa**.

*How about this Saturday?

#4 WOW!

I literally thought I was looking at a picture from the Martha Stewart Cataloge (not that I've ever perused that particular subscription). I want to come over on a below zero day and drink hot cocoa* in your living room.


#5 Thanks, amigos.

Sara(h) - Did you lose an H from your name??

Lavery - Spare the Air was new to me until I just Googled it. Now I feel all guilty. ;-)

V - It sho' is!

Stella - It is pretty darned idyllic! If it makes you feel any better we had the crappiest summer ever. Hopefully your weather will improve. Merry Christmas to you too!

#6 Nice

You house looks so warm and toasty!

#7 nice! and i bet nice! and i bet you don't even have to check to see if it is a "spare the air day" before you light it on up.

#8 Yours?

Is that YOUR fireplace?

#9 Looks idyllic

It's supposed to be summer here, but it's blowing a gale and raining intermittently. Sigh. Merry Christmas and all that.