Thanksgiving '09 and whatnot

File under: greta | thanksgiving just celebrated its 7th (and crappiest!) year! Are you so, so excited? I do apologize again for the last lackluster year of nonbloggery. (I blame it on the 7 year itch.) For the first half of the year, using the word obsessed to describe my house search would be an understatement. And no one wants to hear that same crapola over and over. And then when we got the house on the market, multiple people advised me not to talk about the doings. I knew that was good advice, but if I couldn't talk about that I didn't know what to talk about. The previous 6 and a half years I would compose posts in my head (it's better-n-therapy!), and whether I actually posted them, it was a great outlet. Sadly, I've stopped the composing, and I've also been slammed with work-work and all of the little house things that need to be done, but I will try to be better. And I have high hopes for 2010. Yay for year #8.
In addition to the apologizing, I'm sure the burning question on your minds is, Did the Reeds have a great Thanksgiving?? Yes, it was lovely. Fairly uneventful (for us) but lovely. Here's the skinny.
Wednesday night: After work, we headed to my parents' house in Skaneateles and got Greta settled. Then we went out with Taryn and Todd. We usually all go out in Marcellus (the hometown) or Syracuse (close enough), but this year we decided to go to Sherwood Inn in Skan-town. While I felt sort of like an imposter, it was nice to not have to drive more than 5 minutes out of our way and to focus on talking to my friends without scanning the room every 5 minutes for a familiar face.
Thursday: We went to the annual McCarthy Family Turkey Bowl. This year was notable because it was the first year Greta didn't require one of us (the one NOT playing football - me) to hold her the entire time. Previous years she was freaked out by the multiple dogs, but this year she was unfazed. Within a few minutes of arriving, I saw her walking down to feed the ducks with my aunt and two little girls she just met. If you could have witnessed the difference between her personality previous years and this year, you would be sitting there reading this jaw agape. She is like a different child. It is a good thing. Oh, and I left my camera at my aunt and uncle's house, which is why there are no pictures. Sorry. Later on we had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house. Best meal of the year, for the stuffing alone. And the rest was just bonus. I love Thanksgiving...
Friday: We headed back to the ROC. Pat was summoned to work on his grandparents' flooring project, and Greta and I occupied ourselves by decorating for Christmas. We had a blast. Greta was super into all 2 and a half hours of it (I swear she was burnt out by minute 20 last year), and even asked me about many of the ornaments and not only didn't complain the entire time (a Christmas miracle indeed) but seemed like she could have gone for another 2 and a half hours. In the evening we went over to Pat's grandparents' house for Thanksgiving leftovers and to provide moral support (read: distraction) for Pat.
Saturday: More flooring duty for Pat and his dad. Greta and I did some grocery shopping and then headed over to Second Storie, an indie craft show. It was unbearably hot and crowded when we went, and Greta was unbearably clingy, but it was great to see some friends and some really top-notch craftiness. After the show, Greta decided to boycott her nap and was bombarding me with questions every 6 seconds (I timed it!). I informed her that I needed some "alone time," but she was unconcerned by my needs. I almost lost my mind. At this point I'd like to say GOD BLESS YOU STAY-AT-HOME MOMS. (I don't know how you do it. I am always fine on days 1 and 2 with Greta, but day 3 always involves some sort of breakdown experienced by yours truly. Seriously, how do you do it??)
Sunday: We did lots of stuff around the house ­- glamorous things like organizing the basement and cleaning out the garage. I even got my aforementioned "alone time" when Pat took Greta to the library while I went back to the Second Storie show so I could browse without Chatty von Clingerson. Since I am convinced no one has read this far, I will share that while I was cleaning the basement I found a brand new, wrapped Koehler toilet seat. Because one of our toilets could definitely use a new seat, and because I enjoy the thought of having a toilet seat that has had only Reed fanny on it, I had Pat install the new/old seat. Only until we got the old seat off and the new seat and base were right next to each other did we realize the seat has a green tinge (the toilet itself is white-white). It looks really silly, particularly in our overly bright bathroom. Now I find it amusing every time I pee and feel like I'm doing my business at the Emerald City. Okay, maybe this is funny only to me. Hey, don't act like you don't care about my new toilet seat.
And now it's almost Monday. Damn. I feel a little like I might throw up when I think about how I didn't do any work-work this long weekend (but worked nearly every free second the last two weekends, and of course during the week, including nights) and have so, so much to do. But I do feel like the break was deserved. No doubt I will be cursing tomorrow.
I hope you all had the most thankful of Thanksgivings.


#1 Wow, those kids sound

Wow, those kids sound charming! No doubt eventually they'll punch the wrong person and get punched back. Glad to hear Thanksgiving was good otherwise! We can wait to meet Zavier soon!

#2 UFC Like

I got punched in the face by my in-laws kids, as did several other people because the parents are "new-age" parents who don't believe in telling their kids "no", but prefer the "re-directing" approach. I felt like re-directing my boot up their little brats butts. Nevertheless, I still had a good Thanksgiving.