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After months of stress and uncertainty, finally some relief!


+ The buyers of our city house closed today. Yay for not having to worry about that anymore! In my mom's quirky, flamingo-loving, way she congratulated us by coming by our one and only house putting two pink flamingos in are yard. Ahhh, we're home. No more back and forth! I'm not sure how our Brighton neighbors will feel about the flamingos, but we'll keep them out for a couple days and store them for posterity. Maybe we'll start a trend! They got rained on a lot today. Here they are.

+ Since we moved to the new house, we haven't had laundry...until today. We ended up including our old crappy washer and dryer into the deal during a counter offer, which is all fine and good, but we are indecisive and have been very busy, so it took us about a month to figure out which set to buy. This past weekend we did some laundry at Pat's grandparents' house, and having my in-laws see my unmentionables shamed me enough to make a decision, and Pat and I ordered a set the next day. They arrived today, and while I am very excited I have never experience such a learning curve with a household appliance! Seriously, I would love to do a load of laundry; I just don't know how to. I'm looking forward to figuring that out.


+ Pat is one project and one day away from being done with this quarter's class. This one has particularly awful, and I am so, so, so glad he'll be done with it soon. (I can only imagine how happy Pat must feel.) He'll be taking another class during winter quarter, but at least we get a little break, which happens to coincide with the greatest holiday ever: Thanksgiving. Ahhh.


+ Christmas is coming. I am not as in love with Christmas as I am with Thanksgiving because of the silly commercialism and whatnot, but I love decorating for Christmas. My mom got Greta a little Christmas tree (complete with a fuzzy, pink tree skirt of course), and she's been giving Greta ornaments from her mom (Greta's Great Grandma Lucretia from Ohio). Greta's excitement about the whole thing is priceless. Here is Mothra Greta and the tree.

+ We keep winnin' stuff! Pat and Greta went to a customer-appreciation night that our realtor Mary had, and there was a drawing for a flat-screen TV and other fabulous door prizes. Mary had Greta draw the tickets, and I think the two things are unrelated, but we won a $75 gift card to Black & Blue! We haven't been there before, but I've heard it's great. SO excited.


++ I saved the best for last: I saw Ira Glass give a lecture at SU on Tuesday. Wait, what? You heard me. I saw Mr. Ira Glass, public radio god, speak...live...in the same building I was in...and it was awesome (and free). I really, really like Ira Glass. I consider him one of the people I most admire, and I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to see him in person. There is a big journalism program at SU, and the talk had a focus on his formula for delivering a story, the state of US news, and the greatness that is This American Life and Ira Glass. Interspersed in his advice were the clips and music we're used to hearing on TAL and Ira's funny commentary on everything - even challenging God to cool the building down (the lecture was in Hendricks Chapel). The mood of the crowd can be summed up as giddy. At the end Ira took questions, and a young boy got up, introduced himself, announced he was 9, and then asked if he could shake Ira's hand. I think that pretty much captured what we we all wanted to ask - except for the people who just wanted to hear themselves talk of course. (The urge to ask Ira to sign my boob was overwhelming, but I managed to keep my feelings to myself.) So it was great, and totally worth the drive and the late Tuesday night bedtime. I <3 Ira! And here's a nice review of the event.




#1 Boob Signing

Don't fret about the boob signing. I beat you to it a few months ago when Ira signed MY boob. I didn't wash it for 36 days!

#2 I haven't thought of boob

I haven't thought of boob signage since the college disco days!

#3 Lucky! I love that you saw

Lucky! I love that you saw Ira..I heart him