Heard in the car tonight

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Greta: Are we at the ice cream store?
Fran: No, we're at the bookstore.
Greta: Why?
Fran: So we can get a book for your friend's birthday party tomorrow.
Greta: Why?
Fran: So if she turns out to be illiterate we know it's not our fault.
Greta: I have no faults.


#1 laughing out loud...that is

laughing out loud...that is fantastic.


Did you see this Fran? I did a Google search and found this:

#3 I love it, Fran! She is so

I love it, Fran! She is so funny!!

#4 Your daughter is so great

Hardly surprising, with parents like that.

#5 Not only are her comments

Not only are her comments always funny. I love the way that you and Pat talk to her- you're funny too! How can she help it, really?

#6 Greta Fan

Greta might be the funniest person I've never met!