It's not about a house!

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On this fine day 4 years ago, my brother and sister-in-law wed in Lake Placid. Congrats to them on their anniversary!

For the weekend, Phil and Becky rented a house on the lake and all of the "kids" stayed together. Like many of these types of houses, there was a partially completed puzzle. Phil and Pat made it their mission to finish the puzzle, and they would get a little rambunctious at times. They were so extreme in their puzzling that we called it "extreme puzzling." Clever, right?

Here is some video (shot by Becky) demonstrating the extreme puzzling. WARNING: Video contains adult language and situations.

Happy anniversary, guys.



#1 You kids are Fuc&^$ Crazy!

You kids are Fuc&^$ Crazy! What else did you do over the weekend? Extreme Cross-stitching followed by Extreme Word Search? And I was considering going sky diving this weekend. I must reconsider.

#2 Happy Anniversary To Becky and Phil!

Oh, yeah! That puzzle must have been really a good one. Extreme puzzling! It might catch on! Grandma would have been delighted if she'd known that you all were participating in one of her favorite pastimes; now the language would be up for debate. She would be getting the bar soap!
Nevertheless, happy day to the couple, Becky and Phil!