Still in disbelief

File under: house hunting

Things are progressing with the house and are definitely feeling much more real now. Today we got our mortgage stuff all set (minor detail) and had the inspection. So far so good!

I can't believe I'm going to live someplace this beautiful.

I had to document this one weird little area in the basement under the stairs, which Pat announced will be Greta's new timeout area (joking).

UPDATE: Our awesome realtor Mary put together a fantastic slide show of pictures of the house! (If Pat and I look like a mixture of stressed and bored, it's because we were - a three hour inspection with lots of waiting!)



#1 Sweet digs!

Fran-- that house is gorgeous-- Congratulations!
(I especially love the windows!)

#2 it's beautiful! can't wait to

it's beautiful! can't wait to see it-it's so charming.
BTW, the music in that slide show is utterly fantastic...

#3 WOW, you do realize that this

WOW, you do realize that this is the TOTAL fairy tale house right?!! It's like a mini castle! It really is. I'm SOOOO jealous. It's BEAUTIFUL! Honestly stunning!! It has charm and history with a touch of modern.... totally breathtaking.

You guys are so lucky to have found such an amazing home. This is one that will last a life time.

Wow, just WOW

#4 Like MJ

If I had that space, I would fill it full of Stuffed Animals and name in "Neverland".

#5 Jealous much?

Yes. Yes, I am.

#6 if i am remembering

if i am remembering correctly, this time out spot under the stairs would be A LOT less traumatic than the last basement...right? that basement was scary, right?
i would give my left arm to even have a basement here in california where no one has a basement.

#7 Nice

I have it on good authority that that is one nice house. Congrats!