Hmmm...razor, depilatory, or electrolysis??

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Greta came home from day care yesterday wearing fake facial hair and a sh1t-eating grin. I had no clue what it was until she proudly exclaimed it was a beard. Day care gets huge points for creativity with this art project.

Here she is modeling her new Van Dyke facial hair.

Inspired, then Pat and I made our own faux facial hair. Pat went with the imperial; I obviously went with the fu manchu. We did not document that, however. Or if we did, I'm not sharin' them. ;)

Old-school friends of might remember this little gem and know that crafting fake facial hair runs in the family.



#1 sometimes i go to this

sometimes i go to this picture of greta to give me a laugh on a crummy day. it's just too dang cute.

#2 LOVE it


#3 simply brilliant!

simply brilliant!

#4 Haha - you two...

Haha - you two...

#5 Face is familiar

but I cannot place the beard! Is it misplaced??

#6 beards

That's the cutest bearded person I have ever seen. :)