Fabulous weekend


This weekend we headed out to Cape Vincent to visit Pat's parents at their camp. Rain was predicted for the entire weekend, but we decided to throw caution to the wind and still go. We are very glad we did because other than Friday night (when we were still home), we didn't see a drop of rain, and it was sunny the entire time. One of the highlights was that we went to a huge petting zoo called Old MacDonald's, where we fed goats (there were many, many goats), bunnies, alpacas, pigs, and the BIGGEST COWS EVER. I have so many pictures from the farm that I will let them tell the tale.

We also had a really nice fire in the evening and did some fishing this morning. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of Greta and her Grandma Kathy snuggling near the fire or pictures of Greta and her Grandpa Dick fishing because I took 500 pictures of goats and then our camera battery died [kicking myself]. Amazingly, during Greta's first attempt at fishing, she caught three fish total (and it was definitely three different fish because they were of three different genera). She seemed skeptical about the fish torture, but she sure was good at it.

I feel like there was something else I wanted to mention. What was it? Hmmm. Wait, I remember. WE FOUND A MOFO HOUSE WE ALL LOVE. And more importantly, we made an offer and it was accepted (after some good old-fashioned negotiating, something we have never had the opportunity to do while house hunting and are not usually so skilled at [we both drive Saturns, after all]). I will just say that we all knew this was the house for us - the only time that happened during our 6-month search. Because there is still room for this whole thing to turn pear shaped, I don't want to gush too much; I will just say that I will give more details later and will post pictures when we get in for the inspection. And HOLY CRAP, we have to get our house ready to put on the market post haste, and do about 5,000 other things before moving. Woot!


UPDATE: Here's a link to some of the pictures. Awesome, right???




#1 1. Whats up Fran and her

1. Whats up Fran and her mini-me? Holy cow, could you two look any more alike? Its uncanny!
2. Congrats! The house looks fantastic. Like a castle! Love it!!!!!!

#2 Home of the Gamey Black (B)ass

V - It's interesting that you ask that. I almost mentioned something about that here. I think they actually changed the town's slogan because of course I checked the sign that we chuckle about each year, and it said, "Cape Vincent: Where Lake and River Meet." Guess they got sick of fixing the sign every year!

#3 Cape Vincent

Is it still the home of the Gamey Black Ass?

#4 Thanks, all!

I am still pinching myself...

#5 OMG...I love it!

OMG...I love it!

#6 What a beautiful house! Is it

What a beautiful house! Is it safe to say that all other houses pale on comparison?!! I'm so excited for you guys. Older homes are so much fun.

#7 Yippeeeee!!!!!!


and I love how Greta is sporting the big hip sunglasses!

#8 YAY! good luck with it:-)

YAY! good luck with it:-)

#9 Super-sweet!

That's awesome news Reeds!! We're toasting your (crossing fingers) homestead success with our mug o coffee (M) and diet Coke (C). Will look forward to more details soon. Nice pics, too!

P.S. I'm heading to the K for some HR needs and to make the rounds with Miles Mon. Margaux and I are planning lunch... want to join us?

#10 Yippee!

Sounds like a terrific weekend with good news on the house. Hope it all works out for you without too much further stress and that you all live happily ever after!