Not too proud to steal catch phrases from a three year old

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So, our three-year-old friend Elise, when her mom or dad are looking particularly nice, says it looks like they are "made out of fancy." Holly mentioned it a couple times now, and I am totally going to work on popularizing this phrase because I love it. Today I was heard saying, "If we bought that house we'd be made out of fancy." And, "This iPod Touch makes me feel like I was made out of fancy." (Pat got an iPhone last week, and I got his Touch hand-me-down. [Awesome.]) So, yeah, made out of fancy. Spread the word.

In other news, since Pat got an iPhone, he is going to be canceling our phone service with Sprint soon, and I need to do some soul searching. I hate talking on the phone and I barely ever use it, so I have seriously been considering getting a Tracfone. (I just shuddered when I typed that - I hate bastardization of words, like "donut" and "tho." ANYWAY...) I would love to have a $10 phone bill a month, but I'd also love a swanky-@$$ iPhone. If I got an iPhone, though, we might as well give Greta the Touch; I run the risk of being obsessive-compulsive about being glued to my phone (a very likely possibility knowing me); and I'd have a wicked high cell phone bill (duh). Does Tracfone plus iPod Touch practically equal iPhone? Okay, that's a dumb question. But I really like saving money. I have to figure it out soon.

In other-other news, I've been really happy with Greta's new preschool classroom. They have a theme each week that they explore, and I like the routine. Two weeks ago it was bears. Last week it was camping. This week it's space. I think that's so great! She keeps bringing home artwork that is super cute. Last week Greta said they made s'mores, and I assumed it was, um, edible s'mores, but then I was sorting through the artwork and found two pieces of carboard with a piece of brown construction paper and two cotton balls glued to it. You see where I'm going with this, but I was like WTH?? And after a minute or two realized that was a s'more.

Looks almosts good enough to eat, no?

Cute. And then today she came home with some wadded-up foil with paint and glitter. Is it a star? A satellite? A planet? I'm not sure, but I liked it.

Is there life on Maaaaaarrrrs?

When I asked Greta what she's been learning in school, she said, "I haven't been learnin' nuffin' in school." Alrighty then.



#1 Cute Crafts

Those are adorable crafts. I find it kind of weird though that the school had the children make fake smores. Why not real ones? Maybe safety precautions?

#2 I've heard that one too and

I've heard that one too and can't do it either. I did with some other, not so exciting drawings, but I love seeing the actual piece. Guess I'm just gonna be an artwork packrat. Oh well...

#3 it's looking like it's going to be a Tracfone for me

I'm not sure I can justify a big cell bill with a new house on the way. We'll see how the Tracfone goes - at least there's not a big commitment with those. : ) Kimmie - I keep almost everything, which is not ideal. A girl I went to high school with had a great idea. She photographs everything and then throws away the original artwork. I like the idea and think it's a good way to do it, but I still can't bring myself to actually throw the artwork away...

#4 I'm all about saving money on

I'm all about saving money on phones. We both have cheepies and touches, which may be bad enough in my mind considering I barely use my of anymore. I say put the money towards the house. : )

In other problem is figuring out a way to store those 3D art projects! If you have any cute ideas I'm all ears.

#5 i was going to tell you my

i was going to tell you my idea of taping my touch to my phone...but sarah already told you about my idea ;)
i got a touch from brian for my birthday and i love it so much that sometimes i try to will it to be a phone.
i won't switch to at&t here though..."fewest dropped calls" was funny when i was with them...i never actaully dropped calls till i had them. i am verizon all the way. when they (finally) have the iphone, i am so there. and then kaia will get the touch. she loves it...get colorama for greta, it is dope.

#6 Tracfone + duct tape + iTouch

Tracfone + duct tape + iTouch = IPhone

#7 ha!

Dan - Thank you for the advice. The last line of your comment made me laugh - a lot. I can assure you I'm not a drug dealer, but shows like Weeds, Breaking Bad, and The Wire make it look pretty awesome.

Holly - One of my old college friends who lives in Florida loved "made of fancy" so much she's spreading the word down there. Nice!

#8 iPhone

As an owner of an iPhone, I must say, it is quite possibly in the top five of purchases I have made in my life. Every time I pay the bill, I curse, but every time I'm lost, or want to look something up, the phone pays for itself. It took me about two weeks to get used to it, but damn is it the bees knees. I'm sure your husband will agree. I had to sign up for unlimited texting because it makes it so easy and fun to use. Its like a little instant message program on your phone. I recommend biting the proverbial bullet and getting an iPhone.

Tracfone=drug dealer

#9 ;-)