RIP, Urban Rabbit

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I had such a great weekend otherwise, but Pat just came in and gave me some bad news. He found our little urban rabbit friend dead in the street. Because I just posted her picture last week, I thought it was worth a mention here. What I am assuming is a coincidence is that there is a very busted up car parked directly in front of our house. I like to think that Urban Rabbit was somehow involved and went out with a bang. :*(

 Check out this car, seriously.



#1 Oh no! How sad. We have

Oh no! How sad. We have Backyard Rabbit here living under our shed, and he's a baby but getting bigger. I fear he might meet his demise at the hands of the dog or one of the neighborhood cats. Steve named him Lyle.

#2 Jinx

It was me. In my attempt at a cheap laugh, I cost the poor fellow his life. He's in a much better place now hopping in Bunny Heaven.

#3 Urban Rabbit must have been

Urban Rabbit must have been the Energiser Bunny to do that to a car!
That kind of damage usually requires a kangaroo, at the very least. Maybe a cow.

At least UR went out fighting. Rest in peace, happy hopper.

#4 yikes. btw, i shared the sh1t

btw, i shared the sh1t on a shingle story with mike and it was unfortunate cuz he spit out his food and drink laughing...hahahaha