Did you ever know that Pat's my hero? He's everything I would like to beeeee...

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I came home today to see this.

Here is what our stairs looked like before.

Some of you may remember this project originally started in March when I decided one day during Greta's nap, about a week before we had a bunch of people over for Greta's birthday party, in a willy nilly fashion. Last night we finally found a runner we both liked, and today, voila!

Yay for Pat Reed.



#1 Very impressive! That was a

Very impressive! That was a task I was way too intimidated to even try! I'm sure that will add $10K to your home's value

#2 Glad ya'll like it

Thanks, all!

V - Your comment made me laugh out loud. It is classy, isn't it? Hopefully it also hides Ruby's hair.

Christy - Thank you for having us! Sorry Colin felt bad. Greta is just fine, though - you can let him know the good news. :) We definitely look forward to having you guys over soon.

#3 It looks fantastic, Fran!!

It looks fantastic, Fran!! Nice job, Pat.

#4 Nice

May I have a spot of tea whilst I ponder your runner.

#5 Fantabulous!

Wow--can't wait to inspect it in person when next we come over to hang/play! Thanks for coming out last night. We all had a great time. Hope G's eye is okay... Colin woke up this AM apologizing for the incident still. If there's a resulting medical bill, we'll pay out of Colin's piggy bank. :)

#6 Beautiful!