Our Urban Rabbit

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There is a rabbit that we often see in our front yard. He usually hops away as soon as he spots us, but today he didn't and I was even able to take a few pictures of him.

We have a few neighbors who think that getting a new roof once every 30 years is optional, so after a windy day we often find chunks of shingle in our yard. One day we came home to find a shingle in our walkway with rabbit poo on it. I snorted when I realized it was literally "sh1t on a shingle." Har!

In other news related to the curious habits of bunnies, someone in our house has become baby crazy (how's that for a segue??), and it's not Pat and it's not me. It's Greta! Yesterday we were at the park and Greta asked, "Why can't I have a baby brother?" I stammered for a bit, all of a sudden very aware of the other people nearby, and then finally said, "It's complicated," which sounds more like a Facebook relationship status than a talk involving adding a new human to the family. I brushed it off, but then Pat told me today that Greta was telling people at day care that I'm pregnant and that she is going to have a little sister. Um yeah.




#1 My brain is spinning with ideas...

not one of which is fit to post! So here are random thoughts. We see no bunnies, just coyotes here. No, your mom can't be 60 because I am older than she. Greta wants a baby! Wow! I always wanted a baby brother. But twin sisters was cool. And the new stairway looks excellent! Way to go, Pat!

#2 BTW I appreciate the irony of

BTW I appreciate the irony of a bunny post combined with a baby post. Ya know, with bunnies being used to predict pregnancy back in the day and all.....

#3 Well I MUST admit... have 2

Well I MUST admit... have 2 children has been AMAZING and after seeing how they interact with each other, I can't even imagine having only 1. Watching them play together, hold each others hands... just... being sisters together is one of the most heartwarming things I've ever felt.

BUT, everyone has their own path to follow which may or may not include more children for various reasons.

#4 That was to Amber, BTW

(but also applies to Greta - good work, P & F).

#5 Cute baby

And why would you need another child? You got it right the first time!

If you can take the stares at being an interracial family, I say go for it. (It's easy for me to say: Bobby, Fizzy, teddy and the dog are all fiery redheads, so I haven't encountered any issues. I like having matching accessories).

#6 Elise has become obsessed

Elise has become obsessed with babies since her cousin Monique came to visit except she vehemently opposes the idea of a sister-she is all about having baby brother..I told her we'll work on it. haha. The sh1t on a shingle made me LOL-can't wait to see you guys next month:-)

#7 Genius

I think Stella's idea is genius! Ater my recent 48 hour long labor, I am not sure about having another child and I will definitely steal this trick if we don't! Since we have a black lab, that would make us a hep interracial family...I am not sure my area of NC is very accepting of that...

#8 Your mother can't possibly be

Your mother can't possibly be 60.

#9 The curious habits of bunnies

I have got around this one by telling Fizzy that her teddy is her brother and the dog is her sister. She dutifully informs everyone who asks that she has a brother and a sister. Bingo!

#10 Ha!

Thankfully, no! The thought crossed my mind, though. Luckily we don't live on a very busy street.

#11 Splat!

Was the 5th picture of the rabbit meeting it's demise?