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I got a chance to take a Segway for a spin at work today. Campus safety was letting people try one out for a couple of minutes. It's virtually impossible to not look like a DB on one of these, but I have been wanting to try one for a while. Plus, at RIT, there is always somebody ready to step up and look like a bigger dork than you. The large lady that got on it after me slowly crashed it into the wall and then jumped off like it was about to explode.

Pat on Segway



#1 (even though you posted it on

(even though you posted it on wednesday. to me--it made my monday morning. sheesh. get with the times, sarah)

#2 hahhhhahah! thanks for this

hahhhhahah! thanks for this hilarious post on a monday morning. just what i needed. and i'm sorry, segways will always have a soft spot in my heart thanks to one man: GOB Bluth.

#3 Segway

I was just at Disney this weekend and rode a Segway for the very first time myself. Wacky!

#4 lol

reading about the woman steering into the wall reminded me of the time you guys saw your neighbor wipe out on a vespa. this (and that) top my list of "stories about funny things that other people have experienced... and i still find them as hilarious as my own" list.

#5 Hilarious!

When I lived in Boston, the company I worked for did the network security for Segway; just as they were launching them and they were all the rage. We (our marketing department) gave one away at a trade show, and then had one in our office. I had to go to Segway's HQ in NH, and take a training class on how to use it.

Oh, and that sucker folded down to fit in the back seat of my little old Honda Civic...who knew?

Love it. And, I find some humor in that I didn't even have to process what DB was...

#6 Surprisingly, the most

Surprisingly, the most alarming this about this whole post was that Tim knew what DB was and I didn't. hmmmmm.

#7 awesome

When I read this I almost started crying I laughed so hard.

My boyfriend rode a Segway when he was in San Diego last year, and it prompted him to write this comic:

(sorry, I don't know how to put pictures directly in the comment)

#8 hahahahahahahahahahaha.


#9 Thanks!

Got it. Thanks Fran.

#10 urban dictionary to the rescue

I was trying to figure out a way to explain it without sounding, well, like a DB. Thanks to, I don't have to! See first entry.

#11 DB

What's a DB? If you said Double D, I would have known, but I'm not sure about DB.

#12 Chanting: Segggggway, Segggggway, Segggggway

re: Frank
The Segway is awesome. You should get one. I'll come over and ride it.

re: Stella
You should get rid of that pedometer. Walking is so 2001 (pre-Segway).

re: Fran
Paul Blart is an amazing Segway driver.

Paul Blart, Amazing Segway Driver

#13 ...

And now I call him Paul Blart.

#14 I like this very much! Now if

I like this very much! Now if I could just find a way to hook my pedometer up to a Segway, I would be in business.

#15 ...ohh...the DB abbreviation

...ohh...the DB abbreviation is AWESOME!!!! That made the posting along with the lady crashing into the wall! HA!

#16 CAPTION: Pat Reed "Mall Cop"

CAPTION: Pat Reed "Mall Cop" II