Weekend update

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This weekend was the big birthday celebration for Greta's great-great grandpa, Floyd. The Reeds came to town on Saturday for the big event.

We were thankful that Greta was in good spirits and that she happily posed for a five-generation photograph. Behold: five generations, people.

Five generations of Hushers

We tried to do one two years ago and Greta screamed her brains out and it never happened. Here is one from three years ago. This was the first day beanie got to take her brace off for four hours.

Back to 2009. Greta enjoyed running around the community center, singing and chatting away. Here she is commanding quite a bit of attention.

At Floyd's 100th

Floyd did a great job and even made the first cut in his birthday cake.

Floyd's 100th

Quite a few people gave him scratch-off loto tickets, and almost every ticket was a winner. It was unbelievable.

The Reeds stayed over for the night. Since we probably won't see them for Easter, they gave Greta some gifts this weekend, one being a giant bucket of bubbles. Grandma Kathy and Greta had fun blowing some bubbles.

Greta with Grandma Kathy

It was really cold, though, and we didn't last long outside.

Cold Greta Bean

We looked at a couple more houses today, and I saw one I loved. Oddly, it was the first one we saw that Greta didn't like. Hmm. It had some "buts," too. As in, I keep saying, "I love that house, but..." I keep thinking about it though. Drool.





#1 Western New York all the way

Sean - Yup, we're looking in Rochester, just thinking about moving from the city to the 'burbs.
V - NASA is no match for my Photoshop filters. Muwhahahaha!

#2 House

The Reed's are house hunting. Looking to stay in Western Ny or no?

#3 Crashing!

It's a good thing your blurred out that info. on your post a few weeks ago, cause I would've crashed that sh**! I spent hours with my detective software trying to decode it, then send the image to NASA to see what they could do. They told me it was this Wednesday at 4:40 am. I was so exhited... Now I can only wait for the next centennial celebration of the Reed family. Dumb Stupid NASA.

#4 Boston

NPW - Yes, we were house hunting in Boston this weekend but didn't tell you about it. ;-) No, it's in good ol' Brighton, New York. This house is so perfect aside from its obvious imperfections. The white panelled subzero refrigerator that blended right into the cabinets and the hickory wood floors, and the crytal chandelier in the dining room made me so ready to sign on the dotted line. The fact that Pat hit is head on a light fixture in one of the bedrooms, and the fact that there was absolutely no place to set my makeup on the bathroom sink (or anywhere near the bathroom mirror, for that matter), and that the house was smaller (by a decent bit) than our current one made me think I might regret spending $10,000 more on this house than I really wanted to spend on any house. Drat. It was SO CUTE.

#5 Is the drool-worthy house in Boston?

Because I know Greta would loooove to go to school in Massachusetts!